Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Gathering of Anotothians

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Roxanna Bostic and Tomas Capehart - Became members of the Secret Society, the Greek House Crumplebottom, and achieved Big Sim on Campus. Tomas graduated Summa Cum Laude in Drama, and Roxanna greaduted Summa Cum Laude in Art

Title: The Gathering Of Anotothians

Lot: Home of Roxanna Bostic and Tomas Capehart, Sim State University

Last Visit:
An Anotothian University

Tomas narrating: Roxanna and I finally graduated from State. It was about time, in my opinion. We spent our last few days keepin' up with friends and just basically tryin' keep the grades up so we could get outta there. See, me and Roxanna love each other, and we decided that we would move back to the Falls and live in her mom and dad's large victorian. Well, that house has a reputation, folks call it "The Gentleman's Club". I guess there is some stigma and stories attached to it...I don't wanna get into it, really. But now me and Roxy are gonna make it a nice family place. Her dad Lucas is still alive and right now he is there by himself.

Roxy already has a big garden wedding planned. I haven't even asked her to marry me yet, but I reckon it is a given. There ain't been nobody else for us since we met here 4 years ago. The fact that I have a strong snow leopard blood line don't bother Roxy. She finds it kind of exciting. She hopes our kids turn out lookin' like me. Yeah, we have already decided to pop out a couple. Pretty standard stuff, I know. What else is life? Anyway?

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The day came when we moved out of our rental and moved back to the Falls. Some guy had already come to take over the house, and was already movin' his stuff in as we as movin' ours out. Like the bed wasn't even cool yet from when we had gotten out of it that morning. Ah well. I guess I will miss this old place. I lived here for 4 years with our lives will really begin.

There is one last thing I wanna say though. I just wanna make one thing clear. My brother Tryce, man, I heard what happened to him and everything. About the new kitten named Joy. (See Two New Daughters) Like, well, it's like this. She is real different. Not only how she came into this world and everything. Tryce emailed me a picture of her, he is the proud poppa, and I guess the proud momma too. Michelle is bein' real hard about Joy and everything. Tryce is the doting father, man, it's like I said, don't you remember your daughter Joslyn? He is proud of her too, but he has a special connection with Joy. I just gotta meet this kid.

Lot: Sim State University, home of freshmen sisters Madelyn and Mackenzie Capehart, and cousins Barry-James and Bulldog Strickland.

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Hey, Barry-James Strickland here. Yep, the Mayor's son. Yep, the guy who has been the media lately... (see Marc-Henry Has A Birthday.) Man I am sure glad to be here and away from all that crap that is happening back at the house. I am just sorry Jodi-Ann has to still be around it. Well anyway, it turned out that me and my cousin Bulldog rode over here in the same taxi with the Capehart twins, Madelyn and Mackenzie. Me and Bulldog have the same kinda preferences when it comes to our women. See, I am deeply in love with Mackenzie, and Bulldog and Madelyn are, like, already engaged and stuff. Bulldog didn't wait a single minute after we moved into the house.

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I guess he had been savin' for a ring for a long time. Madelyn was ectstatic to get it. Now those two are inseperable. I haven't popped the question yet to Mackenzie for a coupla reasons. Number one, is if she marries me, she will become part of the limelight with my family. And number two, well, I gotta convince her that life with me wouldn't be so bad. Well, my mom not only is mayor of Prosperity Falls, but she is also some sort of alien. I told her, "Mom, it doesn't matter that you are from Mexico or something. I love you anyway." Well, mom seems to think that makes some sorta difference. She has tried to tell me lots of times I guess more about that, but then we always get on to talking about something else. (Barry-James's mother Kerris Strickland is Zaed Robbins's cousin, she is half Anotothian. Read about her misgivings here: Marc-Henry Gets Married.) There is some CNN reporter that keeps feeding lies about us to the public and I am just not sure Mack could deal with that. (Berry Nosey).

Anyway, we got busy with our classes and stuff. We settled in and everything and all is going well with us.

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It is all so easy. Here is a pic of us just getting back from finals in our freshman year. I feel like all four of us have some kind of connection. Me and Bulldog bein' cousins, and Mady and Mack bein' twins. Hey see that house next to ours in the picture? That is the Greek House Crumplebottom. Yeah, we all got admitted to that too.

