Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tosha Gets A Job

Tosha and Jayrus Capehart - Prosperity Falls

Hey, it's me Tosha. I haven't said my peice ever I am going to now. I don't know. I feel like there is something missing inside of me. Life with Jayrus isn't what I thought it would be. Yeah, he seems to be taking up the role of provider like a snow leopard ought to. He has made a nice place for us to live here, and I know he looked real hard to find a place that was pleasing to both of us. (See Jayrus and Tosha.) I appreciate that. I have kept house, and have given Jayrus a daughter, our darling Tosca.

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It seemed like there ought to be more to life. I love being a mother, don't ever think that I regret that for a minute. My darling Tosca is the spitting image of her dad, with my hair coloring. Her name is almost the same as mine. Jayrus worked himself to death with the job he had in Show Business, and has gotten himself another one in the medical field. He is a surgeon now. He told me he needs some science experience so he can begin his life's work of finding out what happened in his homeland. (See The Capeharts, Chapter 1.) I don't completely understand all that, but I do know it takes up a lot of his time here at home, when he isn't at work. I hardly know him any more. He is like a man possessed. He also tells me he wants to make $100,000 simoleons. Well, I don't care about the money. I want my family around.

I found I had alot of time on my hands, so I checked out Monster. com looking at the job ads for Prosperity Falls. I did find one, in law enforcement. It doesn't pay much for the dangerous work, but I am happy doing it.
Sometimes I think Jayrus hardly knows I am working now. I did end up hiring a nanny to look after Tosca, and Jayrus doesn't seem to mind. I don't even think he takes my working seriously. To him, it is like a nice little ploy to keep me entertained so he can get on doing what ever it is that he is doing. I will show him. You wait and see.
Sometimes I ride to work with Jayrus, and he is so busy with 'shop talk' with some of his co-workers he hardly notices I am there. One day we both brought co-workers home with us for dinner. It was just like our old college days...all of us together. Me, Jayrus, and Ramey. I brought home Ricky from work. He married Jayrus' sister, Janelle. That same day, Jayrus hit a big financial milestone. He made $62,500 simoleons. I think he will make his $100,000, but at what cost? Little Tosca certainly doesn't get enough time with her dad. Oh wait a minute. She does.
Yeah, sure. He spends time with her teaching her about the 'homelands' and studying toxins in the body. My word, she is just a little girl! Why can't he spend time with her doing father /daughter stuff? Like reading to her, and pushing her on the swing? But my good girl Tosca is just happy to get time with him any which way, and patiently stands with him while he goes on and on. My darling girl.
I love my man-snow leopard Jayrus Capehart. God, I just wish I knew how to fill the sadness and emptyness inside. Maybe we need to go on a get-away...just the two of us.....

Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Trouble With Roomates

The Gentlemen's Club - Prosperity Falls

Residents: Kamika Robbins and Morgan-Rose Bostic


Well, if I had known this woman was going to be this much trouble, I would have never invited her to move in with me. First off, she had a birthday and turned into a real old the day she moved in. (See Morgan-Rose Gets Ideas) At first, I was nervous about that, but I got over it. I thought we were gonna be sisters in woo-hoo, but it hasn't turned out that way. Right away, that wench invited her friend Joe over well, you guessed it, for some woo-hoo, which was fine by me. But he brought a friend with him, Timo! He is Kamika's brother. Well, when they got to the house, Kamika just kept scowling at him, which I didn't understand. Anyway, she and Joe went off somewhere, and I felt sorry for Timo, so I started talking to him. He seemed worldly and we had a good conversation.
Well, eventually Kamika and Joe went in the house and did their thang, then Joe left. Me and Timo went inside when we saw him leave. Well, apparently Timo and Kamika don't get along. They got into it. Kamika started out by making fun of Timo for gettin' married. Hey - being good at woo-hoo is not for everybody, I figure. There wasn't anything wrong with Timo marryin' my friend Meadow. (See A Wedding, A Birthday)
I know Timo's feelings were hurt by his sister's taunts, but instead of just letting it go, the two started throwing punches! I was scared at first, I had never seen two old people roll around in the dust beating each other before.

