Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Stricklands, Week 8/Roz and Lillith Make An Escape

Title: Roz And Lillith Make An Escape

Lot: Strickland - Chevy, Kirstee, Daphne, Bulldog, Maris, and Little X

Last Visit - Another One Flies The Coop

Roz narrating: Hay, ya'll. I done left for college, ya know? Yeah, I did. Well, my brother Fraiser and Synclare already went, an' they graduated. (See Deaths, Breakups and Makeups) Frasier told me it wasn't that hard and that I could do the same thing. I was scared about it an' all, but I decided if Syn and Fraiser could do it, I could too. It was gonna be hard with out my Maw-Maw Brandi there to help me. Well, she died, but I kin tell ya about my last few days at home, an' about her last days. I was close to my Maw-Maw. An' I know she was the one that always got ya caught up on us Stricklands, since she is gone I will take her place. I hope that is okay with you.Hay to start out with, my mom had a new baby, so what else is new? She had a boy this time, and dad named him Bulldog after the sports announcer on that TV show Fraiser. You would think that by now, all this havin' babies stuff would be old news. But dad acted like it was just the best thing that had ever happened. Mom acted like it was just the normal thing to do. It is kinda embarrasin' to think about my mom and dad doin' all that stuff they do to make babies.
Anyway, with Bulldog comin' along, that made 7 kids in the family. Synclare, Fraiser, Niles, Me, Lillith, Daphne, and him. Well, he is a cute kid and all, an' mom and dad decided that wasn't enough, and mom got preggers again right away. When that happend, Maw-Maw Brandi quit her job an retired, mom quit her job as a Captian Hero, and dad started lookin' for a job. That was just a bunch of changes all at once. Well, when mom turned her resignation, she got a call from Marc-Henry Strickland (my great-uncle), askin' her to stay on for a while as Captian Hero, 'cuz that would have just left Ricky Cromier protectin' us. (See Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics) Mom said really, no, she wanted to stay home with her family. Well dad thought real hard about gettin' the same job mom had an' takin' her place, but he decided to go into the Art world instead. He got a real good perk, a cool camera he can take pictures of us with. Well, the first time he used it was when Maw-Maw died. But I will get to that later. Anyway, he had a birthday right after Bulldog was born.
Mom said the snow on top didn't slow down dad none. I don't know what that meant, only just a coupla days later is when mom announced she was gonna have another baby. Dad didn't seem no different to me either. Maw-Maw went around mutterin' somethin' about another blessed youngun' to look after. She wasn't herself anyways.
Roz Strickland
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Mad Scientist
6 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac Sign - Pisces

Well it was fittin' that the last birthday we had in the house when Maw-Maw was still alive would be mine. Maw-Maw went peacefully....she was in the kitchen cookin' for us when she went to "the sweet hereafter" as she used to describe it. She always used to talk about how she would go join Paw-Paw Landell. I never got to know him. So I guess I really don't miss him. His grave is in the back yard, with Maw-Maw right along beside him and my other Maw-Maw Carla on the other side of him. I guess she is happy now since she is with Paw-Paw Landell. Well, I guess I did sorta see Paw-Paw once. I was runnin' track on the machine in the back yard and I saw his ghost. It was the kewelst thing.

Dad said Paw-Paw's ghost comes out alot, but Maw-Maw Carla's hardly ever does. She cleans the house up when she comes out. But Paw-Paw does nothin' but goes around makin' himself known. I wonder how much Maw-Maw Brandi will come around? I sure hope alot, cuz I miss her already. Well I guess that is all I have to say about Maw-Maw. She is gone, but our lives keep movin' forward. I have to tell ya, my little sister Daphne met the wierdest lookin' kid. His name is Quavi Robbins. They got along from the git go! I never seen her take to somebody like she did him. I wonder if it is because he has pointy ears. I saw on the news where Mayor Kerris was gettin' questioned about stuff like that, yellow eyes and pointy ears. I guesss Mayor Kerris is Quavi's aunt. If Daphne is gonna get mixed up with strange people, it had better be people that can do something. I haven't been so lucky to meet anybody. It ain't like there ain't nobody to play with around here, but Daphne saves all her playin' for him. I am glad.
Lillith Strickland
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become A Mad Scientist
9 neat, 3 outgoing, 7 active, 10 playful, 5 nice

My sister Lillith had a birthday right after me, and left for Sim State right after I did. We kinda like the same stuff, but our personalities are alot different. She is lookin' forward to bein' with her boyfriend Manuel Capehart at school. Well, I guess they really ain't boyfriend and girlfriend, but they are really close. I remember her and I used to go to his house all the time and visit after school. They kinda took a liking to each other.
Well, Bulldog grew up to be an irritating little kid. Then when mom finally had that last baby, she had a girl, Maris. Again, dad named her after somebody in that TV show Fraiser. I guess he is nuts about that program. But somehow, mom and dad didn't act like it was any big deal this last time. Dad just sorta smiled, then left for work when mom brought Maris home from the hospital. Then, there is one more thing I can't believe. I guess mom don't know how to shut down the baby factory, 'cuz she called me at school, put dad on the phone with her and told me her and dad is expecting again. I told 'em they needed to quit havin' kids 'cuz there is only so many people on the show Fraiser. Well, then dad quickly ticked off some names. Kenny, Eddie, BeBe, Diane, Martin, and Gertrude (Moon). I sure hope that name Gertrude stays on the bottom of the list. Oh well, if Dad decides to use it, I guess we could call the kid Trudy.

I guess that is it for now. I gotta go peel Lillith off the computer, it is time for us to go to class. Talk to ya later.

Odd Pic Out:

Chevy gets to play with his new camera right when Brandi gets her visit from Grim.


Scally said...

Poor Brandi. I am going to miss her. I love how it's not the same person narrating all the time, because they all have great personalities, and I guess its a testament to your skill as a writer that I can easily imagine all their voices as they tell their stories.

ASimWen said...

I believe that is the first time anyone ever said they were gonna miss Brandi LeTourneau! =) She did turn out well this time. I have played her before, but not with these nice results. Thank you for the nice comments. =)

Simaholic said...

Oh how cool! You got a picture of Brandi's death. Wow, I can't believe she is gone. She's been around for a long time! Roz reminds me a lot of Kirstee in looks.