Sunday, October 30, 2005

Niles Becomes A Dad

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Title: Niles Becomes A Dad

Lot: Capehart.3 - Prosperity Falls - Niles, Doris and Justice Strickland, Mackenzie, Madelyn and Nichole Capehart

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Raising Up Twins

Niles Strickland narrating: Man, was I ever glad to graduate from University and get started on things with Doris. It hasn't been so bad movin' in with her mom and sisters. Well, Doris always had issues about what happened between her mom and Conrad Bain and everything. The result bein' her twin sisters Mack and Maddy. Doris still won't talk about it much. She has made friends with her sisters though, that is a good thing, and she has been helping her mom Nichole out alot. I think the tiwns are the greatest kids. (Niles is a Family Sim).

Doris has been talkin' about moving her dad's body to a family graveyard she is planning for the property. (Her father is Trevaus Capehart) Right now he rests in the Robbins yard beside Timo Robbins. Not my cup of tea, I hear they are an odd lot. My sister Synclare is married to Timo Robbin's oldest son Zaed, and she doesn't think they are different at all. Anyway, Doris really misses her dad, and wants to bring him home. I will do everything I can to help her accomplish this. It isn't right he is laying over there.

Well anyway, back to the present. Let's get away from the morbid talk. As soon as Doris and I got home from State, Madelyn and Mackenzie had a birthday party. Doris and Nichole spent the day baking two cakes, and when the girls got home from school, Mackenzie got on the phone and called her dad Conrad to come over. (See above photo). I was concerned for Doris, but she handled everything really well.

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Madelyn Capehart

Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Become a Celebrity Chef
9 neat, 2 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, and 9 nice
Turn ons - Fatness and hats. Turn off - Red Hair
Zodiac sign - Virgo


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Mackenzie Capehart

Aspiration - Popularity
LTW - To Have 20 Best Friends
6 neat, 5 outgoing, 6 active, 3 playful, 5 nice
Turn ons - Custom Hair, and Gray Hair. Turn off - Vampirism
Zodiac sign - Cancer

Now the talk is for the girls to go to State. They are a pair, those two. They want to study a little more, but haven't really made the decision when they will go. Anyway, we had another party at the house, a wedding party, me and Doris's.

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It was a great party, all the Stricklands that were able came. See dad in that picture sitting front and center? He is halfway there on his lifetime dream to see 6 of us kids married. I am number three. He was so happy and full of himself at the party I thought he was gonna bust. We held the party on the side patio, beside Nichole's vegetable garden. It was a great place to get married. After we said our vows, we had cake inside. While we were eating, there was alot of talk about the upcoming mayoral elections. That is when Doris broke the news. She plans to run against Mayor Kerris Strickland, my aunt, to try an unseat her and become Mayor of Prosperity Falls.

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OK here is the deal. Kerris Strickland's uncle was Timo Robbins. Yeah, the man who right before he died made alot of crazy talk about aliens and stuff. (See Marc-Henry Gets Married). Then, there has been some stuff by Berry Nosey on CNN hinting at some disturbing stuff about the Mayor's background, or lack thereof. (See Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics). Doris seems to think she wouldn't have a hard time unseating my aunt. Also, Kerris hasn't been real tough on crime. Her own nephew (and my sister Synclare's husband) Zaed Robbins was on a crime spree for a while, and nobody could catch him (See Advancements), not even Captain Hero Ricky Cromier. There was alot of compaints that maybe Mayor Strickland wasn't doing enough. So it looks like my wife will start a life in Politics. Me, I did get a job, but it is nothing compared to what my wife wants to do. While she has started campaigning for the position, I have had to do alot of the pavement pounding for her as she hasn't been available to actually meet the people. Because.....

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Doris and I have had our first child, my son. I named him Justice, to mark Doris's venture in to politics. Until next time.


Scally said...

Oh, dear! I wonder what Marc-Henry will think of this effort to topple his wife? I love the name Justice!

Paige said...

I just got caught up on your families! They are all coming along nicely! Ya gotta love the snow leopards! Glad to see that trait is still around!

Simaholic said...

Oooh, Political drama thrown into the mix. Doris is trying to overthrown Kerris. Should be interesting!