Saturday, September 10, 2005

Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics

Title: Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics

Lot: Strickland.2 - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Marc-Henry Gets Married

CNN Announcer Berry Nosey narrating: Today Senator Kerris Strickland did some political networking on the telephone, urging constituents to vote for her in the upcoming Mayoral elections to be held in Prosperity Falls. When asked why would she run for the lower office of Mayor after being elected to (US) Senator, Mrs. Strickland declared, "I want to stay close to the people of Prosperity Falls. Being that my husband is the Police Chief of our fair city, we would make an incredible team for our Citizens!" She hasn't been to the office in weeks because she and her husband, Police Chief Marc-Henry Strickland are expecting their first child due to be born any day. Mrs. Strickland goes on further to state, "My husband I want to raise a child in a safe and efficiently run city. This is the only way we can be sure this will happen. If you want something done right, you must do it yourself."

In the meantime, Police Chief Strickland has been putting his nose to the grindstone working toward a safer city. Prosperity Falls is still reeling from the big blunder ex-Captian Hero Tosha Capehart made when she failed to control the giant robot that was threatening to destroy homes and neighborhoods, opting to protect the electric power plant instead. (See Party Hardy!). Police Chief Strickland states: "It was with a heavy heart I had to call a special session of the Council. Myself, Captian Heros Ricky Cromier and Kirstee Bostic, and members from the medical community, Brandi Strickland and Janelle Capehart. We had to vote Mrs. Tosha Capehart out of the job. She was just too dangerous. We still have Mr. Cromier and Mrs. Bostic to protect us, and then there is Tosca Capehart who is a CH in training. We need all the help we can get." Tosca Capehart is the daughter of Tosha Capehart. She is presently attending classes at Sim State, majoring in Politics.

CNN Announcer Berry Nosey narrating: Today, Senator Kerris Strickland gave birth to a healthy bouncing baby boy who she and her husband Police Chief Marc-Henry Strickland named Barry-James. The child looks much like Mrs. Strickland, with the same peculair yellow eyes of she and her deceased uncle, Mad Scientist Timo Robbins. Through some digging, CNN has learned that Mrs. Strickland's cousin Zaed Robbins has the same yellow eyes, and also has pointed ears. Mr. Robbins is currently finishing up studies at Sim State University, where he is set to graduate with honors with a degree in Physics.

When questioned about her family's strange DNA, Mrs. Strickland became extremely defensive stating: "Outward appearances don't mean anything. It is inside what counts." (To read about Kerris' heritage, refer to The Robbins, Chapter 1). With that, Mrs. Strickland turned on her heel away from our cameras and disappeared inside her home saying her child needed her attention. When we questioned the Police Chief, Mr. Strickland concurred with his wife, and left the scene of the interview. It is the opinion of this CNN Investigator there is more to this story, you haven't heard the last of it.CNN Announcer Berry Nosey narrating: Today Kerris Strickland won her bid for Mayor of Prosperity Falls. This is surprising considering the suspicious circumstances of Mrs. Strickland's past. This reporter has been unable to find any paper trail leading to the event that brought Mrs. Strickland's family to Prosperity Falls. It is as if they just appeared out of nowhere. Mrs. Strickland's mother, Kamika Robbins was of little help when we knocked on her door. When we asked Mrs. Robbins where she lived before she moved to Prosperity Falls, her eyes gleamed, and she said: "We come from the planet Anatoth. My brother Timo Robbins and I were sent here to populate the Earth with alien beings." Kerris Strickland has been estranged from her mother since she was a little girl. This reporter has learned Kamika Robbins left the family when she had a falling out with her brother, Timo.

Ramey Bostic who lives across the street from Mrs. Robbins, states "Kamika Robbins is crazy, the old bat. She has slept around with just about every man in the Falls, including my mailman, Pao Mellon. He is Kerris's father, you know. She is also friends with and lives with my sister Morgan-Rose Bostic. That witch stole my man, Lucas." It is the opinion of this reporter that there is a very big piece of the puzzle missing. I intend to get to the bottom of it.CNN Announcer Berry Nosey narrating: Today Police Chief Marc-Henry Strickland took over the position of Captain Hero left vacant by the firing of Tosha Capehart. "This is only temporary for me." He says. "I am only filling in until Tosca Capehart is ready to fill the duties. I couldn't let our citizens live without the leg of protection we so obviously need. I have already begun training as a Celebrity Chef." That leaves our city without a Police Chief, and gets us one up and coming chef. In the meanwhile, it appears the Stricklands who at first seemed so gung-ho to work for the Citizens of Prosperity Falls are concentrating all their efforts on raising their son Barry-James, and furthering their own careers. Presently, Mrs. Strickland says she has no intentions of quitting the Mayor position she worked so hard to win. She says she wishes to continue to make friends with the citizens of the Falls, and does a lot of telephone work staying in touch. Marc-Henry spends his days doing alot of cooking and finding people to eat all his experimental dishes. This reporter will not forget about Mrs. Strickland's strange DNA. You will hear from me again. This is Berry Nosey, signing off. Until next time.

Barry-James Strickland
Welcome to the first child born starting the third generation in Prosperity Falls!

Odd Pic Out:

Barry-James' nanny neglects to ever wash up and has flies buzzing around her arm pits.

Accomplishments this round:
Marc-Henry - Top Of Career, Law Enforcement.
LTW - Captain Hero. New LTW, to become a Celebrity Chef. PermaPlat.
Kerris - Top of Career, Politics.
LTW - Mayor. New LTW, to have 20 Best Friends. PermaPlat.


Paige said...

Hey there! Great family! I love how you have different people narrating the entries! Very cool idea. Can't wait to read more!

ASimWen said...

Thank you Paige. There will be a couple of more entries before the weekend is over. =)

Scally said...

"Berry Nosey"? What a great name for a reporter! I think trouble might be brewing for poor Kerris! Awesome update!

Simaholic said...

I love how you write Wen. This update was great. Although, I fear what the truth surrounding Kerris's heritage might to do her mayoral career.