Sunday, October 02, 2005

Andre Earns A Car

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Title: Andre Earns A Car

Last Visit: The Big Move

Lot: The Bostics, Prosperity Falls - Ramey, Pachionetta, and Andre

Editors Note: This entry marks the beginning of the 9th week in Prosperity Falls. =)

Ramey Narrating
: Well my gawd. I got this son Andre, see? And I got my sisters, Pachionetta, Morgan-Rose, 'n Kirstee. Oh yeah, and I have a daughter, Dovie. She's been gone so long I nearly forgot about her. Well anyway, that damn Kirstee is a machine poppin' babies out like I don't know what. Seems to never age either. One of these days she needs to unplug that baby equipment. Then, Morgan-Rose, well, I won't say what I think of her, except that she is a coniving, man stealin', s**t for brains, old battle axe wench. Sorry for the colorful language, but I just can't help myself when it comes to my baby sister. (See
Oh What A Web We Weave to find out why Ramey feels that way). Now my sister Pachionetta, well she's the direct opposite of Morgan. Patches has stayed with me all these years building a nice home for Andre and Dovie. Helped out with money along the way, and when it came time to bury dad she spearheaded the whole thing. I thought I was gonna break down. She has helped me by teachin' Dovie and Andre right from wrong when I was out workin'. God bless 'er. Now then. Lemme tell ya about Andre. You heard about Dovie last time around. A troublemaker that child is.

Well, Andre has been an easy one. Has been real motivated by wheels. See, he asked me for a car. Said he needed it to ride the chicks around in. I said, maybe it would help you to get some chicks in the first place. He didn't have a girlfriend waitin' in his back pocket, that is for sure. He seemed all excited, then I slid in there, hey, cars aren't free, they cost money. That boy hit the job listings and got a job right away, bein' a golf caddy in the afternoons after school. Told 'im I would match 'im two to one on how ever much he saved up. Yeah. He became a savin' machine.

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I remember the first day he left for work. He come home from school and got all his homework done right away, then he hit that new fangled Energizer the Mayor endorsed. (See Marc-Henry Builds A Garage) Charged that boy right up, it did. I am never gonna be without one of those ever again, lemme tell ya. I have cleared a permanent spot for it in the basement. Yessirree. Before I knew it, he had moved right up to pumpin' gas at the country club. Made my head spin. The boy wanted that car bad. Then, a month or so later, he was a convenience store clerk. That's my boy! Well, came time to start visitin' car lots. He didn't wanna do that. Apparently he had already done the lookin' with out me! Just took me to see the rod across town at a one of the houses of one of the rich gents he had caddied for.

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Well, we had the cash alright. Andre handed over his wad, and I wrote out a check for the part I promised 'im. Hey. My checkbook didn't hurt one bit. I was nearly bustin' with pride at what Andre had done all on his own. Well, I told 'im he had to do his school work in the afternoons before goin' out anywhere. Yeah..he had plans to go to college. Great. He done exactly that too. He told me about this card shack he likes to go to. Rodney's Hideout. To play poker. I said, Son, are you sure you ought to be doin' that? He told me he always wins. Makes more money doin' that than workin'.

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Said the last time he went, he met some gal, Contessa Van Nanale. Said she had some kind of odd look about her, but wasn't bad lookin'. I have never met 'er. Andre said she was on hell of a poker player, but he beat her anyway. Seemed real soon as the sun came up at 7 am, she disappeared real quick right in the middle of a hand. Andre took her chips. I mean, why not? He made $200 that night playin' cards. Anyway, that is my son. Poker playin' and all. God love 'im.

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Well we had a party for 'im right before he left for State. Yeah, had lots of friends of his over, that girl that is always workin' at Four Winds, Theresa. Yeah, called Dovie home from State, and her roomate Manuel Capehart came. Even though I have vowed to stay away from him, the only love of my life and Andre's dad, Ricky Cromier came. I sure don't want to mess up anything he has with Mercedes. I managed to stay away from him during the party. Although, I am sure Andre would like to see some action there, it ain't gonna happen. Yeah. Our professions kinda clash too, with me bein' a Criminal Mastermind, and him bein' a Caption Hero. I have to avoid him on the job too.

Welp, that is it. Dovie is due to come home from State in a few months. There is never a moment's rest around here.


Simaholic said...

Andre looks a lot like Ricky too me but with Ramey's skin tone. I think it is his nose or something :o)

Fairy D said...

Ramey sure can hold a grudge. I thought she would have forgiven Morgan-Rose by now.
She got lucky with that boy of hers.