Sunday, November 27, 2005

Marc-Henry Has A Birthday

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Title: Marc-Henry Has A Birthday

Lot: Strickland.2 - Marc-Henry, Kerris, Barry-James and Jodi-Ann

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Marc-Henry Builds A Garage

Berry Nosey from CNN narrating: Happy Holidays! This is Berry Nosey reporting to you live from the Mayoral Mansion in Prosperity Falls. Except it used to be the Mayoral Mansion. If you will recall, it wasn't long ago the construction firm of Shifting Sands and Foundations added a new garage to Mayor Kerris and Celeberity Chef Marc-Henry's house. (See
Marc-Henry Builds A Garage). Alas, being true to the company's name, the garage shifted, taking the house with it and it is nothing but a pile of rubble. Luckily no one was home at the time. The Mayor and her husband were at work, and their gun weilding son, Barry-James, was at school. They returned home to a pile of dust. The Mayor's husband immediately secured a smart home with a garage, to be sure, but it is not attached. The current house can hardly be classified as a mansion. It sits on a high foundation, there are only two rooms downstairs discounting the bathroom, and two rooms upstairs, again discounting an upstairs bathroom. However, both floors have a large living area making life quite comfortable for the first family of Prosperity Falls.

When asked how she likes her new home, the Mayor declared, "I love it. The bay windows in the living room make a perfect space for placing a Christmas tree, and the double doors are made for hanging holiday wreaths on. Having to go upstairs now to bed is good for my constitution, I am not getting any younger you know. And living in a home like this, gets me even closer to the common Sim. That has always been my priority."

Shortly after moving into the new mayoral residence, the Mayor's husband Marc-Henry had a birthday. Celebrity Chef Marc-Henry now has hordes of adoring fans clamoring at his doorstep every day. "Oh he just gets cuter the older he gets!" declared one young woman outside his door one day, breathless with adoration. "Hayell, it don't matter what the age, as long as he can slap out a good crepe, that is good 'nuff for me." said one crusty sailor, spitting backy onto my Italian leathers.

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Barry-James Strickland
Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Make 20 Best Friends
9 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 6 playful, 9 nice
Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Marc-Henry's birthday wasn't the only one. Son Barry-James had a birthday, bringing him to the teen-aged portion of his life. As I looked upon the face of the mayor's son, it was evident to me that Barry-James of course, is half of his mother Kerris Robbins-Strickland. I am still doggedly investigating the history of this individual. While the Mayor is a nice person and does a fair job of running our city, I still wonder where she comes from. Word is, there is one who is going to try to unseat the Mayor in the upcoming elections. That would be her neice by marriage, Doris Capehart. (See Niles Becomes A Dad) While Ms. Capehart hasn't officially declared her candidacy, there are mumurs going 'round the local watering holes.

I visited one of those holes at the Four Winds Shopping Center right here in the Falls. I found several citizens of our fair city sipping lattes and cappuchino. When asked who he would like for mayor, Johnson McClleland smiled. "I of course prefer the Snow Leopard. I am partial to them, you know." (See Johnson Gets Fat) Zaed Robbins looking very serious, exclaimed, "Kerris Robbins-Strickland is an excellent Mayor! She has had two children and keeps on the straight an narrow path set forth by her inner self. I know the citizens of Prosperity Falls will vote her into office once again!" It is rumored that the mayor turned her eye in the opposite direction when her cousin Zaed Robbins mysteriously disappeared for a while. This was during the frightening robot attack that caused Tosha Capehart to get fired by the Mayor as Captain Hero, making her a scapegoat for the Mayor's cousin. (See Party Hardy! and Advancements). This reporter will keep you up to date as this story unfolds. There will be political drama, to be sure!

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Berry Nosey reporting. The Mayor has given birth to the newest member of the first family of Prosperity Falls, a little girl named Jodi-Ann. She has her mother's golden eyes, and it appears her complexion is that of her grandmother, Brandi LeTorneau-Strickland. It appears the Robbins family is rapidly multiplying in our fair city! This reporter has observed the Robbins famliy members are smartly marrying themselves off to the Strickland family, who are also numerous in Prosperity Falls. (Editors Note: Kerris R. to Marc-Henry S, Zaed R to Synclare S, and future marriages: Quavi R to Daphne S, and Jati R to Maris S). Before you know it, our city will be over run by golden eyed beings! However the Mayor's own son Barry-James has fallen in love with a Capehart, our resident snow leopard family!

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However, Mackenzie Capehart only has the Capehart name though a sad accident. Her mother Nichole Capehart had lost her husband snow leopard Trevaus Capehart through a sad electrical accident at the Robbins house. In her grief, she turned to an old college classmate, Conrad Bain, and became with child, twins Mackenzie and Madelyn Capehart. It will be interesting for this reporter to observe the first born of this couple, should they get married in the future. Will the child have the trademark golden eyes of the mayor's heritage? Or the lavendar purple eyes of the Strickland family? (Editors note: Yes, I plan for these two to marry.)

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Berry Nosey reporting! There must be something going on in Prosperity Falls for the Mayor's house to not be indunated with adoring fans for the mayor's husband. On this fine morning, Marc-Henry Strickland was able to set his foot outside his house and walk his daughter Jodi-Ann to the bus stop to wait for the school bus. I smell something going on in the Falls, and you can bet, this reporter will get to the bottom of it! I am thinking, the smell is coming from Sim State University....until next time!

Editors Note - When I tried to open this lot for play, the game continually crashed. I worried I had lost one of the most colorful families in Prosperity Falls. However, I was able to extract them from the lot and put them in a new house. Thus, the move for the Stricklands.


Simaholic said...

Oh I'm glad you were able to save them. It would have been awful to loose these guys. I can't believe Marc-Henry is an elder! Wow.

Erin said...

Thats awesome that you could play them again! I HATE it when my game crashes (all too often!).