Sunday, September 04, 2005

Party Hardy!

TITLE: Party Hardy!

Lot: Capehart.1 - Jayrus and Tosha

Last Visit - Tosca Gets Ready For State

Tosca speaking: Gawd, I have never been so emabarrased in all my life. Well first of all, I did leave for State, where Johnson and I got together. (See Love Begins.) But this isn't about that. This is about my parents. I guess they have been livin' life to the fullest after I left. Man, mom and dad was dancin' as I went out the door when I caught the cab to go to State! I guess they had no hard feelings watching me go. But that's alright. I have Johnson. Anyway, a few months after I started school, mom and dad called me to come home because they were planning a party. I thought, what the heck, I would go. I haven't been home in a while.When I got there, dad was sorta fake coughing into the phone....actin' all sick and stuff. I realized he was callin' off work! Saying he was sick, and I said "Dad, why didn't you just ask for the day off?" He said, "Tosca honey, sometimes a man has to do things differently to make it fun." MY DAD wanting to make something fun? The work horse of all work horses? Well then I thought, whatever. If that is what it takes to entertain my dad, so be it.After a while, people started comin' in the door. Dad had laid out quite a spread, a nice buffet. Everybody that came was mostly neighbors, and there was a couple of mom and dad's old college buds there. There was two birthday cakes out on the table, and dad finally decided it was time to blow out the candles. He went first. Everybody started hollering and waving little party noisemakers, and I joined in. It was really fun after all.
He turned around after the smoke cleared, and he looked older to me. Is this what birthday parties are like when you are an adult? It didn't seem this way when I was little growing up. But dad seemed happy with the transformation. If he was happy, then I was happy.
Then mom blew her candles out. I must say, she transformed a bit better than dad did. I never realized how popular mom and dad were. I guess they can have friends too. After all the candle blowin' was done, we started scarfin' down on the cake. Oh see that woman? That is Nichole (Thompson) Capehart. Her husband Trevaus had a freak accident at the Robbins house down the street. (See Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools.)
It was really odd because she didn't mention one thing about her dead husband. I guess it was easier for her not to. Maybe she is in the denial stages of admitting her husband is gone? I don't know. (Dear readers, read about Nichole's reaction to Trevaus' death in the next installment of Prosperity Falls, titled "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter".) I watched mom eat her cake. I realized everything she had ever done for me, and now it was time for her to enjoy life. I loved her even more. Well the party went late into the night. I offered to help clean up, but mom insisted I go on back to school, she could handle everything. Dad was so beat he went right to bed. But before I left, we made plans for me to return the following weekend, because mom and dad wanted to talk to me about some stuff.Mom had made a great spaghetti supper. She makes the greatest meatballs. Anyway, I told mom and dad about how Johnson and I had become engaged. (See Love Begins.) Mom started crying and right way exclaimed she was going to start making wedding plans. (Family Sim). Dad whipped out his checkbook and savings account books and announced he had plenty to pay for a big bash. (Fortune Sim). He also said would contact an architect about putting an addition on the house, because naturally, Johnson and I would be living right here with mother! I hadn't even thought of that. I will have to discuss that with Johnson. Well anyway, after we discussed the wedding plans, dad told me about something that had happened at the house just a few days after the party. It was awful.
Apparently, there was an attempted robbery on the house. Dad, being the materialistic freak he is, had a burglar alarm system installed on the house and the thing worked and went off when the guy tried to break in. That chic Demi Love is one tough cop let me tell you. The way mom and dad told it, she had quite a scuffle with the robber!
Dad said she put a headlock on that guy that was worthy of the WWE. They scuffled around for what seemed like a long time, but it was only about a minute or two. Demi slapped the cuffs on that guy, threw him in back of the squad car, and was gone. She don't take no crap from anybody.
I was really impressed with the story, made me realize all the more that I wanted to go into law enforcement. (See Tosca Gets Ready For State.) I heard this great story about Demi Love The Tough Cop, and my own mother is a Captian Hero. Errrr.....was a Captain Hero. *sigh*. Well, that is another thing mom and dad wanted to tell me. Mom got fired from her job. From what I could tell in between mom's sobbing while she was tryin' to tell me what happened, she made a decision to take care of the power plant in Prosperity Falls instead of going after the Giant Robot that was on the loose threatening to destroy a bunch of stuff. I don't remember seeing that on the news, but if mom says it, then it happened. But she said, on the brighter side of things, now she will be around to help raise the grandkids Johnson and I are going to give her.
I gently told her now that she had her birthday, she was too old to be flyin' off into the sunset anyway. :) Well, until next time. That is all, I think.


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Simaholic said...

Well, I don't have a pharmacy site with pharmacy related stuff (see previous comment) but I will comment on the chapter.

Jayrus and Tosha are such a cute couple. I hope that Tosca and Johnson are happy together. Too bad about Tosha getting fired. Don't you just hate those chance cards that do that?