Saturday, September 24, 2005

Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash

Title: Kamika Throws A Wedding Bash

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Lucas Turner, Morgan-Rose Bostic, Kamika Robbins and Roxanna Bostic

Last Visit:
The Young And The Restless

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Joan Rivers narrating: Dear viewers, here we are again at the crazy Gentlemen's Club. You have never seen crazy, until you have visited this house, let me tell you! Now, if you will remember the last time we were together, everyone had birthdays. Roxanna the ever-smiling toddler grew up to be the ever smiling child, Lucas partied alone in the kitchen to elderhood, and Morgan-Rose threw herself a huge birthday bash. There was no expense spared there, that is for sure! Now then, it seems the most out of character thing that happened, was Kamika became engaged. YES! I said engaged. Engaged to be married to Professor Waylon. Kamika the I-hate-the-institution-of-marriage-may-I-stick-a-pin-in-my-eye-if-I-ever-get-married Kamika. Yes, now you know who I am talking about!

It seems that Kamika had become completely smitten with the academic look, and the prospect of gettin' hitched didn't seem so bad to the old girl. She apparently had taken secret lessons on how to worship her man from Synclare Strickland. (See Love Begins, The Haunted Rental.) Truely darlings, I never thought I would see the day when Kamika Robbins would bow down to any man...

Alright, so. It was Kamika's turn to throw a party, and it was to be a wedding party. Now this is where it gets very interesting. Kamika had never thown a party before, but she had been to plenty of them. Darlings, she called up all her best friends, ordered lots of bubbly, and put up the most beautiful wedding arch you had ever seen. She dressed in her best gown, and then everyone came and began tramping down all the grass in the front yard where the party was being held.. Including Professor Waylon, of course, the intended. I need to make one thing clear here, viewers. Waylon asked Kamika for her hand in marriage. And she agreed. So.

But before we get on with the wedding party, I have to tell you that Roxanna grew up to be a teen-ager, and has been dating! Yes! And I regret to say the poor dear has taken after her mother and is a Romance Sim. Look at her birthday portrait. She looks like already she is full of herself.

Roxanna Bostic
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To be a Hall of Famer
5 neat, 1 outgoing, 10 active, 9 playful, 10 nice
Turn on - Fit body and black hair. Turn off - Glasses
Zodiac Sign - Sagitarius

It seems to me, she is in the correct house...The Gentlemen's Club. Now I hope you remember Quavi Robbins, who had been coming around as a child, and was drug away from the place by his mother Meadow. (See Last Visit). It seems, that Quavi couldn't stay away! No sir! In fact, he was there for Roxanna's birthday party, and gave her her very fist kiss! I would say that that kiss has started the girl on a road full of baudy nights with many men.In fact, the two have been seen on dates downtown, dancing and generally having a good time. Quavi became quite taken with the young lady, and left her many bunches of roses on her doorstep. Then, it came right down to the meat of the matter. Quavi asked Roxanna if she wanted to go steady, and she said yes. So it seems these two are an item! I don't know how long that will last, as it turns out Roxanna ended up leaving for university. If you all remember, Quavi has not yet left. (See Zaed Multiplies). But anyway, with all that said, let's get back to what happened with Kamika!

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Now then. As I said before, everyone came and began tramping down the grass on the front lawn, where the toasting commenced. Even that nanny was there! Everything seemed to be going great! Nichole Capehart, Randy London, oh yes, and Dovie Bostic was there, Lucas' older daughter. That was not the end of the guest list darlings, by any means! But at any rate everyone was having a good time! I will say that for Kamika she knew how to put on a good party. I tell you put a bottle of bubbly out and you are assured a great party. Ok.
Now then, there was one more guest, a party crasher if you will who came just as Kamika was ready to invite Professor Waylon to the wedding arch and say "I Do!" I want to say here, viewers, that I want to commend Kamika Robbins for finally taking the high road, and doing what is right. To settle down, get a proper grand-mamma to her daughter's son, Barry-James Strickland. (See
Marc-Henry Dabbles In Politics). Oy Vey!
This party crasher was probably the most unwelcome guest you would ever see at a party, I never thought I would witness this! No sirree!

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The gentleman's initials are GR....that is right! The Grim Reaper came to Kamika's wedding party! Really, I don't know who invited him. But he took our host with him to where ever it is the Grim Reaper goes when he takes a soul.

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Poor Professor Waylon's heart was broken. He left the party with tears streaming down his cheeks, never to be seen again at The Gentlemen's Club. However I will say, Kamika is one hell of a party hostess...the party was still a "ROOF RAISER". Can you believe it?? Notice, Kamika nearly made it to the wedding arch, her tombstone is sitting nearly in front of it. Darlings, the family ended up moving the tombstone to the back yard behind the garage under a tree.

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Now then, having Grim come to your party, well, that is something for the society pages. OK..that being said, back to Roxanna. Like I was saying she had been seen on many dates with Quavi Robbins. It wasn't long after all that darlings, that she went to the beauty salon and got a new hair style, and left for University.

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It was time for her to attend the upper echelons of learning. We will see how she will Quavi cope with his beloved so far away? And being that she is a Romance Sim, well, they aren't known to be loyal to one love! Until next time!


Simaholic said...

OMG! I can't believe Kamika died at her wedding party! And that it was still a roof raiser! Poor Prof. Waylon looks so distressed of course, who can blame the poor guy.

ciyrose said...

Aww. That's really pretty sad, but in a way really kind of funny that she died on her wedding day, in an ironic sort of way. Anyway, I've basically just started reading, and am trying to catch up through all of your generations. They are great. I'm working on my blog for Persperia at