Sunday, September 25, 2005

Raising Up Twins

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Title: Raising Up Twins

Lot: The Capeharts.3 - Prosperity Falls - Nichole, Mackenzie and Madelyn

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Editors note: I have severly cut back on the size of the stories and pictures. I realized I had reached my storage limit on photo storage at Blogger. Being that my stories are based on my pics....well...I have alot of the challenge to go, and so little storage pace. I am not even half way through the Prosperity Challenge.

Nichole narrating: Oh my, how much life has changed since Maddy and Mack was born. I had a birthday...yes I did. Now I look like an old woman toddering around. I didn't celebrate my come of aging alone, Conrad was here for me, just like he is here always for the girls. Even though I am much older than Conrad, he still tells me and treats me like he always has. Like I am the most beautiful woman in the world. Yes, I am conscious of the extra wrinkles, and my figure isn't what it used to be. But none of that has made a difference to Conrad. If you have never been to my house before, let me explain.

I have an older daughter named Doris who is at Sim State. Her father and my husband, Trevaus Capehart, is dead. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools). When Trevaus passed away, I was extremely lonley trying to deal with his death. Well I did start talking to old aquaintences again, people I had lost touch with over the years, and Conrad came into my life again. I met and knew him when I attended Sim State. Through all that, Maddy and Mack happened. (See The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter). Now I am in my golden years, and raising twin daughters alone. I had always beleived things would be a lot different for me at this stage of my life. Trevaus and I would be sitting together in rocking chairs on the front porch every evening at sunset talking about our grandchildren. But fate has a way of taking a turn on you sometimes.

I haven't been completely alone raising Madelyn and Mackenzie. Conrad has been a great father, even though he hasn't been living here.

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He comes over nearly every day, and most certainly for all the important occasions. He has been there helping the girls with their homework, and talking about things only dads can talk about with their children. Even though Conrad has a life outside of this house, he has made this house a part of it. Before you think that Conrad is being noncommital, listen to me. Conrad and I have agreed this is best. Neither one of us wants to get married. Gawd, I don't think I could go through it again. Losing a husband, I mean.

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The girls really don't know life any other way; Conrad is here just about all the time, and slips out late in the eves after they go to bed. Quite often he spends the night with me/us. I don't know how much he talks about his girls outside of this house, and frankly I am not interested to know. As long as he is a great dad to them, that is all that matters.


Simaholic said...

Life did take a rather tragic turn of events for poor Nichole didn't it? I don't blame her for having an open type relationship with Conrad. At least the twins get to know their father, that is better than some.