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I didn't know what to do, so I just started cheering them on. I figured if one of them got hurt, I would call the ambulance. It didn't last very long, I mean, how long can two old fossils keep something like that up? But I guess Timo won the fight. Kamika could hardly pick herself up off the floor. She seemed really embarrassed, then she slapped Timo hard across the face and screamed at him to leave. He did.
The bad luck didn't end there. A couple of days later, Kamika had a photo op at her job. She is a Hall of Fame Athlete, you know. I am kind of proud of that. But anyway, apparently she didn't smile pretty enough for the camera, and she had to pay her work $50,000 Simoleons for losing an important advertising client. Well, we only had about $9,000 in our bank account, so we lost it all. I'll bet it is all those wrinkles she has that ruined the picture. I had a bad feeling when she moved in and turned old. Luckily, between us we earn around $15,000 a week, so we didn't stay broke long. But that was a tough loss for us because we are still trying to get this big love nest of a house furnished.

OK, so we got over the financial loss. Then I had a bad accident, which I am sure would not have happened if Kamika Bad Luck Lady wasn't in the house. I was cookin' my pancakes for breakfast, when the stove got a little too hot. A LITTLE???

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The stove was so hot, a little whisp of fire jumped onto my butt, and onto the floor, and I felt like I was doin' the Mexican Hat dance putting it out. The fire alarm above the stove went off, thank goodness, and Maura the fire lady came and put everything out. I was releived. I could not believe that happened, after all, I am a Celebrity Chef, and I have excellent cooking skills. I guess I was so preoccupied thinkin' about Kamika, I wasn't paying attention to cooking.

There is one good thing that happened though. I found a new lover.....he is such a hunk. Well, I have known him for a long time. But we just became lovers this is Lucas. From across the street...Hey before you pass judgement on me and say, "Why, he is your sister's boyfriend and lover!", you listen to me. He is not happy over there with Ramey. (See To Have A Child Or Not?) I learned my lesson about going after my sister's boyfriends when I got in trouble with Kirstee and Chevy. (See A Wedding/A Birthday) It hasn't been the same between me and Kirstee since then. Lucas told me all about Ramey wanting a baby and all, and how he just doesn't wanna get married. He feels real uneasy around her. Well, me an Ramey aren't been that close anyway, so I made my move.

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Lucas is a man filled with such passion, I felt as though I had been missing out on something with all the other lovers I have had. He is almost more than I can handle! For now, I don't have many thoughts about finding more men to woo-hoo with. Poor Kamika has been having a losing streak since coming of age. She lost a lover named Komei, and has been working real hard to win him back. I don't know...poor Kamika...maybe is she was a nicer person. She hasn't even taked to her daughter Kerris on the phone who is at State right now. It is like she doesn't even exist. She had invited Kerris's dad Pao over for a love-visit, and Pao brought Kamika's nephew with him, Zaed, Timo's boy.
She was so mean to him. She got a thunderous look on her face and screamed at him to leave. How could she be so mean to children?
Zaed was real cool about it and all, and Pao looked like he was rather enjoying the whole scene. I don't think Kamika has even told him about Kerris. Like she is embarrased by her or something. Well, we will see what happens in a few days. I am sure Zaed is going to tell his dad how badly his Aunt Kamika treat him.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Kerris Meets Marc-Henry

80 Crumplebottom Road - Sim State University

Marc Henry Strickland

Big Sim On Campus, Secret Society,
Greek House, LifeTime Want *20 Best Friends*, Summa Cum Laude.

House Rental - Sim State University

The three friends start Sim State together. Kerris Robbins, Janelle Capehart, and Marsha Brueing. They arrive in the same taxi to the most popular rental at State....the haunted house. The girls were fortunate it was empty at the time they registered, and grabbed it right away. They had heard stories, oh yes. And wanted to try their luck with the resident ghost.
While Janelle and Marsha got right to work on their term papers, Kerris got on the phone with the rental agent who rented the house to them. She wanted to find out who last rented the house, and learned it was Marc-Henry Strickland. She tracked him down at 80 Crumplebottom Road, where he had moved into the Greek house. She wanted so much to talk to him and learn about his experiences when he lived there.

