Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Capeharts.1/Johnson Gets Fat

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Title: Johnson Gets Fat

Lot: Jayrus and Tosha Capehart, Tosca, Johnson and Terrance McClelland

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Party Hardy!

Tosca Narrating: I graduated from Sim State with honors. (See Univeristy/What A LuLu!) When I went back home to Prosperity Falls, Johnson was waiting for me at mom and dad's. Well the first thing we did was start lookin' for our own place. I remembered dad had said he would add on to the house to make room for me and Johnson, I realized there just wasn't enough room in his and mom's little forest bungalow. (See Party Hardy!) In fact, by the time I had arrived home, dad already had the contractors there in the back yard tripping over each other trying to build a room onto the house. Johnson and I looked at each other, and knew what we had to do. We broke it to dad and mom gently, we were lookin' for our own house.

Well, surprise, surprise, we did find a place, and mom came to us cryin' and everything to see us go. I felt so bad...the words just slipped out of my mouth..."Hey, there is an extra bedroom, for you and dad!" Mom's face bloomed like a giant sunflower, and she started throwin' stuff in boxes. Johnson poked me in the my parents were going to live with us. Oh boy.

Me and Johnson had found a great place...a nice woodsy house with lots of trees and a pond on the property, a small mountain too. Evergreens galore...their fragrance permeated everything. I felt right at home as soon as we stepped foot in the place, there was no deciding or not if I wanted it. We had the wedding outside by the pond, at the foot of the mountian.

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Johnson had taken off his llama suit for the ceremony. I guess it was an important enough occasion! In fact, he quit wearing it much at all after we got married. Alot of things changed after we slipped the rings on our fingers...for one, it seemed like Johnson couldn't quit eating, and he gained alot of weight. I found I kinda liked that. I got a job in law enforcement just like I wanted to, but I haven't made it to Captian Hero yet. I had a set back that caused me to take a few weeks off work.

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I remember sitting with Johnson that evening and telling him I thought I was pregnant. He was estatic! Of course, he is a family man through and through. He hadn't gotten a job yet, and he said he would stay home with the baby. I was releived, that gave me plenty of time to promote to Captain Hero. I am so lucky to have Johnson, I knew I didn't have anything to worry about. I told mom and dad about the baby, and I thought mom was gonna freak...she was so ready to become a grandma. Dad just sat back and smiled, and congratulated us. I knew our baby would be raised in a loving atmosphere. Well, Johnson spent alot of time after that looking through the telescope at night, studying the stars. I mostly spent my time draped over the toilet sickern' a dog. Mom would gently rub my shoulders and back for me. It seemed like a rough pregnancy.

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There were a few times when I wasn't pukin' my guts up I could do things around the house. I was having a fantastic time takin' care of Johnson and doing the homemaker thing. I was glad in a way that I didn't have to work for that while. Yeah, Captain Hero is important to me, but my baby and my husband came first.

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Finally Terrance was born. He looked alot like Johnson. I was mildly disappointed he didn't have my snow leopard traits, but hopefully he has my genes somewhere. Well, maybe our next baby will take after me. Yup, I am pregnant again. I wonder if Johnson plans to keep me that way???

Odd Pic Out:

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Terrance ages to toddler in style, dressed in a tux!


Simaholic said...

Awww, Terrance is such a cutie! Too bad no snow leopard skin though :o(