Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Robbins, Week 8/Zaed Multiplies

Title: Zaed Multiplies

Lot: The Robbins - Meadow, Zaed, Synclare, Quavi, Yasika and Jati

Last Visit: Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools

Zaed narrating: It is I Zaed! I have returned from the human halls of learning, Sim State University where I acquired an honor degree in Physics. I was given a diploma showing as much, and I have posted it beside my study station in my home. My wife Synclare received one for Phsycology, and I have posted it beside mine. Our children must know their parents are learned.

Upon my return to the home of my father Timo, it seemed to be a sad atmosphere, with the passing from life to death for Timo. My mother Meadow is very sad, a complete and right emotion of humans. However, I have discovered there is some new research I must do. I realized I am 1/2 human...I am after all, half of Meadow. I do carry Timo's DNA, as well as his studying and learning capabilities. It seems Meadow's emotions are dominate in me. When I returned home, I found myself actually mourning over Timo's grave! A pureblood Anotothian would never do that! I have to see if there is a way to squelch this highly undesirable attribute. I must always appear as strong and knowledgeable in all things for my children. That said, here is how I came upon my son Jati.

According to the notes my father left me, the first step to reproducing my race was to ask my earth woman Synclare to marry me. I was careful to do all the steps correctly, right down to dressing my best clothes, and getting down on one knee when I asked the important question. Synclare co-operated with me, and said yes. I knew she would, I could see it in her eyes, but I did not want a single thing to go wrong.
The next step was to actually have the marriage ceremony. I gave the project for planning it to Synclare and Meadow. I learned the women like to do this, so endeavoring to appear as human as possible I let that part of my mission go. Synclare did an excellent job. She invited many guests, mostly Stricklands from her side of the family. There are not many Robbins in Prosperity Falls, other than Mayor Kerris Strickland and her mother Kamika, Timo's sister. Kamika did not answer the invitation to the ceremony. Synclare's father Chevy was in attendance. That is very important. There was lots of food, and the daughter of Treavus Capehart, Doris supplied music. Being that Doris Capehart came to the wedding is something I must also study. Her father died in my home. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools ) Yet she came to celebrate the beginning of a new life with us.Doris Capehart is very skilled on the piano, and made alot of Simoleons playing at our wedding, $500 to be exact. Many of the wedding attendees were putting money in her earnings jar, and there was much dancing. There was an extremely successful wedding party afterwards. I was quick to add to my father's notes that having someone play live music is helpful to a successful wedding. My father did not have that in his notes. I must give Synclare recognition for that.The next step to continuing the Anotothian race on earth, was to do the mating ritual with Synclare. I did, and released my seed to her that would start a new Anotothian growing in her womb. The mating was a success, as several weeks later, Synclare started showing the signs of the sickness that accompanies the first months of pregnancy. I realized she was carrying a child, and I felt a strange excitement in my chest. I assumed this was some of that emotion I had inherited from Meadow. Excitement at becoming a father.
During the long and humanly exhausting pregnancy, Synclare kept up her physical fitness by working out, and continued her studies. I have chosen a good earth woman. We celebrated the birthdays of my siblings Quavi and Yasika. Yasika has the red hair of my father Timo, but she does not possess the Anotothian ears. I have fear that our ears are going to be lost, as my son Jati doesn't have them either. But my brother Quavi has them.
Quavi Robbins
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Reach Golden Anniversary
1 neat, 0 outgoing, 10 active, 6 playful, 10 nice

My brother Quavi grew to be a strong and imposing individual. I have discerned he is the 'strong silent type' very attractive to earth women. He has big muscles and attempts to blend in with those around him. I think he will be successful in our mission. He and I have already had numerous lessons about our mission, and he has agreed the important thing is to reproduce and is in agreement many children are in order. I can now relax somewhat concerning Quavi. He has a thorough understanding. I work with my sister Yasika every day, but being she is a youngster yet, I have yet to make a report of her part in the mission. I am a little concerned about her; during Jati's birth, Yasika chose that moment to kiss me. That is an extreme human want. I will make careful observations about her behavior; it just might be she has inherited more of Meadow's emotional traits than is manifesting at this time.

I am realizing I am a father figure for Quavi and Yasika even though I am their older brother. That is additional responsibilities I have to my mother Meadow. Of course, there is my son Jati. His lessons in our mission will commence as soon as he is a little older, but for now I teach Yasika and Quavi.The first time I held Jati, I knew he was very different. He seems to carry the mediterranian skintone of Synclare's father, Chevy Strickland. Yet he has the yellow Anotothian eyes.Quavi has been quite taken with the youngster and enjoys spending immense amounts of time with him and partaking in his care. At any rate, the 3rd generation of Robbins has begun on earth with the birth of Jati.When I see my wife Synclare holding my son, I get that odd feeling in my chest. I must investigate this. Quavi will be leaving for Sim State soon, although I am clear on the fact he wants to study a little more before leaving. Well and good! Until next time!

Odd Pic Out:

Quavi becomes exhausted waiting for Jati to age to toddler and falls asleep in his chili con carne.

Accomplishments this round:
Synclare - Fullfills LTW - Max all sklls, is now PermaPlat.


Scally said...

You really do spoil us with all these different POV's! And Zaed is cool, not as wrapped up in his own importance, as Timo was. Great update!

ASimWen said...

Yes, Zaed has realized he is 1/2 human...therefore carries alot of the baggage that comes with that. However, he is showing some concern for the loss of Anotothian attributes. It will be interesting to see by the fifth gen what is

Simaholic said...

I love this family! They crack me up! Too bad about Jati not having the ears. I wonder if any of Zaed's children will. They are hard to get to last past the third generation.