Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Capeharts, Week 10/Two New Daughters

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Title: Two New Daughters

Lot: The Capeharts, Original Lot - Calista, Tryce, Michelle, Jessie, Joslyn and Joy

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Calista Falls In Love

Tryce Narrating: Yeah, hey we have been pretty busy around here, that's for sure. Well, mom passed away, but she went out with a bang. I knew her time was comin' near. But anyway, it seemed like she was seein' Pretty Boy Chandler near 'bout every day. More power to her. She went happy.

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But still, it was sad for us left behind, Jessie especially took it hard. Yeah, he grew up pretty quick, mom and him always spent alot of time together after school. We got news of the death of my older brother Jayrus too. (see Little Mamma Tosca). Man it seems like my whole family is droppin' like flies. First Trevaus (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools), then Dad (See The Dating Scene), then Jayrus and now mom. None of the original settlers are on this land anymore....that came here when my grandma Tonaka brought dad and them from the homeland to escape the toxins in the water that was killing the Snow Leopards. Ah well. As long as there is a direct descendant of Snow Leopards here, it is ok. I feel kinda bad because I don't think anybody in the family is doin' the research on that. On the toxins, I mean. I reckon we are all comfortable where we are. I buried mom on the mountain beside dad. That is what they had planned out. I reckon I will be layin' there too someday beside Michelle. But hey, let's get onto more pleasant subject, OK? Ok. Talkin' all that death stuff drags a snow leopard down.

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Hey I got me a new poker table. Mom's boyfriend Parker brought it over. I guess the man don't read the obituries. He kept bringin' her flowers and presents two days after she was already buried! I haven't had a chance to use the table yet, I have been real busy. Michelle has too. Well, for one thing, playin' poker will be easier on me than lookin' at the stars at night. Yeah, swillin' beer, smokin cigarettes and playin' cards with the boys will be safer for me than lookin' at Venus. I'll tell ya why in a minute. Let's put it this way, I can't wait to give the table a workout.

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One of the reasons Michelle and I have been so busy is right about the time mom passed on, Michelle found out she was pregnant again! Yeah, we ended up having a little girl named Joslyn. Let's see, she is the first girl born in three births here. Anyway, the circumstances surrounding her birth, and the poker table, and me lookin' in the telescope...all if it comes to play together. This is gonna be hard to explain with me soundin' real crazy.

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One evenin' I was peekin' through the telescope, I found it to be real relaxin' after workin' all day. Michelle and Jessie was sleepin'. Michelle's time was gettin' close, I know, but I was close by in case she needed me. Well, the weirdest thing happened, I blacked out, on the lawn. I don't think that woulda happened if I was usin' the poker table. I don't know what happened, but the next thing I know I was layin' in the road pretty far from the scope, and Michelle was out there havin' Joslyn. I guess she had come out to help me. She was tellin' me about spaceships and aliens whilst she was in labor, but I just considered that to be labor babble. I didn't feel none too normal myself. Jessie was standin' there starin' at me as if I had grown a second head.

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Well there was nothin' more I wanted than to put the blackout on the back burner. I had a new daughter to provide for and I just didn't have time to mess around with stuff like telescopes anymore. I spent alot of time writin' another novel. I did finish one, my first one since I left University. I spit out a couple of 'em there. This one I wrote all about my blackout. Anyway, I got awful sick. I thought it was impossible...had to go see my cousin by marriage Mad Scientist Lillith Strickland-Capehart to get the answer...yep..somehow I had a kitten growing inside of me.

Well, that was somethin' for the medical journals. The only thing Lillith could deduce was something happened to me during my blackout. 'Course, her bein' a mad scientist didn't help matters none, nobody would believe her or me. Michelle told Lillith the same story she told me while she was in labor with Joslyn, that I had been sucked up by space aliens into their ship and taken away for hours. Hmm. I don't believe none of it really, but how do you explain it? Joy, I mean? Lillith was real glad to get the story from Michelle and as far as I know she is studyin' it. Oh well, I don't care. I just know something happened that night.

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Imagine trying to explain this to your kid. "Yes, daddy is gonna have a kitten! Isn't that nice?" I think Jessie was scared of the whole thing, but he took the news like a trooper. The bigger I got, the more excited he got. I dont' think he talked about it much at school. Like he was embarrassed or somethin'. Well, I don't think I would go around broadcastin' it either if I was a kid. "Hey, my dad is pregnant! I am gonna have a little brother or sister, and my dad is the mom!" Yeah, right.

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Well, in the meantime,life went on as usual. Joslyn grew up to a toddler, and is gorgeous. She has my stark blue eyes and my black hair, and she has Michelle's skintone. But gawd, Joy looks nothin' like me...except the color of her eyes. That is the only way you can tell Joslyn and Joy are sisters. I feel sorry for the child, havin' that green skin and all. She looks sick all the time, you know, green around the gills.

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I don't remember much about what happened when she was actually born. Michelle kept her distance. Leo the gardner had come to service the lawn, and he ain't talkin'. He was close by while it was all happenin' I guess he was traumatized, because he left right after Joy made her appearance mutterin' something unintelligble. Michelle looked real grim, and so far hasn't taken much of an interest in Joy. I hope she will come around. Joy is my child just like Jessie and Joslyn are.

Well I reckon that is all. I know it was alot, I had alot to say. But one thing is for more telescope gazin' for me. Poker, man! That is where it's at! (Just in case).


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Michelle finds Tryce's abduction to be a good thing, and Jessie receives a bad memory.

Accomplishments this round: Michelle - Impossible Want, maxed all skills. Calista - Platinum Headstone, Top Influence at Death.


Scally said...

Aww, lucky devil, Wen! I can never get my male sims abducted!

ASimWen said...

Heh, I had been trying like crazy to get Zaed Robbins abducted, but to no avail. I NEVER put Tryce on that blasted 'scope. One night...I did it out of habit, as the Robbins house is just before this one. I was stuck in the mode. I put Tryce on there, and what do you know. lol

Anonymous said...

Ah. Zaed will be jealous.

Jessica said...

I just love reading your challenge. Please, keep it up. It's inspiring me to write my own. I'll let you know when it finally comes up. :)

Simaholic said...

You know, I always seem to have sim abducted when I'm not trying. I do hope you get Zaed abducted. It would be too apropriate for him :o)