Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Title - The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter

Lot: Capehart.2 - Nichole

Last Visit - Getting Ready

Nichole Speaking: Oh my. Where do I start? So much has happend to me over the past few months since Doris left for State. (See Getting Ready.) Have you ever heard of a blessing in disguise? I guess that is exactly what happened to my family. It started when my brother in law Jayrus Capehart came to break the news to me. My husband Trevaus had been gone all night, and I was pretty worried. Jayrus came to tell me early the next morning Trevaus was gone. (To read how his death happened, see Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools.) I won't say I was devastated, that is an understatement. I was transformed to some cold dark place I hope you never have to visit.Needless to say, I became very lonely. Eating meals alone, watching TV alone, fingering Trevaus' clothes in the closet. I could still smell his presence in the house. He was everywhere. I began to think he was still with me, I would imagine he was with me doing the sort of things we would do together as husband and wife. I found myself talking to him about my days events, getting him caught up on family news. It seemed a little less lonely. But then, I would come to my senses and realize once again, he was gone.I was getting tired. Doris was at school, and I didn't want to bother her. She had learned of her father's death, and wasn't talking about it. I had conveyed to her how it happened, that we should be proud he was helping a neighbor in need. But she was very private about her feelings. Well after several months, I decided I had greived enough. It hit me like a ton of bricks one night while I was eating yet another meal alone. Yes, I was sad for my and Doris's loss, but I knew Trevaus wouldn't want me to stay sad for the rest of my life. I decided to do something about it. I got on the phone and started calling friends. I called one friend in particular, a man I knew and met when I went to state. Conrad Todd.When he came over to the house, it was like old times. We talked a laughed, and I forgot I was a widow. Conrad was very sorry to hear Trevaus was gone. They knew each other. But Conrad told me, your life doesn't have to end. He explained to me, I was a very beautiful and vital woman, attractive. I was so lonely, listening to Conrad say all those wonderful things about me warmed me from the inside. He made me feel alive again!

We were both consenting adults, right? I know, I know, you might be thinking, how could I jump right into bed with Conrad when the mattress was hardly cool from the last time Trevaus slept in it? Well I don't have the answer to that. I just know it felt right, and I didn't feel like Trevaus was sleeping in there with us. Trevaus had been gone for several months when I started seeing Conrad. I told Doris I was seeing Conrad, and she just said, "More power to you, mom." I don't really know her feelings on Conrad. She hasn't been home since all this happened. She's not talking.Well, the next morning after Conrad's first visit, I got out of bed alone. My lover had left sometime during the night. I was so afraid I had made a rash decision in deciding to sleep with Conrad. Suddenly, all kinds of nervous feelings and unsure thoughts flooded into my body. Did I do the right thing? Did I scare Conrad off? Does he now think I am a twit? After all, it had been years since I had the status of 'available'. Maybe you don't do it like this anymore? Do you sleep with your dates anymore? I didn't know. Once again, I was very scared. After all it wasn't like a real date. He just came over to my house and we had a comfortable evening together.My anxiety was short lived. Conrad called me that night, and explained he had to get out early to get some stuff done. I accepted that. We started seeing each other on a casual basis, with him usually coming over to the house. We would have dinner, talk, then fool around. It was fun. I started feeling alive again, and found myself becoming very excited when it was time for Conrad to come over. Well, all this was well and good, and I knew it was too good to last. But not in a bad way; from where I was coming from, things could only get better!I am in middle age. Yeah, who wants to accept that? I tended not to pay attention like I should about my changing hormones, heck, they were on a roller coaster all the time anyway. So I didn't pay attention when it appeared I had missed my monthly cycle. I just thought it was part of the big Pause. But then, when too much time had passed, I thought I should pay a visit to my Ob Gyn. Well, he told me I was gonna be a mother. There I was, looking forward to my golden years, my only child was in college. I was pregnant and unmarried. What would Doris think? She was going to be a step sister. I knew the baby was Conrad's. He is the only man I had been with since Trevaus. I had Conrad over that night to tell him, and he took the news very well. He didn't talk about it much, but life between us didn't change. We continued to see each other like we had been.
Well, months passed. Conrad came over one evening, like usual. I had a huge belly by this time. I mean, huge. You would think all of Prosperity Falls had taken up residence inside my womb. I don't know how we did it, but Conrad and I still managed to make love. But then it happened one night. I went into labor.
Conrad was great though the whole thing. We had never discussed much what would happen after the baby came, I didn't want or need anything from Conrad. He still had alot going on in his life outside of coming to see me, and I had a house big enough and the means to support and raise my baby. I had alot of money put away. I didn't want to be the nagging single mother always after the daddy to do something. Conrad could be included in his baby's life if he wanted to. I didnt' want to burden him.Well, I had a beautiful daughter, Mackenzie. She had red hair, and her daddy's skintone from what I could tell right then. 3 and a half minutes later, her sister Madelyn was born. Yes, Conrad gave me twin daughters. He dove right in and started helping me take care of the girls right away. He helped me get them fed and into bed. I already had a beautiful nursery ready for them.Conrad took to the girls. Their being born did not stop or slow down his visits to the house at all. Instead of dinner/talk/fool around, it is dinner/play with the girls, put them to bed/fool around. In fact, his visits to see me has increased since the girls were born. If I didn't know any better, I would say he likes the status of father. But, no, we haven't talked about marriage. It just isn't in our vocab. We are happy and comfortable the way things are.Do I still think about Trevaus? Yes. Do I still talk to him? Yes. But on a different plateau. Every morning I excidedly tell Trevaus all the cute things the girls had done the day before. Every little coo and every little giggle. Somehow I think he would enjoy hearing about it. (Family Sim). Do I still love Trevaus? Yes. Always.

Odd Pic Out:

Looking into the eyes of a dead man.


Catootje73 said...

Wow, Nichole a (single) mom again. And twins too!

The pictures from Trevaus I guess are taken at the neighbor's place. The grave is still there right?

Good stories though!

ASimWen said...

Actually the pics of Trevaus were there at his and Nichole's house. When I first came on the lot, he was still there, but in ghostly form doing what he was doing when I closed the lot last time I was there...taking a bath. I guess he had to finish that interaction, then I got the message he had died on another lot, and he faded away. I thought..."what the heck?" I closed the lot without saving, and opened it again, and took pics. lol I felt so sad for Nichole.

ASimWen said...

And yes, the grave is still at the Robbins' house. When Nightlife comes out, I might move him to the graveyard if I can't figure out how to move him home.

Scally said...

Loved that pic of Trevaus' ghost lying in the tub, that was definately a goody! And a great update, as usual!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I've noticed that if a sim either dies on a lot other than it's own, OR if a sim is visiting another lot when they die at their house, when you go back to the lot (that they didn't die on), they are there as ghost. My sim Xantara was happily hot tubbing at a neighbors lot, and due to the addictive nature of hot tubs, I had to use moveobjects to delete her... after I got some interesting shots. :-)

ASimWen said...

OOhhh that would be cool to see your shots! Do you have them uploaded anywhere?

Simaholic said...

Awww, poor Nichole. The story of Trevaus still lingering on the lot was sad. I was almost going to ask if the twins were cheesecake but then I remembered that this was written long before OFB, LOL. Its good that Nichole is happy and Conrad is such a good guy.