Saturday, October 01, 2005

Marc-Henry Builds A Garage

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Title: Marc-Henry Builds A Garage

Lot: Strickland.2 - Kerris, Marc-Henry and Barry-James

Last Visit: Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics

CNN announcer Berry Nosey reporting: Today Mayor Kerris Strickland was spotted creeping into the Energizer, known to give an immediate high to anyone who steps into the water and switches it on, sending an electrifying jolt throughout their entire body. She has also been spotted at Four Winds Shopping panhandling for money by playing the base guitar, and has been schleping through her city looking for weddings to crash. What is all this for? This reporter believes it is to meet yet more citizens of Prosperity Falls. While that in itself isn't a bad thing, Mayor Kerris's methods do seem unconventional. When asked why was she panhandling for money, Mrs. Strickland declared, "Why, to put my self on the level of the common Sim. While my Celebrity Chef husband Marc-Henry and I earn a very nice living to support our son Barry-James, it is wise to remember where our roots are, and how those Sims who are not as fortunate as we are survive."

This reporter has to pose the question; what roots? I have as of yet been unable to uncover any ancestry for Mrs. Strickland. Mrs. Strickland's husband and former Police Chief and Captian Hero, Marc-Henry Strickland, has an easily traceable lineage stretching back to the founding fathers of Prosperity Falls. His father was Landell Strickland who was one of the first outsiders to settle in Prosperity Falls when there was nothing here. He married Marc-Henry's mother, Brandi LeTorneau, one of the local townies . The townies of Prosperity Falls are Sims who lived off the land before the settlers like Landell Strickland appeared. But on Mayor Strickland's side, everything stops with Mayor Strickland's mother, Kamika Robbins, who recently passed away. (See Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash).

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Berry Nosey reporting: Today Mayor Kerris Strickland's son, Barry-James, put a gun in his hand and was strutting around their mayoral mansion pointing it at everyone and everything in sight. What is even more strange, he engaged in these activities whilst dressed in pink and purple! As this child grows older, his DNA connections to Mrs. Strickland are becoming extremely apparent. He has the same yellow eyes and golden skintone of Mrs. Strickland's elusive heritage. What the citizens of Prosperity Falls are concerned with, is his fascination with guns. This reporter finds in incredible no one seems concerned with where this family actually came from. Mr. Strickland has said, "My son is a Captian Hero in training. In order to do that job effectively, one must train with all kinds of firearms, including the Scanner Gun. I do keep one of those loaded and behind the kitchen door at all times to ward off nasty intruders. I have given him detailed training on the use of firearms. Our citizens will be safe with Barry-James around."

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Berry Nosey reporting: Today the construction firm of Shifting Sands and Foundations was seen leaving the home of Mayor Kerris Strickland and her husband Celebrity Chef Marc-Henry Strickland after putting a brand new coat of paint on a garage addition on the mayoral mansion. "Now all we have to do is exit out the kitchen door right into the garage where the family sedan is." Says Marc-Henry. "It is really nice." Apparently, the mayor was so thrilled with the addition to their home, she couldn't keep her hands off her husband. "Marc-Henry has always been so attentive to what I want," says Mrs. Strickland. Now the mayor has been seen going everywhere in her underware, including to the office. "One must always be ready!" is her comment when asked why she doesn't put on suitable attire for the work environment. This reporter is wondering if this will start a trend in Prosperity Falls. Just two days ago, local Criminal Mastermind Ramey Bostic was seen drinking cappuccino in her bra and girdle at the Four Winds coffee bar, and Professional Party Guest Lucas Turner of The Gentlemen's Club was seen mowing his lawn in nothing but his cammo skivvies. When we approached Mr. Turner and asked for comments, he reaction was hostile. "Hayelle, iffen the mayer kin run around in her underware, then so kin I." He finished off that comment by spitting backy through a wide space in his front teeth, leaving a nasty stain on my Italian leathers. This reporter is thinking if the mayor can get everyone to come together in a common mindset, perhaps crime would go down in Prosperity Falls. After all, we are down to two Captain Heros now.

Ricky Cromier is still plugging away at protecting our citizens even though he has had a birthday and doesn't move like he used to. (See Mercedes Falls In Love Again) However, Zaed Robbins is a new young and upcoming Captian Hero, full of ambition. He shows promise. This reporter is still waiting on Tosca Capehart, who has said repeatedly she would assume the position after the firing of her mother Tosha Capehart from the law enforcement program. Apparently, Tosha Capehart had once again tried law enforcement after entering her elder years, only to get fired again for not properly reporting a potential situation at the local bank where she was guarding. It seems her daughter Tosca has decided to take up motherhood instead, and has given birth to a hardy son, Terrance McClelland. (See Johnson Gets Fat). It is said she is expecting another child in the near future.

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Berry Nosey reporting: Today the mayor was seen out in the front yard of the mayoral residence in her pajamas conversing with the paperboy that delivers the paper to the Strickland residence. Apparently the conversation came to an abrupt halt when the mayor threw up on the paperboy's shoes. The paper boy immediately left the scene of the incident declaring he needed to visit the local laundrette. The mayor in the meantime, chose that moment to tell the media, that is me, Berry Nosey, that she and Celebrity Chef Marc-Henry are expecting another Strickland. This means that the mayor will seldom be at the office and will be living in her underware more than ever over the next few weeks.

Until next time, this is Berry Nosey reporting!

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Simaholic said...

LOL! I love this reporter! I wonder if Berry Nosey will find out about Kerris' heritage and if he does what it will mean for her and Marc-Henry.