Sunday, November 27, 2005

An Anotothian University

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Title: An Anotothian University

Lot: 80 Crumplebottom Road, Sim State University

Last Visit:
Manuel Capehart Caught Cheating!

It is I, Zaed! I have come to 80 Crumplebottom Road at Sim State University to observe the advancement of the Anotothian mission on Earth! That is to exploit the Anotothian DNA on earth to ensure our population infiltrates the fiber of this planet.

My brother Quavi has been fulfilling his duties in the mission. He has placed himself in the same house with our sister Yasika to ensure that she fulfills hers as well. I have done some studying, and I have made sure that Yasika will marry Andre Bostic. Quavi not only has been keeping an eye on our sister, but has been wooing the Strickland female, Daphne as well. He has already given her the human engagement ring. (See Manuel Capehart Caught Cheating) That was first and foremost. My father Timo left us copious notes about what human females like and expect, and the gem diamond is what they wish to display upon their fingers. Why, I do not know. Diamonds are plentiful on my planet Anatoth. They are found laying about as a nusiance. One continually has to rid their home of them as the come in on one's feet. Now I will hear my brother's report.

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It is I, Quavi! Yes, I have given my female Daphne a diamond ring. She was so grateful to get it, she invited me into her bed right away, I did not even have to urge her to it! We have been getting plenty of practice doing the human mating function, in between our studies. Yes, I have to keep that front up, to behave as a regular student at University. However, I am finding this mating ritual to be quite pleasureable, I am surprised no one has made this statement.

Zaed, quickly cutting in: Pleasure has nothing to do with furthering our mission on Earth Quavi! Stay focused!

Quavi: Ah yes. The mission. My female Daphne finds the mating ritual quite fun, and asks for it often. (She is a Pleasure Sim). I do not think because of this trait in her personality she will find it difficult to give me children. (Quavi is a family Sim, so they constantly want to do it). She also spends large amounts of time juggling cups from the cappuchino machine, so I will ensure we have one of those in our home, if it will keep her bearing children! She often runs right to bed for mating after she juggles.

Zaed: I will add that to father's notes. Quickly typing into his laptop: "Human females seem to find great pleasure juggling cappuchino cups. Afterwards, they often want to mate. Juggling = a new Anotothian."

Quavi: Yes. *ahem*. Our sister Yasika is getting on with Mr. Bostic as well.

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While they do spend copious amounts of time studying and going to class, they find time as well to do things humans find fun. Mr. Bostic is displaying a fine sense of humor for our sister, and is of a strong physique to provide her with a fine home, and a home for their children they will bear for our race. And yes, the do spend time doing the mating ritual. Yasika is getting plenty of practice. As of yet though, he has not placed a ring on her finger. (She is family, and he is romance).

Zaed: It will happen Quavi. It will happen, before graduation. I know it!

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Zaed: I have spent time observing Mr. Bostic with our sister Yasika. I know this is a good match for our race!

Meanwhile...outside 80 Crumplebottom Road, a stranger is peering through the windows at the goings on inside the Greek house.

Psst! This is CNN investigative reporter Berry Nosey reporting! I am outside the Greek House Crumplebottom at Sim State University where I have found 3 members of the Robbins family inside! Those family members being Zaed, Quavi and Yasika, all children of the dead Mad Scientist Timo Robbins, and cousins to our Mayor, Kerris Robbins-Strickland. If only I could hear what they are saying! The eldest child Zaed is typing furiously into a laptop computer, and the second born Quavi is earnestly speaking quickly to him. It is my thoughts Quavi and Zaed are planning some kind of take over! Yes! And their sister, I think is of no threat. She appears to be some kind of lay-about. She has a fixation on Andre Bostic, son of Ramey Bostic and Ricky Cromier.

I will follow this story! I will get to the bottom of it.... *quickly scribbles note to remind self to get a listening device*

Lot: Home of Roxanna Bostic and Tomas Capehart, Sim State University

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Tomas narrating: Hey, it's me again. Things are gettin' better with me and Roxanna. I have convinced her she is not getting fat after all, and she is much more fun to be around. I don't find myself going off to town as much to play poker. Gawd, I had to do something. It seemed like everytime I went downtown that creepy Crumplebottom hag was there freakin' me out. So I decided it was best to stay home with Roxanna.

I spent lots of time with her explaining that it didn't matter what the outter shell of a person looked like, it is inside what counts. One day I made her a great big plate of waffles, and she dove right into them and we ended up talkin' all night. I think I might pop the question to her real soon. I think I want to live my life with Roxanna. She is great.

Editors note: Sorry not much going on at this lot. Played fast forward most of the time.....


Smirnoff said...

ROTFL -I need to get me a cappuchino machine!!!
Human females seem to find great pleasure juggling cappuchino cups. Afterwards, they often want to mate.

Simaholic said...

LOL! I love Zaed's comments into his laptop! Very funny! These guys are such characters. LOL!