Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Stricklands, week9/The Cast Is Compete

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Title: The Cast Is Complete

Lot: The Stricklands - Prosperity Falls - Kirstee, Chevy, Daphne, Bulldog, Maris, Gertrude and Martin

Last visit: Roz And Lillith Make An Escape

Roz Narrating: Hay yallses! It's me Roz. Hay. Even though I am at Sim State wadin' through all them books and papers, I kin get ya caught up on the mud goin' on back in the Falls at mom and dad's! Do ya 'member when I was tellin' about my maw-maw Brandi? How she went to the sweet heareafter an' everything? (See Roz And Litllith Make An Escape). Well I had wondered if maw-maw would ever come around and see us again. Well, she did! Except I wasn't home to see it, daddy called me up at school and told me. But a real bad thing happened, girl it like to broke my heart. I won't ever git a chance to see maw-maw again! That's right! Some old gave robbers come and took her headstone right out of the yard. Daddy says that is what maw-maw needs to come out to see us. That's so sad!

Anyway, the last time I talked to ya'll, mom was pregnant with kid number 9. Well, mamma had her, yeah a girl, and I was hopin' for no more girls because of the lack of names in the TV Show Fraiser. But my gawd, daddy went and done it. He named her Gertrude, after Daphne Moon's mother. So I have a sister name Gertrude. I think I will call her Trudy 'cuz Gertrude doesn't roll off my lips nice and proper.

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See that picture of mamma at Daphne's birthday party? Well that was after Trudy was born, and look at that! She is thinkin' about another baby! My mamma the baby machine. Well anyway, Daphne had a great birthday party. Wasn't a whole lot of us around, but she said it was fun all the same.

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Daphne Strickland
Aspiration - Pleasure
LTW - To Become Mayor
3 neat, 3 outgoing, 10 active, 3 playful and 6 nice
Turn ons - Blonde Hair and Stink Turn off - Glasses
Zodiac Sign - Pices

Seems like after Daphne had her birthday party all she could think about was buyin' expensive stuff like stereos, and findin' time to get together with Quavi Robbins and gettin' him to take her to town. Well the very day she had her birthday party, she snuck out with him that night. He come and picked her up in a big stretch limo and they was gone almost all night. Mamma wasn't payin' much attention, she was busy barfin' all night being pregnant. Number 10. Yep, found out she was pregnant again after all. Daddy just seemed to take it all in stride. Yeah.

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Daphne called me up and told me all this stuff, that Quavi gave her her first kiss. It is only fittin' I guess, those to had really gotten along from the time they met as kids. I heard that Quavi also gave my cousin Roxanna Bostic her first kiss, so it kind of makes me wonder where his heart really lies. (See Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash) Makes me think this guy gets around, ya know what I mean? Yeah...I mean..really. But I heard from Dovie Bostic that Roxanna has a boyfriend now at State, Tomas Capehart. Maybe she will leave her mitts off Quavi.

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Bulldog Strickland
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary
10 neat, 5 outgoing, 8 active, 6 playful, 3 nice
Turn ons - Hats and Fitness Turn off - Brown hair
Zodiac Sign - Scorpio

Well, Bulldog had his day too. He had a birthday, and I managed to show up for that one, so did Lillith and Niles. Fraiser didn't come because he and Camryn had their telephone disconnected cuz they was tryin' to save money gettin' that farm goin'. Mamma said she couldn't call him up to remind him to come over. I thought that was kinda lame...somebody coulda walked across the street to get 'im. But I guess with alla us here, it gets mighy confusin'.

Anyhow, yep, that is all of us. Oh wait a minute. The cast is complete? Yeah..thought I would leave it out didn't 'cha? Mamma had her final labor, her final delivery...she had......

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TAH DAH! A boy...Martin Strickland! Baby number 10 for her and daddy. Good riddance, I say. 'Specially since I intend to move back home when I am finished with school. Yeah. I am gonna help mamma and daddy raise the rest of my siblin's. Now mamma and daddy say they want 20 grandchildren. Somehow...I think they won't be disappointed.....

Odd Pic Out:

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Maris waits patiently to use the toilet after Grandma Carla *originally a placeholder* finishes cleaning.

Accomplishments this round:

For Chevy and Kirstee - Satisfied 10 kid impossible want. (now we will try for the 20 grandkids That should be easier.)


Scally said...

God, ten kids! That's one thing I've never tried, I'd go insane! Great update, tho!

straberiwine said...

Wen - love the way you worked with Brandi's tombstone disappearing! You're so creative! Keep up the good work. I'm finally caught up now, so I'm looking forward to the next update.

Annette said...

Yay, I'm caught up again, too! Love your blog... but I must say, I miss Timo. ::sniff::

Darlene said...

I love it and my simfamily the Amings are going for 10 kids again this time they have 6, 5 boys and 1 girl.3 boys born in the game and 2 Cas sons and the girl was born in the game. I love the story lines you have going.Bangelnuts

Simaholic said...

Whew! 10 Kids. Quite a task. I feel exhausted for Chevy and Kirstee, lol.

Fairy D said...

Congrats on the ten kids. I love the ghost cleaning the toilet.