Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Kids Go Clubbing

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Doris Capehart - Summa Cum Laude in Political Science, Big Sim on Campus, Secret Society, and Greek House Crumpelbottom. Niles Strickland - Summa Cum Laude in Literature, Big Sim on Campus, Secret Society, and Greek House Crumpelbottom. Michelle Kearney - Summa Cum Laude in Physics, Big Sim on Campus, Secret Society, and Greek House Crumpelbottom.

Title: The Kids Go Clubbing

Lot: Sim State - 80 Crumblebottom Road - Doris Capehart, Michelle Kearney and Niles Strickland

Last Visit:
What A LuLu!

Doris narrating: HiYa!~ I have never given my two cents, I guess. I was kinda sad for a long time about a couple of things, so I just really didn't feel like talkin' much. But hey, things are lookin' good for me right now. Well, in case your'e wondering about me. My dad died while helpin' the neighbors, the Robbins. (See
Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools) I had just left for State that morning when that happened, so I wasn't around to see anything. Mom kinda kept it from me for a while. Then, when mom started seein' Conrad, a guy from campus, she sorta had to tell me. I thought she was too old for him, and besides, dad had just died. Well, turns out Conrad got mom preggers. I was soooo embarrassed, I haven't been home to see my new twin sisters, Madelyn and Mackenzie. (See The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter). I have been living here at State, with my fiancee Niles Strickland. He has assured me over and over he would be at my side when we returned to Prosperity Falls to face everything that has happened at my house. But anyway, we graduated, me, Niles, and Michelle Kearney. Michelle is engaged to my cousin Tryce Capehart. Tryce graduated last year and is living in the Falls, waiting for Michelle.

Anyway, we decided to go clubbing after graduation to celebrate our entry into the real world. We went to some lounge, I don't remember the name of it. Maybe that is because I was out of my mind when we left.

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Actually, there is four of us that went,Michelle invited Tryce to come with us. I don't know why he came in his swimming trunks, but that is Tryce, always surprising us. Michelle was so glad to see him, they hadn't had much of a chance to get together much with everything they had to do. Her classes, and him workin'. Well, anyway, Tryce didn't stay very long because he had to go to work the next day. He danced a couple with Michelle, then he was gone.

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She didn't seem to mind; after he left we kept dancing the Smustle. Niles was doing a better job and enjoying himself than he did when we went to the LuLu Lounge to celebrate my cousin Tosca Capehart's graduation. (See What A LuLu)! In fact, Niles got real excited and tried out the Sphere.

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Niles went crazy for that thing and couldn't get enough of it! I couldn't make myself get on it. I was afraid I would lose my supper and everything I had drank since we came to the lounge. But I was glad Niles seemed to be having fun this time around. But like I said, we stayed all night long, and left early the next morning. Oh gosh, we were sooo tired and used up.

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The next morning we left, taking a cab together back to Prosperity Falls. My college days are now over. I look forward to a full life with Niles. We have decided to check in at mom's house, and meet the twins. Michelle moved in with Tryce on the family property with the mountain and lake. His mother Calista is still there. See ya back in Prosperity Falls!

LOT: The Residence of Tomas Capehart and Roxanna Bostic

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Hey, Roxanna here. I left for Sim State, boy was I glad to leave that house of old folks back at The Gentlemen's Club. (See Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash). I had a good raising, I mean, it wasn't all bad. Being that I was the only young person in the house it kinda cramped my style there, you know? I left my boyfriend Quavi Robbins behind. He wasn't quite ready to leave for college. But I did meet someone new, Tomas Capehart. He is my roomate. I think he is the hottest thing to come along since tobasco sauce!

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We started liking each other right away, we didn't waste any time, I suppose. It is almost as if we were made for each other...We have been dating quite a bit, and somehow finding time to do our term papers. It was only natural, that we would end up really close, if you know what I mean.

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We went down to the Corner Shops and visited the photo booth. Well, I really didn't like having my picture taken at all, but Tomas and I had our very first woo-hoo together, right there in that booth! The bad thing about all that was, was my aunt Kirstee was there and witnessed everything. I hope she doesn't go running to my mother Morgan-Rose Bostic and tell her what I have done. But sometimes I think about it, and if you know my mother Morgan-Rose, you might think she would approve! Anyway, Tomas kept the pictures from the photo booth. He has them hanging on the wall above our bed.

Since I started classes, I have alreay become a member of the Secret Society, the Greek House Crumplebottom, and I am Big Sim on Campus. This college life is great! Tomas is keeping right up with me, and hopes the become friends with everyone here. We have been thinking about moving to the Greek House, but in a way we kinda like having this little house to ourselves. More privacy. Now we are Sophomores, half way thru school. See you later!

Odd Pic Out:

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Niles Strickland welcomes his sister Roz Strickland to the Greek House as he leaves it in her capable hands.

Editor's Note: I did not get any pictures of the Oasis Dorm where Manual Capehart, Dovie Bostic, and Lillith and Roz Strickland lived. I guess I rushed through the Uni segment this time.


Simaholic said...

I don't blame you for rushing through Uni. It takes too long. So, Roxanna has moved on. I guess Quavi will have to find someone else to be his wife. Should be interesting. Those Robbinses have an unique take on life.