Sunday, September 11, 2005

University, wk7/Deaths, Breakups, and Makeups

Title: Deaths, Breakups, and Makeups

Last Visit: Love Begins

Lot: Sim State University - Tech Hall

Niles Strickland narrating: When I left mom and dad's (See Another One Flies The Coop) I really had thought about not coming to University at all. I wanted to stay home and help my parents with things. See, I am like my dad Chevy. I like kids alot. Dad has shown me that having a big family is da bomb. I wanted to stay and help mom and dad with the kids, but they convinced me I should to go Uni, find myself a nice girl so I could start my own big family. And, to get some classes in that would help me get some skills so I could support my big family.
I have just finished up my sophomore year, and I have found myself a nice girl, and she has already agreed to be my wife! No foolin'! I ain't wastin' any time.Her name is Doris Capehart. We both started classes at the same time, and met in the Tech Hall at Sim State University. I think she is the sweetest creature I have ever met. Well, it didn't take us long to get to know each other. She was just as attracted to me! That made me feel real good. Well, she had a big problem. Her dad passed away while she was here (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools) and then her mom Nichole turned around and got a boyfriend right way. His name is Conrad, I have seen him around campus. Anyway I guess Conrad got Doris's mom pregnant. Now Doris has twin step sisters! (See The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter). I hope Doris and I will be so lucky as to have two at once. She won't talk about all that though.At the start of our Sophomore year, Doris and I really started gettin' things in order as far as our personal lives are concerned. Yeah, we are both concentrating on our studies, but there are other things to do on campus. Like, right away I was approached by Ramen, a member of the Secret Society. I didn't know what the heck he was talkin' about when he introduced himself to me.Oh it is some club on campus where you can do all kinds of stuff, exclusively. I joined because I was asked, and because Doris and I do everything together I got her in too. Then Doris was accepted at the Greek House at 80 Crumplebottom Road. She got me in there. So we were kinda helpin' each other along with our social lives here at school. Yes, Doris agreed to be my wife. Mrs. Niles Strickland. Has a nice ring to it. But she has some issues...her dad dyin', her mom havin' more kids. It isn't so bad. But she needs to talk about it.

Lot: Sim State University - The Haunted Rental

Accomplishments: Zaed Robbins - Big Sim On Campus, Greek House, Secret Society, Summa Cum Laude in Physics.
Tryce Capehart - Big Sim On Campus, Greek House, Secret Society, Summa Cum Laude in Art. Changed aspiration from romance to fortune.

It is I, Zaed! My roomate Tryce Capehart and I have graduated from Sim State University, and this haunted house is now for rent again. But, I have something to tell you. My great father Timo Robbins has passed away. This occured at the start of my Junior year. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools) Yes, I witnessed the birth of my brother Quavi (See Zaed, The Wonder Boy) and the death of my father, leading to the fact I have experienced the whole human life cycle. Now since I have lived here, I have also witnessed the human soul after death.

I would detect the soul of Shauntasia Strickland at various times during my stay in this structure. But I was never able to actually see her or attempt to talk to her. Then, one evening close to the time of my graduation, she made herself known to me. Alas, I was not able to talk to her, but at least I did see her. That now makes complete my studies on the human life cycle. I found the whole thing extremely fascinating. Now I have new notes to add to my father's volumes of knowledge, I can pass on to my son back in Prosperity Falls. Speaking of my son. I have spent even more time with Synclare Strickland, the earth woman who is going to birth him.Again, I made sure that no earth males would be attracted to her, and that her eyes would only be for me. It is extremely helpful that she roomed with her brother Fraiser Strickland. I assumed human behavior of dating her on campus and giving her affection. I even carried it so far as to do the mating ritual with her, but I was careful not to give her the seed that would start a new Anotothian growing in her womb. We must marry first. We will do that as soon as we get settled back at Prosperity Falls in my father's home. My roomate Tryce Capehart has come to some senses. I do not care one way or another what happens to him. I have however observed his very human behaviors regarding his own personal life. I will tell you what I have realized.

