Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Young And The Restless

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

TV Narrator speaking: (Imagine Joan Rivers). Dear viewers, when we last visited in home of Lucas, Morgan-Rose, and Kamika, we found to Morgan-Roses's surprise that she was heavy with Lucas's child. Lucas in the meanwhile, had left Morgan-Rose's sister Ramey, whom he had also had a child with. That child would be none other than Dovie, who is meaner than a rattlesnake, I might add (with only 1 nice point). (See Oh What A Web We Weave.)

Morgan and Kamika, who were of the romance persuasion like Lucas, eagerly accepted Lucas into their home, thinking another conquest was on the horizon. Instead, Lucas in all his lazy glory, regained his job as a Slacker and gained excessive amounts of weight. However, all the important parts still worked, dear viewers, and Morgan Rose ended up pregnant! PREGNANT! Oy Vey! Well darlings, you know what that meant. No more rolls in the hay for Morgn-Rose for a while. But I ask you! Was it possible for this woman, this PUTZ, to be a decent mother? NO! It appeared that Lucas was pulling out of his self centered attitude and decided at last to become a father, while Morgan-Rose continued on with her me, me, me attitude and constantly thought of all her past lovers, and played pirate excessive amounts of time in the bathtub. I will say, it is pretty hard to parade lovers in and out of the house when you have a child there living with you, and and the father of the child living there too.But I will say in Morgan-Roses's defense she hasn't been a total schelp in Roxanna's life. She did put out birthday cake for the girl and they had a little get together, you know? But what an underhanded witch she was, she managed to do it when Lucas wasn't home. Now what a set back that was for a man who was trying to be a good father? He was out making a paycheck to support his daughter and didn't get to come to the party?
Lucas got to come from work that night after all the fun was over and done with. He cleaned up garbage out of the yard and killed the vermin that had collected there. What a man Lucas was becoming! He started living up to his responsibility as a family man, took care of himself and hit the treadmill losin' that spare tire he was carryin', started takin' care of the yard, and found time to spend with Roxanna in between all that. I admire a man who can come back after hittin' the bottom, you know?
Lucas didn't seem to mind having his birthday in the kitchen, after all, his darling daughter showed up for his party. How many people do you need to have fun at a party anyway? Lucas was beginning to come around to the fact that family matters. Roxanna was the only one who attneded her father's big moment. Now I tell you. What a daughter! Lucas is the man responsible for helping Roxanna learn to study. He spent massive amounts of time with her on after school activities, while Morgan-Rose continued her self entertainment. I don't know what would have happened to that child if Lucas hadn't come around. I shudder the thought!
Now here he is in his golden years and has decided to make amends with his first daughter Dovie. He looks back on his life and realizes how he had ignored the girl most of her life while he was looking for a lay, you know? How wonderful is that? Not only did he start talking to Dovie again, but he brought his two lovely daughters together so they could get to know each other. Sounds like to me Lucas wants a family.

OH oh oh, let me tell you, dear viewers, how Morgan-Rose threw a party for herself. No, a little cake on the table wouldn't do the job. For herself, this woman hired a carterer, had music, balloons, and invited massive amounts of friends over for her occasion. But she was careful not to invite any former lovers over. Probably a smart move, because the child was there.

Of course, not inviting any former lovers really cut the guest list down some. There was really just bottom of the barrel pickins. A couple of her sisters came. Of course, Ramey didn't bother to show up, after all, Morgan stole her man! Waylon the repairman was there by default because he had come to fix Morgan's computer and just stayed around and crashed the party. He is Kamika's lover anyway. Oh, when it came time to blow out the candles, apparently Morgan got too close to the flames, and her eyebrows singed right off when she aged! Nobody seemed to notice, but that developed an immediate need for a makeover.

Ok, so I mentioned Kamika. Oh yes darlings, she has been up to something as usual. She surely does love Waylon the repairman, as she does all her lovers.

I tell you, the woman must have a thing for men named Waylon. She is especially in love with Professor Waylon, from her college days. She can't get him off her mind, thinking about him more than all the others. Well, she has done something that is completely out of character for a Romance Sim. She must have been bowled off her keester by this man.

In all his foolishness, Professor Waylon decided that Kamika would make good Mrs. Professor material, and asked that woman to marry him. Now mind you, the good professor hasn't taken up residence with Kamika and the rest of the family. He has only asked Kamika to be Mrs. Professor. I don't know what is up with that. Before you know it, Prof. Waylon will be living with a corpse! OH yes, Kamika's time is getting close, darlings. Mark my word.

Dear viewers, I will close this report by asking this. Can three senior citizens raise a special child like Roxanna? The ever smiling? The girl seems to have a pemanant smile on her face. So happy. Let's hope she stays that way~

Odd Pic Out:

Meadow Robbins retrieves son Quavi from Morgan-Rose's party, where he was a crasher. She warns him to stay away from this crazy place, but he has already started making friends with Roxanna. Meadow has nightmares still about her first run ins with Kamika. (See Babies, Babies, Everywhere!)


Scally said...

I gotta say I agree with Meadow. I wouldn't let my kid within ten feet of Kamika, or Morgan-Rose, for that matter. Great update!

ASimWen said...

Thank you....more updates coming today. I have played two more lots since this one.

Alexis said...

I'm glad to see that Lucas has changed a bit. Hopefully he can be a good father to both his daughters now. I agree with Meadow too--my kids wouldn't set foot near that house!

Simaholic said...

Well, glad to see that Lucas has come around and realized how important his daughters are in his life. Poor Roxanna though, forced to live with a bunch of old geezers. Maybe she will keep them young forever. Although, I think the Gentlemen's Club might end up smelling for of Ben-Gay and less of roses.