Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Bostics, Week10/Passin' Patches

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Title: Passin' Patches

Lot: The Bostic Residence (main house) Ramey, Pachionetta, and Dovie

Last Visit:
Andre Earns A Car

Ramey Narrating - *inhaling on a cigarette* Well that troublemaker daughter of mine returned from Sim State University. You know I am talkin' about Dovie. *blows out the smoke* To tell ya the truth, I was mighty impressed with 'er. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in physics. Soon as she got in and got her stuff unpacked in 'er old room, she got right on the 'net and started job huntin'. Yessiree, if there is one thing I have taught my kids it is to work hard. Well, she got a job at the same hospital I did, all them years ago, and before I knew it, by gawd, she was chief of staff of the joint. Hayelle, I should have known it would be no different....well...she was a trouble maker as a kid. Somehow State turned her right around. She seems to funnel all that nervous energy that used to get her in trouble to workin' and livin'.
Well, she stayed with that job for just a short time... Then... *stubs out the cigarette* She did somethin' I wished she wouldn't have, but her bein' and adult I couldn't tell her no. After all, I did it myself.

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She approached me an' and told me she was gonna carry on the family tradition, go into crime. Well, she is a Criminal Mastermind, like me. I am givin' up my seat now. After all, there is another one of us in town, Zaed Robbins also keeps the local Captian Heros on their toes. I think Dovie will do a fine job. I went out with a bang though, yes I did. I pulled my old tried and true Doomsday caper on the fine authorities of Prosperity be sure...on that old worn out Captian Hero, Ricky Cromier. (See Ricky Gives Up ) That old fossil Cromier couldn't decide to look after the Power Plant, or go after the giant robot I unleashed. Well, I managed to extort $60,000 out of 'em. Yep, that is enough cashola fer me to leave to the next generation around here, keep 'em goin'.

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Well, that is what Dovie did. Got right to work. There was somethin' big loomin' in our lives, brought back memories for me, and I was sure glad to have my girl to lean on. I'll say it like this. My sister Pachionetta and I was always real close. I guess you know that from what I told you before about 'er. (See The Big Move). How she helped me raise Dovie and Andre, and helped out when dad died. Well we lived altogether in this big house, and we had our friends over. We was popular folk, you know? Well that made it all the harder fer me when Patches's time was up. Havin' to call all those people and tell 'em there was a new obit in the paper.

Pachionetta Bostic

Our beloved resident Mad Scientist
Pachionetta Bostic passed away in her
living room whilst entertaining
guests in her home Thursday night.
Miss Bostic was active in many community
and civil groups including the
Prosperity Falls Science Club,
Reformed Criminal Masterminds,
and Virgins Anonymous.
She leaves behind two sisters, Miss Ramey Bostic and Mrs. Kirstee Strickland. She also had
13 neices and nephews, and was great aunt to 5 darling children.
Her life insurance policy benefited 13 people, and
she was 75 when she bit the dust.

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Yep, my baby sister is gone. Buried 'er in the back yard beside dad. That's were Dovie came in. I turned into a damn spineless jelly fish, I did. Couldn't do a thing, had to miss work. Dovie took care of it all, got Patches all buried nice and proper. Hayelle.... *wiping eye* well. That makes two of my sisters gone now. (See Spooky Happenings) Seems real strange don't it? Both of the younger ones went before me an' Kirstee. I was the oldest, then Kirstee, Patches, then Morgan-Rose.

Well Dovie is gettin' on with her life. I reckon she found her a man whilst she was at University, a real strapin' young man named Lee Jeffries. (See Manual Capehart Caught Cheating!)

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He comes over to see 'er every now and then, but so far those two haven't set a date yet. I was hopin' to see a grandchild before my days was done. Well, that is life. My boy Andre will be back from University soon. I guess he will have a whole bucket fulla stuff to tell me...I hear he has him a girl, Yasika Robbins. Hayelle, I bet those two will give me a grandchild before Dovie and Lee.

Accomplishments this round: Dovie - Top of Career - Chief of Staff and Criminal Mastermind. LTW - Criminal Mastermind. Pachionetta - Platinum headstone, and Top Influence Level at death.


Florentilla said...

Lol! A civil group called Virgins Anonymous! That's very original!
Nice update! :-)

Scally said...

Aw, all the old originals are croaking! I hate it when they do that! I loved the 'bit the dust' bit! Neat update!

Paige said...

Great update! I just love reading your little stories. That is odd how the younger sisters went first. I'll sure miss ol' Patches...but I'm sure we'll be seeing her again in the afterlife!

Simaholic said...

Oh how sad. Another one of your CAS sims is gone. Funny how attached we get to these guys.