When we first came here he mated with many different females. I lost count how many. I had eyes only for Synclare. I noticed a big change in his demeanor when he found a female he had known as a teen, a girl named Michelle. This female enrolled in classes here, and Tryce was a different man. He spent his time writing novels (no doubt volumes expressing his sickening and unending love for this girl) He began to talk of ways to make money to support this girl in the future.

It wasn't long before Michelle was spending alot of time in our home. I found her to be an interesting individual as she was majoring in the same thing I was, Physics. I also found it to be to my advantage to spend time with Fraiser Strickland, Synclare's brother. I wanted to be sure to appear to be as human as possible, and make friends with her family. But, I get ahead of myself. Back to Tryce and Michelle.
Tryce did eventually mate with Michelle, and he did confide to me that he and Michelle also did the mating ritual in the changing booths at University Shops. I did not understand the purpose behind that, but, endeavoring to act as human as possible I merely nodded and congratulated him on the feat. Some day I will learn about it. Perhaps in a book he has written. Tryce Capehart sold his first book while still in school, and in doing so, greatly improved his outlook on being able to support Michelle in marriage. From what he has told me, he is going to do the same thing I am going to do with Synclare. He is going to live in the home of his father and raise a family. That lightened my thoughts somewhat; I know now that it is not unusal what I have planned to do with Synclare. Tryce and I did not do as many of the graduating scholars do at Sim State. We did not throw a graduation party in our home. I did not see the logic in it, (knowledge sim) and Tryce did not want to spend the money. (fortune sim). We took our final test that proved we had succeeded in our studies at Sim State, and we returned to Prosperity Falls. Although I has of yet to ask Synclare to marry me, I see nothing that will entice her to say no. I understand this is usually a concern of earth males when considering to ask a female for marriage. So I say to you, I will see you again, at the home of my father, Timo.

Lot: Sim State University - Brother and Sister, Synclare and Fraiser Strickland

Accomplishments: Fraiser Strickland - Big Sim On Campus, Greek House, Secret Society, Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics.
Synclare Strickland - Big Sim On Campus, Greek House, Secret Society, Summa Cum Laude in Art. Changed aspiration from romance to knowldege.

Fraiser narrating: Well Syn and I have graduated from State. Now we can get on with our lives. I am really happy the whole thing is over. I graduated summa cum laude with a degree in mathematics. Synclare got a degree in Phsycology. I did really well with studies, but my thoughts were usually lying elsewhere. That being with my love, Camryn.I am so looking forward to the day I can ask Camryn to marry me. I have already bought a little farm where I plan to put a few chickens and raise some vegetables. I have mentioned all that to Camryn, and she seemed to like the idea. She told me she makes a mean pot of homemade chicken noodle soup. Well, I guess I can raise the chickens and she can raise the veggies. Listen to me man, I am already talking like I have asked her, and she has said yes. I can imagine our kids runnin' around on the farm. Man I can't wait.

Synclare narrating: Well, I am dreaming of life with Zaed. From day one, that guy has swept me off my feet! There is something really mysterious about him. He is always very polite and tends to what ever I want or need.There's something I don't understand about him though. Even though we have been practically inseperable since he came knocking on my door in our freshman year, he has said nothing about getting engaged or anything like that. I just sort of thought all that would come about. Maybe I am taking him for granted, I don't know. He has told me everything about how he wants to have children and how he really wants to be involved in their lives. Sounds like to me he is good daddy material. Thus, that would make him good husband material. And the fact he is easy on the eyes doesn't hurt either! But I don't think he thinks about that much. Well, I have graduated now and have moved home. Fraiser is happily plodding along on his little farm that is just barely big enough for him and Camryn. She is gonna make a great sister in law. I find it hard to believe he is thinking of raising kids there though. The ground is nothing but mud, and the house is teeny. But he is happy.

I can only imagine what the kids would look like that Zaed and I would make. Oooh-LaLa! I dream about it. Hopefully, the next time we see each other in the Falls, he will ask me to marry him, and I will say YES.

Lot: Sim State University - 80 Crumplebottom Road

Accomplishments: Johnson McClelland - Big Sim On Campus, Greek House, Secret Society, Summa Cum Laude in History.

