Monday, December 26, 2005

The Expectant Mother (s)

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Title: The Expectant Mother (s)

Lot: The Gentleman's Club, Prosperity Falls

Last Visit:
Spooky Happenings

Alfred Hitchcock narrating: Here we are back at the residence named The Gentleman's Club. If you will recall, there was a suspicious occasion within the walls of this building. Two women, two deaths. (See
Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash and Spooky Happenings). The two women were roomates. And with them lived the gentleman, Lucas Turner. Three's company, if you will. These three individuals were a bawdy bunch. Parading lover after lover in and out of the old victorian mansion, it's old walls groaning with anticipation when a new face would arrive to partake of the pleasures there in. I say, all good things must come to an end.

There is a fresh face at the Club, although not new. That is the face of the prodigal daughter, Roxanna coming home from college. With her she brings her lover, Tomas Capehart.

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Now, Miss Bostic is the daughter of the dead woman Morgan-Rose and the still living Lucas Turner. She was raised in a most un-holsum of atmospheres, but lo and behold did well for herself in the higher echelons of learning. She found herself one Mr. Tomas Capehart. Then what occured, dear viewers, is what I like to refer to as the turning point for The Gentleman's Club. Mr. Capehart has endeavored to do what is right, and asked Miss Bostic for her hand in marriage. He did it in the most of romantic ways. Out on the balcony, overlooking Prosperity Falls. A garden wedding soon transpired, with all of the college mates attending that Miss Bostic and Mr. Capehart knew. And a couple of party crashers.

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The two soon settled down in domestic bliss, and Roxanna's belly became huge with child. She was so proud of this fact, she paraded the belly around for all to see. Motherhood seemed to become Miss Bostic. But dear you will soon witness, Miss Bostic is not the only one who will share in the wonderous giving of life. Oh but Mr. Capehart placed the life in Miss Bostic's womb, you say. That is how he participated in this life giving event. Yes, a man's seed is potent. But I wonder, could it be there is more to this giving of life than meets the eye?

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Soon, little Markey was born. Looked alot like the father, Tomas Capehart. Everything was done the usual way. Parental adoration was apparent. But as there is only so much room on this earth. When one new life begins, a life must end. Miss Bostic kissed her father Lucas Turner goodbye, after he had ample time to spend with the new youngster. Mr. Grim made yet another visit to The Gentleman's Club. I say, he is becoming a regular visitor.

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Was this a coincidence? I think not. Everything was timed so perfectly Mr. Turner was able to spend time with his grandson before his passing. And dear viewers, you will find as I unfold more facts to you that nothing about this house is coincidental. Miss Bostic's grief was unquenchable with the passing of her father. When her mother Morgan-Rose Bostic passed away, Roxanna Bostic did not even bat an eye, did not even come home from college for the burial. But her father's passing nearly put her over the edge.

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Now let us fast forward a few days. We find the still grieving Roxanna Bostic in the front yard with the newspaper girl Amy Jones. She seems to be extremely disraught over the appearance of all things, a UFO. Amy Jones finds the appearance of a flying saucer quite fun and shouts out support for it's appearance in Prosperity Falls.

Now viewers, let us take pause. It has come to my attention, this very same flying saucer had made a prior visit to the Falls. Yes indeed, and it's appearance left behind a gift named Joy Capehart. (See Two New Daughters) This child was born to Tryce Capehart, but no, not through his wife's womb as one might think. She was borne of his own body after he mysteriously disappeared for a few hours when the UFO first made it's brief visit to his home. A few hours later, the saucer returned and spat out Mr. Capehart onto the ground with great disdain.

Now, it appears the UFO has visited Tryce Capehart's brother Tomas, Roxanna's new husband. Viewers here is where I will ask the question again; is there more to the giving of life than meets the eye? Or perhaps it is more of a statement; there is more to the giving of life, than meets the eye.

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This day in the nursery at The Gentleman's Club, Mr. Tomas Capehart has undergone a transformation from a doting father to an expectant mother. Did the aliens have something to do with this? What is it about Prosperity Falls that attracts the other world beings?

Here I will leave these thoughts with you, and bid you goodnight.

Odd Pic Out:

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Markey inherits simoleons upon his grandpa Lucas' death.


Anonymous said...

Another UFO baby for the Capehart family? This is intriguing.

Alexis said...

Did the abduction actually happen during the day while Amy was delivering the paper, or was she visiting at night and you turned the sun on in buy mode? I thought aliens could only abduct people at night.

ASimWen said...

Heh the UFO abducted Tomas about 4:30...which brought him home around 7:30, daytime. :)Yes, the flying saucer came back in the daytime. I have an actual pic of it in the day time posted at when Tosca (Capehart)McClelland's husband Johnson got abducted. He got abducted around the same time.

Simaholic said...

Oh I'm so happy that Markey inherited the snow leapord skin tone! And ANOTHER abduction. How exciting. The aliens must have had a craving for snow leapord.

Kristine said...

I just read through all your posts for 2005. You are a wonderful writer!!! Your families are so interesting! My favorite show is "Fraiser", so loved all the character names! Now I will get started on 2006, and I'm really looking forward to it!!!