Sunday, September 25, 2005

Mercedes Falls In Love Again

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Title: Mercedes Falls In Love Again

Lot: Capehart.3 - Prosperity Falls - Ricky and Mercedes Cromier, and Janelle and Marsha Capehart

Last Visit: Ricky's Paternal Heartstrings

Ricky narrating: (Indian accent) My friends, the greatest thing has happend to me! At least, it is the next to the greatest thing to happen to me. The greatest thing that could happen to me is if my blood child were living under this roof. But, that has not happened. At least, not yet. This greatest thing that happened to me, is my lovely wife Mercedes loves me again! Yes! I will tell you all about it, but I will back peddle a little bit, if you will.

Mercedes and I had a birthday together, and we invited many people to our home. That is not an unusual thing? No? Because if you know my Mercedes, you know she is a social butterfly. (See Mercedes, The Social Butterfly) She loves having people around her, and talking to people. She has said to me, "Ricky, let's have some people over tonight." And I always say "Yes my darling, what ever you want! Your desires are mine!" And we would have a party. But I have to tell you my friends, my Mercedes is lovely no matter what her outer shell looks like. It is inside what counts. That is why I was surprised with my darling wife when she decided to get a facelift after our birthday party.

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I silently but soundly cursed myself because I did not realize there was even one unhappy bone in Mercedes' body. I did not realize my wife did not like her own appearance! I was not keeping up with my darling. I believe I was dwelling about my past transgression that resulted in the birth of Andre, my son. You say, if you are so devoted to your wife, how can you have a transgression? My friends, it was so easy. It is due to my natural softness toward my family and my friends. I want all to be happy! And when they hurt, I hurt. My friend Ramey Bostic was hurting! To be sure. She called me on the telephone one day to cry on my strong Indian shoulder, and I came to her rescue straight away. (See Oh What A Web We Weave and Transition Time). Since that time I have gotten to know my son Andre, although he lives with his dear mother Ramey. I still yearn for a child of my own to live here with me under this roof, and I have been working toward that goal. Now I have white hair and wrinkles, but I do not give up hope.

You say to me, how could that happen? Mercedes never did want children, and now she is too old to give birth? It just so happens, that my sister in law, Marsha wants a child as well, born from her womb. But her partner, Janelle (Mercedes' sister) is female as well, and cannot physically father a child! But my friends, I will tell you all about that in a moment. I wish to tell you, how my wife fell in love with me again!

I love Ramey Bostic, the mother of my son Andre. But not in the fashion you think. Her place in my heart is one of frienship, a special friendship. I could not ever leave my Mercedes and live with Ramey. It is a sad thing that happened a few months ago. I was at the bowling alley having a light supper one evening after work, when Ramey approached me. We talked, like friends do, at some length. Time was getting late. When we began to part ways, Ramey kissed me on the mouth, yes she did! My friends! Mercedes was there, and saw us. But it wasn't what she thought, but it was how it looked to her lovely eyes. (See The Big Move). From that point on, my Mercedes was furious. With me, with us. She would not look at me or even sleep in the same bed with me! I was so hurt and broken hearted. But I deserved it! I did not feel like she loved me anymore.

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Oh I was desperate, my freinds. I could not stand thinking Mercedes did not love me anymore. Nothing was there, no hugs no knowing looks across the room at each other during one of our parties that said "I love you too!" I called the old matchmaking woman, and bought Love Potion from her, number 8.5, to be exact. Yes! I was depending upon it to bring my darling back to me! No matter how much I apologized to her, no matter how much I groveled, Mercedes still turned the other way from me, as if she didn't know me. My heart was bleeding. Bleeding with desperation! I could not think of another thing I could do!

One night I bravely swallowed down the whole bottle. I did not know what was going to happen to me!

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My darling Mercedes began to hug me and kiss me, and we slow danced together! She no longer seemed so mad at me. So there it is my friends. Due to Love Potion 8.5, my Mercedes loves me again.

Now I will tell you about my desire to have my own son or daughter here. As I said, Marsha wishes a child would grow in her womb. We as a family, collectively, have discussed the possibility of going to the hospital to have my seed taken from my body, and put into Marsha's womb so she can grow our child. Artifical insemination! My friends! The solution seems so simple.~ That would fulfill both of our wants! But it is a long road, my friends, and very costly. As I speak, Marsha and I are working toward that goal, and doing much research and finding a doctor. I will keep you posted! Until next time!

Accomplishments this round:

Marsha - Career - Show Biz , Icon
Janelle - LTW - Maxed all skills, PermaPlat


paige said...

I just got caught up on your families! So much has happened since I last read them! Great job keeping track of all those families! I love the story and I love the way you write it! I'll be back to read more!

ASimWen said...

Hey great to see you back Paige! I will be posting 3-5 more lots this weekend. :)

a2simple3sparkle said...

Hey there. I would just like to thank you for checking out my blog. Yours seems very detailed and updated and...well awesome. I'm gonna go right now and check it out!

Simaholic said...

Oh, I do hope poor Ricky hasn't deluded himself about Love Potion 8.5. I've never used it and its cute the little flowers that grew up around them while they were dancing. And I thought that it would be good for Ricky to father Marsha's child. Should be interesting :o)