Johnson narrating: I have finally graduated from Sim State and look forward to life with Tosca, whom I have already asked to be my wife. She said yes, I am so happy! Well, Tosca still has some time before she graduates from school. Only a year; I think. Then we will be able to embark on our life together. I tell you though, something happened just a few months ago, and I thought my life with Tosca was over. What a nightmare. Well, it started out with Tosca's nature. She is just friendly with everybody she meets. I don't see that as a bad thing, but it worked against her. She made friends with Johnathon. Now, I don't see the most curious thing about him as being, well unusual, because I have the same habit he does. We both like to wear costumes.I always said I would take mine off and leave it off after I met someone who loved me for me and not my looks. I met Tosca, and we became engaged, so I guess she loves me for me. But I find wearing my lama head to be a bad habit I can't break. Well anyway, Johnathan wears a cow costume. One afternoon he came parading into the house, and started flirting with Tosca! Now I know it wasn't her fault, and she couldn't help it. But it sure hurt my feelings. I felt like she was cheating on me or something, after everything we had shared. I started feeling like maybe she had this thing for guys in costumes. When she realized what was going on, she made Johnathan leave. I felt as though I was falling apart.All that didn't last long. We made up, and life went back to normal. My heart bleeds Tosca. If something were to ever happen to her, or come between us, I think I would die. She is on my mind constantly. It is a wonder I survived my final exam and managed to move to Prosperity Falls away from Tosca. I had never lived there before, but it looks like a nice place. A great place to raised kids with Tosca.I bet you are asking, is he ever gonna take off that llama head? Well, as of right now I am sorta stuck on it. It doesn't seem to bother Tosca, because after all, I take it off during the most important times. Heh. Figure that one out for yourself.Michelle narrating: When I first started classes, I was living in Tech Hall. It was kinda nice and all, lots of electronic gadgets around. But I didn't feel like I really fit in with those kids there. I started lookin' around, and decided to join the greek house. Some really cool kids came over, and we talked some. But I didn't get in right away.I visited the Greek house. It is soooo nice compared to the dorm. I wanted to live there instead. Tosca Capehart asked me to pledge, and I said yes! I would be a pledge to the Greek House Crumplebottom! I got a room right next to Johnson and Tosca's. It is super nice with a computer and a stereo. So much different than living in the dorm. Oohh but the best thing has happened to me since moving into the greek house!I met up with Tryce Capehart. I met him back in Prosperity Falls when we were still in high school (see Promotions and Demotions) and all he talked about was having woo-hoo after I mentioned how people would come into the store where I worked and mess around in the clothing booths. I said it just to have something to talk about. He told me then he was going to be leaving for state. I was kinda sad that he was going somewhere, but it was alright. At that time, he was just another customer to me. Well, I got a job at University Shops on campus, and here he came again. (See Love Begins). We talked for a while, and I told him I was going to be starting classes the next term. Something sparked in his eyes, and I knew he was interested.When we found each other, we started to date around campus. We fooled around, and needless to say, we made woo-hoo - in the changing booths at my old place of employment at University Shops! My face was bright red when we came out of the booth, my friend Teresa was workin' there now. She saw and heard everything. It made me wonder if she would tell somebody. But I kinda got myself turned around. I started bragging about my life in college, and how wonderful everything was and how I had met Tryce and loved him. I guess that saved me from lookin' too stupid. Teresa seemed jealous that I was in college but I think we are still friends. Oh and I have to tell you...Tosca Capehart? The girl that let me into the Greek house? Well, she is Tryce's cousin. It's a small world, isn't it.Now it is just me and Tosca in the Greek House. I heard that Niles Strickland and his girlfriend Doris Capehart are thinking of moving out of Tech Hall too, and coming over here. Doris is another one of Tryce's cousins. There are alot of Capeharts in Prosperity Falls. If I have anything to do with it, there will be alot more!

Odd Pic Out:

Zaed Robbins reads the paper while Simoleons flows into his bank account following his father's death.
I had a hard time choosing a good pic to use. I had so many good ones this time.


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Well, it looks like the Prosperity Falls kids are doing well. Great update!

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