Saturday, October 15, 2005

University/Manuel Capehart Caught Cheating!

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Accomplishments: Dovie Bostic, Manuel Capehart, Roz and Lillith Strickland: Big Sim On Campus, Secret Society, and Greek House. Dovie - Summa Cum Laude in Physics, Manuel - Summa Cum Laude in Drama, Roz - Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics, Lillith - Summa Cum Laude in Physics.

Title: Manuel Capehart Caught Cheating!

Lot: Greek House Crumplebottom, Sim State University

Last Visit:
The Kids Go Clubbing

Roz Speaking: So ya'll are wonderin', Manuel cheating? Yeah, I could hardly believe it all myself when it happened. I liked to have never seen anything like it in alla my life, and I hope to never see it again! Well lemme tell ya from the beginnin'. We had moved out of the dorm into the Greek house after Niles and them graduated. That is me, Lillith, Manuel and Dovie. We did this right around the time we were half way through our sophomore year. Things was going real well for us. Manuel and Lillith had really become a couple, and me and Dovie were just sorta hangin' out and studyin', at this point. Well, Dovie did meet somebody eventually and so did I, but this thing with Manuel happened before all that.

Here is exactly what went on. I was on the phone in the house yakkin' to my friends. Lillith was in the bathtub, and Dovie was still in bed sleepin'. Manuel had gone outside to wait for the paper boy, and just kinda laid down in the grass to look at the clouds. You know how you can lay there and make pictures out of 'em? I know, a grown man doin' that. Manuel is a light hearted person, and lookin' at clouds was right up his alley. Anyway, the next thing I know I hear a huge crash, and smelled all kinds of smoke, like sulfur. Well, Lillith had already run outside. Apparently, Manuel became a great big 'ol target for a peice of space junk that came hurtlin' out of the sky crushing and killing him instantly. My heavens, there wasn't a peice of his body left anywhere. Just scorched earth.

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My poor baby sister Lillith was wailing and cryin', and down on her knees! Now here is where it gets even harder to believe. I saw with my own two eyes, Lillith beggin' to a horrible black apparition that was floatin' off the ground in between her and the peice of junk in the yard! My gawd, I realized it was Mr. Reaper himself! I fer sure knew he was out on our front lawn to take a soul. Poor Lillith, poor Manuel. I realized Lillith was doin' the impossible...she was barginin' with the Grim Reaper for Manuel's soul. My tummy filled instantly with butterflies. I started bitin' my nails to the quick waitin' for the outcome. By this time, Dovie had woke up with alla the commotion goin' on and had run right past me to be right with Lillith to give moral support.

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It all happened in an instant, I'm tellin' ya....there was Manuel lookin' as good as new, just appeared out of nowhere. My little sister beat the Grim Reaper, and Manuel CHEATED DEATH. That's right. I bet you thought he was cheatin' his grades, didn't you? Now you put that out of your head right now! Manuel is as true blue as they come! The only thing now that was left was that old peice of junk. Well, it weighed too much for us to just put it out for the trash truck. So we planted flowers around it and made it a yard ornament. Prettied up the Greek House front yard real fine.

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A few months later we graduated our sophomore year, and we all decided we needed a personal makeover. It was as if Manuel got a second lease on life. When we all got back from town that day, we girls just stood in awe of Manuel, and realized how glad we was to have him with us still. Paise the Lord, he is still with us today! We all did eventually graduate from Sim State. But here is what we did. We didn't go out and have some sort of big bash to go out in style. We all kinda did our own personal thing to celebrate our passage to the world of adulthood. I told you Dovie found her a man.

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His name is Lee Jeffries. She met him one night when we had gone to town together, and ever since that time those two had been on the phone together, and he would come out to the house and sup with us on occasion. Well, one night he phoned her and asked her to meet him down town at the Crypt 'O Night Club. Well she went right down there, and goodness to gosh, he asked her to marry him. She came back that night wearin' his engagement ring. I'd have never thought she would be the type to get married. Aunt Ramey said Dovie was her wild child...but it seems like she has been ok in college. I bet Aunt Ramey will be surprised to see that rock on Dovie's finger. That is how Dovie ended her college years.

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Now me, this is another thing yer gonna find hard to swaller. I was raised up by my mamma and daddy believin' I would stay with them alla my life. I just really thought I was gonna go to school, then come back home to my mamma and help raise the rest of her younguns. But I have met the man of my dreams....his name is Shane Trimble. He just came runnin' into our Greek House one night when we was havin' a little get together with friends. Hey, he was nekkid as a jaybird. I had never seen a nekkid man before. Why, I marched right up to him and introduced myself whilst everyone else in the room was busy bein' horrified seein' a nekkid man swaggerin' himself about.

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He had the pretties eyes I had ever seen on one of God's children. He was pretty all over! And I told him so. Why it seemed like we just hit it off right away! I sincerely admired the way he could walk around in the natural without one bit of embarrassement in front of everyone.

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Before I knew it, we was in each other's arms locked in a passionate embrace, slow dancing. Wait 'till I introduce him to mamma and daddy. I think they will like him. I am sure right now I want to spend the rest of my life with Shane. But we still have a bit of ways to go.But that is how I ended my college years.

