Sunday, September 18, 2005

University/What A LuLu!

Title: What A LuLu!

Lot: Sim State University - 80 Crumplebottom Road - Tosca Capehart, Michelle Kearney, Doris Capehart and Niles Strickland

Last Visit:
Deaths, Makeups and Breakups

Tosca narrating: Yep, another one of us left the greek house. ME! I am sooo happy so I can get home and marry Johnson. He graduated 3 semesters ago, and left me behind. I would have gone right with him but I stayed for mom and dad. Johnson moved to Prosperity Falls for me...he came from Sim City. But, he knew about us snow leopards...not liking the city. So he sacrificed for me. Well anyway, I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in political science. I plan to go into law enforcement like my mother Tosha and become a Captain Hero. (See
Party Hardy!)
Anyway, I graduated ok and everything. I decided not to have a party in the greek house, I decided to take all my greek house friends out on the town. It was me and Michelle. Then Niles Strickland and my cousin Doris Capehart moved in with us from Tech Hall, so they came too. We went to a bar called the LuLu Lounge. Niles acted all excited about going there and everything, he was the first one out of the cab and into the building.
The rest of us was quick about gettin' inside, and onto the dance floor. I had never been to that place before, and I could see there was alot to do, alot going on! Well, Niles and Doris (who are engaged) acted like they didn't need anything else to do. They only had eyes for other.We just hung out for a while, then I noticed something...that looked so completely fascinating I just had to try it! There was a girl spinning like mad in the ElectroDance Sphere....I thought I could do it. It looked like such a blast! Well, I waited and waited until it was my turn, and I got in. Some circular bars closed me in, and I hung on for dear life. Good god, that thing takes you side ways, upside down, and right side up.Everybody cheered me on, I felt so great! I rode for a couple of minutes, I guess, then I had to stop before I lost my lunch. I noticed nobody else tried it. They weren't as brave as me! After my dance in the Sphere, we all took a dance on the floor and did the Smustle. It is a line dance sort of thing everybody does together. I didn't notice while we were dancing, but Niles had left the group. After the dance was over, we girls went over to the bar to have a drink, and we was wondering where Niles was.Oh gawd, I have to tell you about this creep that was there. Komei Tellerman. He talked like he knew everthing, and when Michelle was lookin' the other way, Tellerman stole her drink and chugged it right down! It was then I realized that only creeps were left in the place, and the rest of the kids had class to go to in the morning, so we all started lookin' for Niles so we could leave.Well apparently Niles had quit partyin' long before we did. He was sacked out on the lounger waitin' on us. I don't know how long he had been there, but it had to have been at least an hour. Anyway, we returned to the greek house in on piece, and I might add...we were all sober. That is the only way to be, right? Anyway, I got to sleep in the next morning, then I made the call for a cab to go back to Prosperity Falls. I kept thinkin' I was gonna miss everybody, then I realized, all the kids I hung out with was from the Falls really...I wasn't gonna miss them. I would see them soon!

Lot: Sim State University - Oasis Dormitory - Manuel Capehart, Dovie Bostic, Lillith and Roz Strickland

Roz Narrating: Hay ya'llses, it's little ol' me, Roz Strickland, the big mouth bedlamite of the Strickland family to keep you updated here at school as well as what is goin' on back home in Prosperity Falls. Well, me and Lillith got to school and we got rooms at the Oasis Dorm. It is real teeny, only five rooms. Me and Lillith got two of them, then our friend Manuel Capehart got one, then my cousin Dovie Bostic got the other. That left one room..I dunno the girl's name, but she comes and goes and we don't pay any attention to her.We hadn't been there and settled in but for a coupla days when she showed up in all her big pregnant belly glory (kid number 9, by the way). Synclare and Fraiser warned me this would happen. Apparently it happned to Niles too....Mom paid us a visit. (See Kirstee visiting Fraiser and Synclare in Love Begins). She shows up every year when any of her kids first starts State. She says she just wants to make sure everything is ok...that we have everything we need....this time she actually went around the dorm cleanin' stuff up and 'tsk tsking' the whole time. I am glad she wasn't around when I got arrested though. Not really like the cops or anything. It was the SS...but I am gettin' ahead of myself. Do ya'll remember when I said Lillith and Manuel kinda liked each other? (See Roz And Lillith Make An Escape).Well it didn't take 'em long to start gettin' to know each other without our parents around. Manuel started to grow a little bit of peach fuzz...and Lillith, well, she is filled out a little more, if you catch my drift. Those two can't keep their eyes off each other! Well, it was one of the nights they was out side takin' a walk when the SS came for me. Lillith had already been, and so had Manuel, so they really didn't pay much attention to my predicament. When they came back from their ride, they just told me they were sworn to secrecy about everything, so I knew nothing. Those two only know each other...I dunno if that is sweet or sorry. Anyway, all four of us (includin' Dovie...) are through our Sophomore year, that means we are half way thru this stuff. I dunno what the future holds for us, but I for gonna move back in with mom and dad. I have a strong feelin' Lillith and Manuel are gonna do something else. See ya next time!

Odd Pic Out:

Manuel Capehart chugs down his ReNuYu potion to make himself more attractive to the ladies


paige said...

Great update! Entertaining as always! Love how you have the patience to get all those kids through college! I hate going to college! lol, don't know why, but I guess I get impatient! Anyways great update and I'm off to read the next one!

ASimWen said... is rough doing Uni so much. Just when I thought I couldn't do it anymore, Nightlife came out and made it more interesting! lol

Simaholic said...

Why did they have to make uni so long? You do such a great job of making it interesting though.