Kerris talked for some time to Marc-Henry. He told her the story of his neice Shauntasia Strickland who wanted so badly to have music at her party that she attempted to repair the stereo herself, and thus, was electrocuted. (See The Kids Start University.) Shauntasia's ghost haunts this same house...she is always hoping to finish college after all. Marc went on to say he had seen her several times while he was there. He agreed to come and talk with the girls some more the next day.

Marc came as promised. Janelle and Marsha were at class so Kerris had Marc-Henry all to herself. She listened for a few minutes to the great stories Marc had to share, and then she suddenly decided to invite Marc to a party that night. Kerris didn't know what had gotten into her, it wasn't like her to have an impromptu party. Or any kind of party. But all the same, Marc agreed to attend. Kerris was excited, and began the preparations.

The party began that night without incident. Until the Prosperity Falls busy-body crashed the party, Chevy Strickland. It just so happens, that Chevy is Marc-Henry's nephew. Chevy was enjoying the food and the music, until he heard Kerris mention Shauntasia. Shauntasia was Chevy's sister. Chevy became irate.
He did not behave like his usual sweet unassuming self. He began to speak in low quick hard tones to never mention Shauntasia again. Kerris did not mention the ghost again, but quietly asked Chevy to leave. She did not want an incident at her first college party.

Things were quiet for the next few months. Kerris and Janelle majored in Literature, and Marsha chose Phsycology. The girls met a lot of people on campus, and got on very well in their classes. Kerris saw Marc-Henry from time to time and enjoyed a few low pressure evenings out with him. Just for fun. Then, he called Kerris one afternoon and invited everyone to his party at the Greek house. It was to celebrate his passage into his Senior year. Kerris excitedly told Janelle and Marsha they were invited to the Crumplebottom Greek house for a party and all three girls immediatley began getting ready to go. By now, the girls were beginning the second semester of their sophomore year.
The party was already in full swing when the girls arrived. Marc-Henry was waiting on the porch anxiously watching for Kerris's arrival. He kissed her hello, and murmmered he could not wait any longer to tell her..he loved her. Kerris's heart melted like sugar icing and she professed her love for him as well. Marc asked Kerris to move into the Greek House with him, and she agreed as long as Janelle and Marsha could move in too. Marc agreed. So, the girls moved in the next day. Kerris and Marc enjoyed a room together, with Janelle and Marsha having their own.

Marc and Kerris did everything together, just about. It was as if they couldn't get enough of each other, and never tired of each other's company. Until one evening, during yet another Greek house party, Marc asked Kerris a very important question.
"Kerris," he said, "I am going to graduate soon, and move back to Prosperity Falls. I want to know you will be with me always. I want to go back to the Falls and start making a place for us to start a life together, and live for always. Will you become my wife?" A tear of happiness slid down Kerrris's cheek. "Yes, yes I will marry you Marc-Henry. I want to live with you forever." And they kissed. It was settled. Kerris and Marc-Henry were going to be married after Kerris graduated from State and moved back to the Falls. Marc would be there waiting for her.

Marc-Henry graduated and moved back to the Falls. Kerris now mechanically spent her days going to and from class, doing the heavy work the professors assigned. Just waiting for her graduation day to come so she could go back to Marc-Henry.

During these days, Janelle and Marsha had sort of become an odd 'third' wheel. They had spent alot of time together, being that neither girl had found a love interest. It seemed like everything had centered around Kerris and Marc-Henry. After Marc left, Kerris remained to herself, living for the evenings when she and Marc could talk on the phone. He would fill her in on his day, keeping her satisfied with the progress on their soon to be new life. Janelle had thought that when Marc when graduated and left the house, the threesome would be complete again. But it wasn't so. It was Janelle and Marsha, with Kerris living with them.

Janelle and Marsha realized a certain affection for each other. Marsha felt it as strongly as Janelle did. But she was confused about her feelings, as she had had her first woo-hoo with Professor Elmer. But she did not harbor any more than that for the good professor. She realized her heart beat for Janelle.....

Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Capeharts, Week 5/Birthdays Galore!

