Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Capeharts, Week 9/Calista Falls In Love

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Title: Calista Falls In Love

Lot: The Capeharts - Prosperity Falls - Calista, Tryce, Michelle and Jessie

Last Visit:
The Dating Scene

Tryce Narrating: Well, my ol' lady Michelle, finally graduated from Sim State with honors. She has a degree in physics. I didn't know what she would do with that kind of degree here in the Falls, but she did eventually find a job that uses it. I'll tell ya about that in a minute. The last time I talked to ya, I mentioned I would tell ya about me and Michelle's wedding. Well, we got married her first day back from State. Yeah, we didn't waste any time becomin' snow leopard and wife.

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Michelle and I were married at the foot of the mountain on our property, same spot where Jayrus and Tosha were married. We had a big party, the yard was filled up with people. Michelle started fittin' here right away like she had always belonged here, I guess that makes us a good match to build a life together. She has been helpin' mom with work around here, keepin' everything straightened up. Mom don't get around like she used to. Since dad passed on mom has been floating in between being loyal to him, and looking for someone to fill the void he left. Anyway, I will tell ya about mom in a sec. First I wanna tell ya, Michelle and me started our family right away.

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My first born is a boy! Jessie. He looks just like me, same hair, eyes and he has my snow leopard skin. Mom as real glad to get another granchild and Michelle was happy to become a mom herself. It feels kinda good bein' a dad too.

Anyway, I was tellin' ya Michelle got a job. She stayed home during the time she was pregnant with Jessie, then got a job real soon after. I am not so sure I am happy about the job she got. But she swears she has to do this to use her degree in physics. I don't see how.

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She went to Criminal Mastermind Zaed Robbins and asked for a job in crime! Jessie's mom is a criminal! Poor little guy. I stand there every day and watch her leave for work, and I pray she doesn't get arrested by Captain Hero Ricky Cromier and comes back home to us. I trust my wife is making a good decision in keeping this job. She told me Zaed is thinking of getting out of crime, and she thinks she can step right in his place as a Criminal Mastermind and rake in the cash for us. I am still struggling in Show Biz. I am up to Blockbuster Director. I just hope the rag magazines don't find out about Michelle's profession, I will be ruined.

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Anyway, about mom. I remember tellin' ya about her date with Chandler Parker. (See The Dating Scene) Well she has been callin' him up on the phone, and he comes right over to spend time with her. The bum has never really taken her out on a date to town. But there is one thing I gotta say for the guy. He got rid of that pretty boy look. Dyed his blond hair to brown, then grew it out and got a cut that looks a little more like a rogue. *editors note: when Calista called up Chandler to come over, the game glitched and gave me a different character. The name was the same, and this character had the same feelings for Calista.* Mom loves him all the same. I guess looks to matter alot to her. Snow Leopard, Pretty Boy or Rogue. Mom loves 'em all I guess. As long as she is happy, I feel better for her, you know?

Well, time to cut this short. I gotta get ready to go to work, see ya next time.

*editors note: Jessie is the first Sim born in the third generation that carries the custom skin of one of his parents as dominate, when the other parent is a Maxis made character. And a correction to be made - in Andre Earns A Car , two pictures depict "Michelle Strickland" those should read "Michelle Kearney" Tryce Capehart's fiancee.*


Florentilla said...

Great job, I enjoy following your blog. :-)
About Chandler: I noticed that in the game the DJs have two different looks. Isn't Chandler a DJ too? That may explain the double look.

ASimWen said...

I don't know if Chandler is a DJ or not. I haven't been taking my Simmies downtown as much as they probably want to. =) But it is ok....Calista is nearing her end anyway. Got her a lover so she could go in plat. I don't think I am going to meet her 6 grand children want for perm plat.

Smirnoff said...

Yippie, Jessie is a snow leopard too! I love that skin tone. I've thought about using some of the 'animal' skins too. I'm catching up on your story. Kudos to you, you have a GREAT one going!

Fairy D said...

Congrats on Jesse having the Snow Leopard skin tone.
Another great update.