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I guess it goes without saying that Manuel and Lillith intend to settle down and get hitched. They have been known to whisper about where they are gonna live when they get back to the Falls. Seems like they have been sayin' maybe with his mothers, Janelle and Marsha Capehart. Now that is one uncoventional family. Well one thing is for sure, Lillith is used to a crowded house with a big family residin' in it, and lots of love all around. I guess all those plans is no surprise, bein' how Lillith saved Manuel from death and all.

Well we all eventually did graduate and leave campus. Brother and sister Quavi and Yasika Robbins came to look after the Greek House. Yep, we happily handed the reigns over. Well, I reckon the next time I see you will be back in the Falls. Gawd bless ya.

Lot: Sim State University - Residence of Quavi and Yasika Robbins, Daphne Strickland, and Andre Bostic.

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It is I, Quavi! I am here to tell you about my adventures at Sim State University. As my brother Zaed has already informed you, (See Advancements). My purpose in attending these halls of learning is to find Daphne Strickland, and make her mine. She is to be my wife, and will bear my Anotothian children. My sister Yasika will meet Andre Bostic, although she has been kept in the dark about that fact. My brother Zaed has manipulated fate so that they will fall into each other's arms. I am eager to begin my part in our mission on earth.

To begin with, I did get Yasika and myself moved into a large house. And it was no surprise, the house already had two roomates in it, none other than Andre Bostic, and Daphne Strickland. As my brother told me, the Strickland females are extremely becoming in outward appearances, and we will make beautiful children. Daphne and I had been friendly as teen-agers before college, and we continued to be close after classes began. I wasted no time. The first day I was on Sim State soil, I began the steps toward Anotothian greatness on earth. I quickly put the ring of commitment on Daphne's finger.

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Daphne was very excited to get that little peice of metal. I do not know why. To me, it is just a step. Albeit, a necessary step according to my father Timo, in the notes he left us. Yasika knows of our mission, but it seems that when the Anotothian female is exposed to the earth's atmosphere, she becomes disinterested in all things Anotothian and seems almost human. Yasika does not have much interest in the mission, so it appears the males of Anatoth will have to secretly manipulate our females to fulfill their duties. Thus, Yasika's meeting with Andre Bostic. She believes this is something she has done on her own.

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Yasika and Mr. Bostic seem to have come to some sort of understanding of coupling. While he has not yet placed the ring of metal on her finger, Zaed has planned and placed into effect, this will happen before Yasika and Mr. Bostic leave Sim State. I will observe to make sure nothing goes awry. Speaking of awry. I am in the understanding that when one of the Strickland children first begin classes at Sim State, their mother Kirstee Bostic makes a visit. She made her appearance in our home, and nearly burned it down.

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Mrs. Bostic was cooking for us all in the way human mothers do and there was a flash fire at the cooking range. Luckily the fire alarm went off, and a female fireperson came and put out the flames, admonishing us to be more careful than that. I will have to study what happened so it will not occur again. I cannot afford for my female to get charred. I would have to begin the process over again.

Now Yasika and I have moved to the Greek House Crumplebottom. Mr. Botsic and my female Daphne Strickland will follow soon. We have to get everything in order for our partners before they make the move. Until then, next time.

LOT: Sim State University - Residence of Roxanna Bostic and Tomas Capehart

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Tomas Narrating: Well, it sure as hell hasn't been easy this past year here at State. Here me and Roxanna are, terrible in love with each other, living in great privacy on campus. Sex when ever we want. But it just seems like things don't go the way we want 'em too. Roxanna has been a little down in the dumps about things....thinks she is getting fat. I think she looks just fine the way she is. My gawd, she spends all her free time out there on the exercise machine, saying...just one more pound....

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Roxanna Bostic - Changed Aspriation from romance to popularity. New LTW - to have 20 best friends.

To tell ya the truth, I have to get away every now and then. I go to town, play a little poker, and have a coupla drinks. Oh I love Roxanna and all. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. I have to get away from that gloom and doom about gettin' fat. One night I went to town and saw ol' lady Crumplebottom. Yeah...her family donated a big wad of cash to Sim State years ago, and got a Greek House named after them. Anyway, we sat at the bar and just stared at each other. I thought for sure she was gonna say somethin' to me, but she just kept staring with those beady eyes of hers.

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Completely weirded me out, man. That old bag didn't say a thing to me. Not that I ever want to have a conversation with her. Just kept starin'. Anyway, I went back to the house and tried to forget about it. But I couldn't forget, I had to start thinkin' about which was worse, listening to how bad it was to be fat, or how weird it fells to get stared at by an old lady while having a drink in a bar.

Well, I guess that is all I have to tell ya. We are juniors now at State. It won't be long before we are outa here. Cya.


Scally said...

Well, what can I say about this update, other than that it was up to par, as usual! It's nice to see the Robbins' are still themselves. Disturbing, yes, but themselves.

Annette said...

I don't know why, but this line made me snort Diet Pepsi out of my nose:

"I cannot afford for my female to get charred."

I love the Anatothians. :-)

cpowell said...

Well, it has taken me a few days, but I've read very single entry about your prosperity challenge and I've loved every story! You've done a great job creating an interesting cast of characters and I look forward to all future updates!

ASimWen said...

Woo! Thank you. I have a lot of great ideas yet for the families. Stay tuned.