Saturday, October 29, 2005

Little Mamma Tosca

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Title: Little Mamma Tosca

Lot: Capehart.1 - Prosperity Falls - Tosca, Johnson, Terrance, Kelsey, and Samarah McClelland, and Tosha Capehart.

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Johnson Gets Fat

Terrance narrating: Hey, my name is, uh, Terrance. Yeah, that's right. *smile* My mom (Tosca) is real busy taken' care of my little brother and sister, and so I spend lots of time with my granddad and my granny, Jayrus and Tosha. My dad Johnson is looney...don't have a job and spend tons of time peekin' through a telescope. But mom don't care, so I guess I don't either. Well I go to school every day and stuff, and then I come home and play with granddad. At least I used to. He died here a few weeks ago and I am real sad about it. But I still have my granny. I keep this picture around of me and him spendin' time together and stuff.

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It seems like my mom is always busy taken' care of Kelsey and Samarah. Here is a pic of mom with Kelsey when he was first born. Here I came out lookin' like dad, Kelsey came out lookin' like mom, and Samarah came out lookin' like granny.

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Mom says Samarah is the last kid in this family, she wants to get on with her career of becoming a Captain Hero. Dad wants lots of kids, and mom tells dad this is it. So I dunno. I just kinda keep to myself when they start that talk up. Hey, I kinda like having a little brother and sister.

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I remember when grandpa died. I was in bed, but I was peekin' through the door of my bedroom when I heard the comotion goin' on. There was granddad talkin' to the Grim Reaper, and there was some girls dancin' around. I wonder how granny allowed girls to dance for granddad. Well I guess since it was a special occasion and all, she let it happen. But anyhow, my granddad is gone, and now I play with granny. But she is often with Kelsey and Samarah too, so I keep to myself alot. I am lookin' forward to gettin' a little older now so I can do more grown up stuff. Mom talks about puttin' me into private school so I can have better chances at Sim State, the same place she and dad went to for college. That is a long way away for me, so I don't think about it much.

Well I guess that is what is goin' on around here. There is always lots of grown up talk and everything, but I don't pay any attention. I miss granddad.


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Another addition to the Prosperity Falls population, as pretty girl Samarah McClelland is born.


cpowell said...

Another great update, Wen! I just love all the different characters you have created.

Oh, I hope you don't mind, I added your site to the links section on my blog.

Scally said...

Jayrus is gone?? Aw, man, he was one of my favourites :(
Mine died the other day, and it's amazing how you get attachted to these little computer people.

Nevermind, Terrance is cool, and so was the update, Wen!

Smirnoff said...

Kelsey's bald little leopard head it so cute! :0))
Poor Jayrus :(
Great update!

Simaholic said...

Another little snow leopard! Such a cutie. It is sad watching your CAS guys died :o(

Laura said...

I've been reading your prosperity blog the past few days and I love the different voices you use. Terrance is a cute narrator.

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