Friday, November 25, 2005

Ricky Gives Up

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Title: Ricky Gives Up

LOT: Capehart.3 - Mercedes,Ricky, Janelle, Marsha, Manuel, Lillith and Valentine

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Mercedes Falls In Love Again

Manuel Narrating: Hey, Lillith and I graduated from State, and moved into the house at the family ranch. My two moms Janelle and Marsha was real glad to see us. Hey I know this place is sorta unconventional and all. But there is one person here who wishes things were a lot different, and that is Janelle's brother-in-law, Ricky. Hey he is an old man, and wants a kid in the worse way, but his wife Mercedes would have nothin' to do with that. (See Mercedes Falls In Love Again.) He approached my mom Marsha about carryin' the kid for him, but she backed out at last minute sayin' she was getting too old for that. Well, after she said that, Ricky started hittin' the sauce.

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It is real hard for him to stay away from the bottle. Then on top of all that, he messed up big time at his job as a Captian Hero. There was a big robot threatening the city, (yeah, the same one Tosha Capehart couldn't take care of, See Party Hardy!) Although he didn't get fired like Mrs. Capehart did, Mayor Kerris Strickland did tell Ricky he needed to contribute to the clean up efforts for the city, as the city treasury was still tryin' to recover from the last robot attack. Ricky shelled out $25,000 Simoleons. Man, Mercedes had a fit. Rather than retire like he ought to, Ricky has turned into a lush. It's gonna kill him one of these days.

Well Lillith and I have done things a little backwards. We haven't gotten married yet. Sadly. I don't know what is goin' on there, but we do love each other and all. Lillith worked her way up to the job she has wanted since she was a kid, she is a Mad Scientist. That robotic hand gets creepy when we make love, but it is sorta different at the same time. Adds a little excitement.

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Me, I got the job I have always wanted, I am now a Celebrity Chef. I get to go on TV and demonstrate recipes. Man, the women love me. (And some men too!) But we find time in between all that and get time together. This house is crowded, with Ricky and Mercedes, then my moms here too. Well, one thing let to another, and before we knew it, Lillith was on the phone announcing to her family that she was gonna have a baby.

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Her mother Kirstee Strickland have her a little bit of a hard time about it cause we aren't married and all. See, her mom is real traditional, you know, get married, have kids, have grandkids. Her mom and dad had 10 kids and are now workin' on the grandchildren! (See The Cast Is Complete). But what is traditional about my house? I will marry Lillith someday. She is the lady of my dreams. We just got a little sidetracked is all.

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Welcome Generation 4!

Well, finally my daughter Valentine was born. What a pretty girl! She has her grandma Kirstee's freckled complexion, and her mom's red hair. Bein' a dad has made me think maybe I wanna have another kid. But I think I will make Lillith my wife first. heh.

Accomplishments this round: Lillith - Achieved LTW - Reached top of Science career - Mad Scientist, putting her in perm-plat. Impossible want - Maxed All Skills. Manuel - Achieved LTW - Reached top of Culinary career as a Celebrity Chef, putting him in perm-plat.


Scally said...

You're back! I was beginning to think you'd fallen into a black hole or something. Great update, though, Wen. It was definitely worth the wait.

Annette said...

So glad to see you're updating again!

Simaholic said...

YAY!!! Generation 4! How exciting. Too bad that Ricky isn't going to get the chance to father a child by Marsha. That would have been great for him.