Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Robbins, Week 9/Advancements

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Title: Advancements

Lot: The Robbins - Prosperity Falls - Meadow, Zaed, Synclare, Quavi, Yasika, Jati and Xuan

Last Visit: Zaed Multiplies

It is I, Zaed! I have come to tell you about my advancements on this planet Earth. I have experienced human life in witnessing the birth of my brother and my children, I have witnessed death in the passing of my father Timo! (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools) There is one more thing I wish to experience, however, this thing remains elisuve to me. Being that I was born upon this planet and I have never seen the home of my race, the planet Anatoth, I wish to go! I have been studying the stars every night, but my people do not come for me.

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It is almost to the point where I have been derelict in my duties inside the home in teaching my children about Anatoth. I seem to be consumed with the need to get there! If only I can get to Anatoth, then I can add to my father's notes, and I will have more to leave for the future generations of Anatothians on Earth. But in the meantime, I have been working the Earth careers. I have been a Captain Hero. I learned our town of Prosperity Falls was in need of protection so I fulfilled my duties. I soon became bored with it, and decided to follow in the footsteps of my father, Timo. I became a Mad Scientist. While doing that job, it occured to me, what if I were to become the opposite of a Captian Hero? I was able to break into a life of crime, and I became the ultimate criminal, a Criminal Mastermind. The old one, Captian Hero Ricky Cromier, could not keep up with my antics in the crime world. I am thinking now of going into medicene...another one of my father's careers.

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My beautiful wife Synclare has given me another fine son, I named him Xuan, after the King's medicene man on Anatoth. He has the complexion of my mother, Meadow, and has her yellow hair. But through DNA testing, I have learned he carries the Anatothian DNA. So we are still advancing. My son Jati is studying hard to become a fine Anatothian, and to pass along our DNA. He has studied with many different peoples, besides myself. As I said, I have been studying the stars at some length. My brother Quavi has been giving him lessons, as well a good friend of the family, Pachionetta Bostic.

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My sister Yasika has been studying hard as well, but her mind seems to be mostly on boys....I am sorry to report Yasika wants nothing to do with college or learning, all this came about after her birthday.

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Yasika Robbins
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Become A Captain Hero
Turn Ons - Underware and Hats Turn Off - Fitness
7 neat, 4 outgoing, 4 active, 7 playful, 3 nice.
Zodiac Sign - Taurus

Yasika is drawn to my wife's brother Bulldog Strickland. I have seen him kissing her right in the front yard in front of the neighborhood. He is not the one I have planned for her to marry! My studies have shown the best DNA mix for Yasika would be to marry my wife's nephew, Andre Bostic. But alas, they have not even laid eyes upon one another. Mr. Bostic has an interesting feature I would like to see in bloodlines of our family. He has a prominent nose, and carries the blood of another knowlege sim like myself. His mother is Ramey Bostic. I have seen to it that Yasika will find Mr. Bostic at Sim State, where I have learned he is already attending. Yes, Yasika and my brother Quavi left for Sim State on the same day. I was glad to see them go, that leaves just me and Synclare, along with my two sons Jati and Xuan in this house, and my mother Meadow. Meadow is nearing her time I think; soon she will join Timo in the after life that humans seem to believe in.

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Quavi left for State with some reluctance; but reassured me he would do well in his studies. He has already declared my wife's sister Daphne Strickland will be his wife that will carry on our race. While he had some interest in Roxanna Bostic, my wife's neice, we agreed together Daphne is the best choice. I wish Yasika were as solid in her thoughts for a mate. I can only be glad she did not turn out like my Aunt Kamika. Until next time! This is Zaed!


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All three of Timo's children together studying.

Accomplishments this round: Zaed - Career and LTW's filled - Mad Scientist and Criminal Mastermind. Synclare - Career and LTW - Mad Scientist.


a2simple3sparkle said...

I love the Robbins family! They're so..different. (Well, duh) You do an excellent job at portraying all of your characters.

Simaholic said...

Wow, they are really keeping it in the family! All the Robbinses marrying Bostics in some form or another. A little weird but what can you expect from an Anatothian ;o)

Fairy D said...

I love the Robbins family. They are really great. They add a lot of character to the neighborhood.
I really hope that Zaed gets to go to Anatoth. He wants it to bad that I want it for him.