Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Spooky Happenings

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Title: Spooky Happenings

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Prosperity Falls - Lucas Turner and Morgan-Rose Bostic

Last Visit:
Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash

Joan Rivers: Dear viewers, I know I have been with you keeping you up on the news at the Gentlemen's Club. Come on, let's face it girls. With all the sex and raunchy stuff that is going on here, why, that was right up my alley! But today, I am going to hand the mic over to my good friend Alfred Hitchcock. I shudder to think about that has been going on behind the walls of The Gentlemen's Club. Better he tell you!

Alfred Hitchcock: Thank you for that interesting introduction, Mrs. Rivers. I say, there has been something going on in that house, yes, that house right there on the corner. From the outside, it looks almost normal. But inside lurks the misunderstandings of human nature.

Take Kamika Robbins for instance, the woman in that photo. She spent her life dodging the institution of marriage by taking multiple lovers and vowing to stay single. All so she could be with more men. She even had a child with one of her lovers (See Babies, Babies, Everywhere!) and left that child behind to be raised by her brother. However, Miss Robbins did a complete turn-about, and had decided in her golden years, to finally settle down and tie the knot. One of her many lovers, Professor Waylon had decided the woman would make a good wife. (See Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash) I wonder. But the most natural thing in the world happend to Miss Robbins in the most unnatural way. At the exact moment Miss Robbins was walking to the marriage alter to become forever bound to Professor Waylon, Miss Robbins received a very unwelcome visitor. The Grim Reaper himself. Oh yes, Miss Robbins died while finally trying to do the right thing. There you have it. Misunderstandings of human nature.

Now Miss. Robbin's ghost haunts the house on a regular basis. Her grave is in the family plot on the property, in the back yard. It makes one wonder, if she had anything to do with the newest death in that house. Of course there has been another death. First, let us consider this.

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Here is Kamika Robbins in her ghostly form haunting her former roomate, Morgan-Rose Bostic. Notice the look of delight on her ghostly countenance. She loved to wake Mrs. Bostic from her slumber and send the woman into quite a nervous state. This happened, two, three times a week. Miss Robbins was quite agitated about something, and took it out on Morgan-Rose. In life, the two never did really get along. In fact the only people Kamika Robbins got along with were those of the male persuasion. That is why, it is of my opinion, that Miss Kamika Robbins is responsible for the death of Morgan-Rose Bostic.

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Of course, it is pure speculation by the public, exactly, what ever did happen to Morgan-Rose Bostic that caused her heart to stop beating? Could it be, the Grim Reaper just chose her at random to take? I think not. Mr. Reaper always has an iron clad reason for taking a soul. Is it pure coincidence that Kamika Robbins happened to be haunting the very same night Morgan-Rose Bostic passed away? Again, I think not.

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It was days before Lucas Turner moved the urn that contained the remains of Morgan-Rose to the family graveyard, to rest beside Kamika Robbins. In fact, Mr. Turner did not mourn the passing of his former lover at all. Mr. Turner did not waste any time moving on to his next lover.

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He immediately took out his little black book and began calling the numbers, and getting his lovers to come to the home he had shared with Morgan-Rose. Ah yes, misunderstang human nature. This brings us to this question; Did he ever really love Morgan-Rose at all? After all, he did give her a daughter. (See Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!) And unlike Kamika Robbins, the two stayed together right there in that house, and raised the girl together, and even saw her off to college. A sweet young girl named Roxanna Bostic.

Dear viewers, it certianly is a question of humanity. I challenge you to think on this. Doing what is right; or not; before it is too late. Goodnight.


Scally said...

Well, I can't say that I'm sorry to hear about Morgan-Rose, but old Hitch definately thought something was amiss! You've outdone yourself again, Wen!

paige said...

Great update! Great couple of updates actually! So much adventure, deceit, and sex with your families! LOL, can't wait to read more!

Simaholic said...

Okay, so I'm completely retarded and skipped a bunch of chapters, LOL! I was a little confused and couldn't figure out what I missed. I'm such a dork. Anyway, too bad about Morgan-Rose.

Fairy D said...

Another great update. I wondered if Kamika would haunt after I read about how she died.
I'm not surprised that she Frightened Morgan-Rose to death.
I wonder if she'll keep haunting or if Morgan-Rose will haunt Lucas?
Can't wait to get back here and find out.