The Capeharts - Prosperity Falls

I'm Tryce. Yeah..I am just a little kid, and my dad has white hair and wrinkles. He had a birthday, no cake or nothin', but he didn't seem to care. I know I would if I didn't get a party. My mom didn't act shocked or anything, just acted like it was normal for him to do that. I was still pretty much a baby when this happened. But then, I had my birthday, and there was a party. I have an older brother named Trevaus who I hardly know, but he came.
You know what? There was LOTS of birthdays at our house this week. I am now a kid, no longer a baby. My dad turned real old, and my sister Janelle had a birthday too! But lemme tell you. After I grew up a little bit, my dad made me start studyin' alot about junk I don't care anything about. Like cleaning and stuff. He tells me it is so I can help my older brother Jayrus figure out something about our homelands. (See The Capeharts, Chapter 1). I don't know what he is talkin' about. But I did it anyway.
Well, there was another thing that happened that my dad got real happy about. I guess he got promoted at his job, he is a big guy in the army now. He is a general.

It is really cool, a helicopter comes to pick him up every day and takes him to work. Mom says it is noisy and the mailman complains it blocks the street when it lands to pick up dad, but I like it. Dad says our lives are going to be better now that he has the best job at his work. Well, mom is starting to gripe she wants to go out and get a job like dad, but dad says it isn't time. After he gets just one more kitten, then she can do what ever she wants.

Well, I tellin' ya about the birthdays we had at our house. When it came time for Janelle's birhday party, she invited her best friend, Marsha to come. Well, Marsha doesn't have a mom or dad or nothin'. So I guess Janelle felt sorry for her.

It was a great party. We had cake and everything, just like we did at my party. I started feeling like we were havin' cake almost every day! And Janelle got lots of presents, just like I did. But most of her stuff was junk she would use at college. Yeah, she was real happy about that. She got on the phone and called up about getting money to go to college, right in the middle of the party. I don't think I would do that.

Janelle Capehart - Aspiration - Family

It was a double party, it was Marsha's birthday too! We got to have another cake! Mom had everything ready for Marsha, so she must have known a head of time.
Marsha Bruening - Aspiration - Romance

Then Marsha did the same thing Janelle did. She called out about college money. She and Janelle had made up their minds to leave the next day at the same time. That left just me and mom and dad here. Well, I heard mom and dad the other night talking. Mom said she thought she was going to have another baby, all the 'signs' were there. I guess there is gonna be another kitten. Just what dad wanted.

Accomplishments this round: Giovanni reached the top of his career.

The Robbins, Week5/Education

The Robbins - Prosperity Falls

It is I, Timo. Here in the Earth world, I have worked my way up to the top of my career, twice. I studied the earth people's medicene to learn about thier body chemistry, and now I am working in the science field to learn about the earth environment. It is all for one thing. To find out the parentage of my sister's baby, Kerris. My sister Kamika has bucked the system from day one. She made it clearly known to me that she did not want to participate in carrying on the Anotothian race on Earth. However, during her escapades with Earth Men, she did manage to become impregnated by one of them. (See The Robbins Story - Week 3, Back In The Hood.)Thus, she did end up doing exactly what she was schooled and trianed to do on Anatoth.....
Kamika gave birth to a female child, Kerris. Kerris looks much like our race, only she does not have our reproductive ears. I am thinking her reproductive system is human, and that leads my thoughts to her DNA. I must study it to find out if she has enough of the Anotothian genes to effectively carry on our line. I decided to give her the education at any rate that she would need to further the mission. I have spent many hours teaching her about body chemistry, and she did indeed absorb the information like a sponge. She is very smart, apparently having inherited her academic abilities from me, her uncle.
I am finding it easy to teach this girl, and have a mind set to send her to the Earth school, Sim State University, when she comes of age. I will give her all the eduaction I can in the meantime about Anatoth. Then she will have all I can give her, and it will be up to her to carry on without me.
However, there is my son Zaed. He is ver much like me - Timo! My Earth wife Meadow gave me a fine son to educate and send on to populate the Earth with Anotothians. (See The Robbins, Week 4/Babies, Babies, Everywhere!) I have given him the same medical education I passed to Kerris. I have also expanded his studies to include the Anotothian warriors skills of fighting. Zaed is very strong.