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Here is what happened. From the very first night we got to our house, one of us would become members of the Secret Society. Yeah! Right from the first night. It happened every night until all of us got into that club, right from night one. Well, as soon as we would get back from our trip to the Landgrabbe Society building where we had our initiation into the SS, we would get on the phone and call the Greek House Crumplebottom and they would come over and initiate us too. Quavi and Yasika Robbins, my cousin (and Bulldog's sister) Daphne Strickland and Andre Bostic would come over and give us admittance to the Greek house. It has been a blast so far here at Sim State. So far, I haven't seen any reporters or pavoratzi here. *keeping fingers crossed*.

Lot: The Greek House Crumplebottom, Sim State University - Home of Quavi and Yasika Robbins, Andre Bostic, and Daphne Strickland

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It is I! Quavi! I am still living here at the Greek House Crumplebottom at Sim State University where I am carrying out my mission for the Anotothian race. To multiply our DNA on Earth to keep our race alive. I live here with my sister Yasika, who is in the same mission I am, but doesn't seem to have the same passion for it that our brother Zaed and I do. So I must not only do my duty to the Anotothian peoples, but I monitor Yasika's roll in that as well.

On thing that has been heavy on my mind, is her relationship with her earth man, Andre Bostic. I spend volumes of time watching him. So far, he has not put the ring of marriage commitment on Yasika's finger. It seems that all they are interested in doing is the mating ritual. Yasika is well aware that she cannot become with an Anotothian child until she and Andre have married, but she does not seem interested in helping the process along. Zaed is pressuring me to make sure Yasika is engaged to Mr. Bostic before we all graduate from this institution of learning. It will be a severe setback if Yasika has to find another mate this far into her part of the mission. I am already engaged to Daphne Strickland, my sister-in-law's sister. I am set to multiply.

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I am almost filled with disgust watching those two carry on without the engagement ring. I can only find hope in the fact that Yasika will be well practiced in the art of mating, making it easier for her to have many children. However, in the meantime I have had other duties that do not directly impact my mission. The main one I speak of is to gather members for the Greek House Crumplebottom.

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I have recently inducted four new members. Twin sisters Madelyn and Mackenzie Capehart, Andre's cousin Bulldog Strickland, and my cousin Barry-James Strickland. Yes, he is the son of Kerris Strickland, and my cousin. He carries the eyes and skin of an Anotothian, but I do not see him doing any of the things that ensures the continuation of our race. Yes, he is intersted in the female Mackenzie Capehart, but is not engaged to her. Do I dare approach him and discuss this wonderful matter of the mission? I will have to confer with Zaed and see what he knows of Barry-James's knowledge of The Mission. So far, I have not heard that he is involved with it.

Berry Nosey reporting! Do my eyes dare deceive me? Or is it too good to be true? It seems the mayor's son, Barry-James Strickland has flown the coop of the mayoral mansion and is now residing at Sim State University attending classes! This reporter has witnessed a gathering of all the mayor's relatives in a strange ritual dance on the back porch of the building where Barry-James lives, with Quavi Robbins heading up the meeting wearing a flowing white robe. He had with him other residents of the Greek House Crumplebottom, and they were all dancing around and chanting some crazy and strange tune. Is this some sort of cult? The beginnings of another ¹Jonestown? Ah, the mystery deepens! This is Berry Nosey, signing off!

¹ An explanation of Jonestown for those of you too young to remember, or not born yet when it happened...this article is very stark and perhaps a little tense for TS2. Apologetics Index


Rachel said...

Man I love the Robbins family. It is I... I always chuckle.

Alexis said...

Heh, Barry-James thinks they are aliens, as in from a different country! Too funny. Of course, Berry Nosey's interpretation of things is also entertaining--a cult! Hello, ever heard of Greek houses Berry?

Simaholic said...

I swear the Robbins Family is my favorite family. For some reason when they start: "It is I, Quavi!" It just makes me laugh. Somehow I think knowing the truth about his background would freak Barry-James out. Poor guy though. He's got that reporter following him to college.

straberiwine said...

Ok, it's just too weird to think of somebody we consider partners-in-Sims too young to remember Jonestown. I guess that means I'm getting old.