Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ecological Guru Farmer Fraiser

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Title: Ecological Guru Farmer Fraiser

Lot: Strickland Farm - Fraiser, Camryn, Kolton and Karen

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Farmer Fraiser

Frasier narrating: I have been promoted to an Ecological Guru at my job in the Natural Science field. I have learned all kinds of things, and I got a wonderful Cowplant as a job reward. The day I was promoted, I received over $30,000 Simoleons! I talked things over with Camryn, and we both agreed that the farm we bought when we first graduated from Sim State was far too small. So we invested our simoleons in a new place. (They took their one move as an adult).

This new farm house has a large porch out front, and a plenty big yard for our kids. I got the cowplant corraled on the corner of the property, and all our chickens in the same pen with him. Inside has a great kitchen for Camryn to can vegetables in the summertime, with a walkout porch where we take our meals. Runnin' a farm is lots of hard work, I don't make much money at it but I love it all the same.

Did you hear me say kids? Yeah, we have had another one. Her name is Karen. Our son Kolton grew up to a toddler, and Camryn started purrin' in my ear wouldn't another baby be nice?

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So now I got me a daughter too. Kolton now catches the school bus ever day, and Karen is a toddler. Camryn wants another one! (family sim) I don't know that I want another child, but to have more hands to help with the farm work would really help. I am a man of science (knowledge sim) and am thinking I would like to go into another field of work. I like the farm and work it as such, but I do spend much time studying the stars at night, where I often consider Camryn's request for another child.

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I hear lots of talk when I go into town to get supplies. There's lots of information going around about the next mayor's race and all. I am hearing that Doris Capehart is going to run. More power to her. I don't care for politicin' myself, but I am sorta leanin' toward something else....I don't wanna discuss this with Camryn...but I hear a person can make a lot of money doin' counterfietin'. I know, I know it ain't exactly legal. But I got me a nice basement where I could put the printing plates. I heard when I went into town that Ramey Bostic has been in this line of business for years, and hasn't had any trouble. She lives in a mansion of a house. I want a monster of a farm for my kids. This house is nice, but there's not enough land. I am gonna think real hard on it.

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In the mean time, it is me, my wife and my kids. I love life, and Prosperity Falls. I'll let ya know next time what I decided to do!

Accomplishments this round: Fraiser - Top of Career - Ecological Guru


Alexis said...

He's going to turn into a counterfitter, huh? I love these stories! Where did you get the skintone for the Strickland family?

ASimWen said...

All the 4 original fams started with custom skintones from TSR. The Bostics have the freckles, the Stricklands look normal, but the males have all this gorgeous body hair. The Robbins have the golden skintone, and the Capeharts are the snowleopards. Fraiser Strickland inherited the Bostic skintone from his mom, Kirstee (Bostic) Strickland.

Alexis said...

Thanks for letting me know where the skintones came from. They're all amazing!

Simaholic said...

I did not know that all four we custom skin tones. Interesting. But anyway, so Fraiser is looking into a criminal path huh?