Not that I think he will need these skills on Earth. But it is imparative I pass along to him all I know. He has also been very astute in his academic studies as well, reading everything he can get his hands on about Anatoth. There was only so much I could bring with me from our homeplace; it is a fortunate thing I spent some of my younger age on Earth writing all the educational materials I could for my descendants to study.

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There is only one thing I am concerned about. Zaed has met the child of my good Earth neighbor, Chevy Strickland. Her name is Synclare. Zaed seems to be out of his mind wanting to play with this girl. It has me worried that his interest in her will interefere with his studies, and therefore deter him from his goal in life. If I can only persuade him to finish his education before spending time with this female child, then I feel I could release him to mate with her in the future.

But, for now there is the matter of Kerris. She has grown up to the age of Teen on Earth, and is finishing up her studying for the Earth halls of learning, college. I can only hope that she did not inherit her mother's wants for earth men, and that she will carry on our mission.

Kerris Robbins - Aspiration - Family

As for me, I will continue to study, educate my children, and finish out my days on Earth, thus ending my part in the Anotothian mission. I hope to get my wife Meadow pregnant with my seed on more time before my life ends, leaving Zaed and Kerris to educate the child. Meadow knows not of all the details. She is merely a temporary house for my seed until it develops into a little Anotothian and makes it's way outside of her womb. I also want to find out who Kerris's Earth father is for the genetic makeup. I think the knowledge will come to me soon.

Monday, July 18, 2005

The Stricklands, Week5/Kids!

The Stricklands - Prosperity Falls

Hey, like it's me, Chevy? Yeah, like I know I go around helping everybody in Prosperity Falls solve their problems. But I do spend some time at home. Yeah. (Laughs) Just ask Kirstee. Well, we graduated from Sim State, and set up housekeeping. We both decided we wanted a big family. I thought it would just be the coolest thing to have lots of little Chevys running around helping people long after I am gone. Well we already have a daughter, Synclare. She looks like Kirstee, except she has pretty good vision. :)

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Ah, a beautiful daughter to match my beautiful wife. It seems like these days my purpose is to help around the house, 'because my Step-grandmother Brandi works as a Chief of Staff, and Kirstee is a Captian Hero for the good citizens of Prosperity Falls. I love it! I am available to help the kids with their homework, be there to play with them and get them ready for college. Yeah, I think they will all go.

Brandi spends a lot of time at the telescope at night after work. My uncle, and her son, Marc-Henry left for State two years ago, and I think Brandi reallly misses him. He is her only son. Well, he was sort of inconsiderate, he didn't come to her birthday party. I guess I might be partly to blame for that, I did go out to State and help him a little with his social life. I had to show him how to throw a party! (See University/A New Beginning And A Graduation.) He had no idea. I figured me doing that would help him find a girlfriend. The guy don't have it altogether when it comes to meeting people. Well, hopefully he was spending that time meeting women at school.

Well, eventually Kirstee and I had two boys. I tend to watch alot of TV while since I'm not working. I named the boys Fraiser and Niles, after characters in my favorite TV show, Fraiser. I am trying to get Kirstee to agree to name our next daughter Daphne or Roz. She's not going for my idea. I wonder why? Anyway? Here are their pictures.

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That's Fraiser's baby and toddler pictures. Kirstee is such a beautiful mom! Fraiser has freckles like Kirstee, but he has my haircolor and eyes.

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And here is Niles' pictures. See? He has my skin! No freckles here! In fact, he looks like a little carbon copy of me.

You know, Kirstee and I have been doing alot of talking. We decided things are really great here, and we LOVE having children. Kirstee has told me she wants 10 kids! I can handle that, if Kirstee can handle that. Poor Uncle Marc-Henry won't have a bed to come home to when he graduates State. But, he will have the skills to get a good job and make money to get his own place. You know? Speaking of all this baby stuff. Kirstee actually found a day to go to work as Captian Hero inbetween being pregnant. Here is a work picture of her. I just had to snap is rare to see her in uniform. In fact though, she is pregnant with our fourth child here, but not showing yet. She really is a hero in my book for everything she does!

I am looking forward to my fourth child...hey...if it is a boy...maybe we can name him...BULLDOG!

Or, maybe we can name him...........