Sunday, October 02, 2005

Farmer Fraiser

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Title: Farmer Fraiser

Lot: The Strickland Farm, Prosperity Falls - Fraiser, Camryn and Kolton Strickland

Last Visit: NEW LOT

Fraiser narrating: Well, howdy do! I am glad ya'll have come by to sit a spell, I kin kinda show ya around the farm a peice. What? You wanna hear about how me and Camryn started this place? Well, alright! Take yer shoes off. Here's some coffee, strong and black. We ain't no tea totalers 'round here.

Well, me and Camryn graduated from Sim State. She graduated out of a sorority, seperate from me. But I graduated anyways, and came to Prosperity Falls, and bought a little farm that happened to be across the road from mom and dad's. My uncle Marc-Henry Strickland lives right next door. I all but got moved in good, and I called Camryn to come over. When she got here, I didn't even give her a chance to come in the house. I proposed marriage to her right there on the street! And she said yes. I knew she would. We had a thing for each other back at State.

We worked on the house for a few days to try and get everything lookin' respectable before we had the weddin'. This place needs a might bit of work. But I had always dreamed of my own farm. It's real small, but it has room for a coupla hogs and some chickens, plus Camryn has a vegetable patch. Well, anyway, the day finally came when I could make an honest woman out of Camryn.

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We had the family into our little kitchen, and there was toasts all around. I did scrape up enough money to buy one bottle of Prosperity Falls' finest wine from D-Runk and A-Sleep Vineyards, right outside of town. That stuff was mighty fine. By then, I had grown a real farmer's mustache, and I am thinkin' real hard on addin' a beard to go with it. Camryn finds facial hair on a man to be real pleasin'. Anyway, we moved the weddin' outside where Camryn had put up a real purty flower arch for us to say our I DO's under. I have to hand it to her, she did everything up raght.

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It was such a purty day, our weddin' day. The sun was shining, and the birds was tweetin' and I'd swear if I didn't know better, the Almighty did all that just so's me and Camryn could have a memorable day. Dad was there and smilin' 'cause another one of us kids got hitched. His dream is for 6 of us to get married. Well, there is 8 of us right now, and mom has number 9 in the oven. I think dad is gonna see his dream. Camryn wants lots of kids too. (Camryn - new character - STATS - Aspiration, Family. LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary. Zodiac sign - Cancer. 6 neat, 3 outgoing, 6 active, 4 playful, 6 nice. Turn ons - brown hair, and facial hair. Turn off - underware).

After we had our kiss that sealed the deal, we ate a big supper that everybody had brought in covered dishes. I tell ye, there ain't nothin' like a good old fashioned country weddin'. Well anyways, we did manage to get away from everybody for a while to have some time alone to do them things newly married folk do. We had done it before we was wed, but it felt real different with rings on our fingers.

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We got along real fine, we did. I got a job workin' to make some money to put into the farm, and Camryn did too. We did our chores early in the morning before we left for work, and in the evenins' when we came home. There was the hogs to slop, the chikens to feed, and the garden to tend. My Camryn is a work horse, she is. I am mighty proud of her. Didn't complain nary a bit, back in them early days. Then somethin' happened that doubled the work load, and kept Camryn home on the farm for a few weeks.

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Our son Kolton was born. He looks mostly like Camryn, but he has my violet colored eyes. I hope to leave a legacy of this farm to my son. Hayelle, maybe he can sell it sometime and git a bigger and better place. But I kin already tell, he is a farmer like his old man. I just know.

Well I reckon that is all fer now. What? Oh here...lemme top of your coffee. Now you tell me what has been goin' on in yer life.....


Scally said...

This one was a goody, Wen! Are there actually farm animals on the farm?

ASimWen said...

yeah..I found some hogs and chickens on TSR during farm week they had a while back. I downloaded this little farm they are living on. I have bigger and better ones I will eventually move the family into as they can afford it. Thus, the farm legacy, lol BTW, I wrote this in the middle of the night without much thought...maybe that is why it is pretty good! =)

a2simple3sparkle said...

Well, I read your entire blog in a couple of days. My, my you do have talent! I love it. If I knew how, I would add the link to my blog. It's definitely bookmarked in my favorites!

jiri said...

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I'll be sure to come back.

Simaholic said...

That's cool that you go farm stuff together for this place. I think Fraiser's accent is so funny. Mainly because it is so opposite of how his namesake would speak!

Fairy D said...

Wen you made me homesick with this one. LOL! You did a great job with the accents.
Great update.