Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Bostics, Week8/The Big Move

Title: The Big Move

Lot: The Bostics - Ramey, Pachionetta, Dovie and Andre

Last Visit: Transition Time

Andre Speaking: We had to move to a different house. Like man, every blue collar worker in Prosperity Falls thought our house was the greatest...and came over. Wouldn't leave. My Aunt Pachionetta started goin' around tellin' people to go home, but it is like they didn't even hear her! So we decided to move when they were keepin' us up and stuff, and emptyin' the fridge. Mom said the house was a little small for us anyway. Me, Mom, Aunt Pachionetta and Dovie got a van filled up in record time with our furniture and we left. Just like that. Mom and Aunt Pachionetta bought a really big house with a garage and stuff, and mom bought a blue car too. Said it was about time we stopped depending on the taxi and carpools all the time. I really felt like we were movin' up in the neighborhood! The house not only has a big garage, it has a really big room right off it that mom keeps all her training machines in, and our exercise equipment is there. We have this cool balcony where we eat, then there is a study, a kitchen, a bathroom and a large living room on the second floor. On the third floor is three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The first day after we moved in, a creepy woman hung out in front of the house all day. She asked my mom and my aunt if they wanted her to find them a boyfriend. Ewww! The thought of my mom going out makes me want to puke. Mom didn't pay any attention to her. Oh well, anyway, I had a birthday right after we moved in.Mom was at work, but we had a little party for me out on the balcony. I stood there wishin' Dovie would quit blowin' that party horn in my ear.
Andre Bostic
Aspiration - Romance
LTW - To Become A Hall Of Famer
Turn Ons - Underware and Custom Hair
Turn Off - Hats
5 neat, 1 outgoing, 6 active, 5 playful, 8 nice.

Now I got nothin' to do but wait until it is time to leave for college. Dovie already left, but not after a bunch of stuff. I'll let mom tell ya. I am done here. *goes off to paint*.

Ramey narrating: First of all, let me say I make no excuses for the events in my life. Like my two kids. I love them both very much...and the fact they do not have the same father, or that I do not have on a wedding ring doesn't mean I am a bad person or mother. But sometimes, I just wanna go nuts! First of all, that business about everybody wantin' to stay at my house was enough to tax anyone's nerves. Then I had to house hunt, go though financing, ect. But, I got that ironed out. We settled in a nice place. After we moved in, I started havin' trouble with Dovie, and I started seein' Andre's dad Ricky again.

My sister Pachionetta was good enough to help me with the kids, to try an get 'em ready for college. Dovie suddenly didn't want to study. It was like pullin' teeth out of a turtle's head to get her to finish up her studies. Pachionetta was real patient with her. But finally we all had had enough studying. She was good enough for college. But then it was as if she had time on her hands with nothing better to do but to get into trouble. A new neighbor girl came home with Dovie on the bus one day. Cadance Dallas. Or was her name Candace? I don't know. Things are crazy right now. But anyway, the girls did video games for a while, then when Cadance suggested they go out on the balcony for a while, Dovie was extremely rude.She put a headlock on that poor girl like you have never seen, and gave her a big noogie. I was thoroughly embarrassed, and Cadance went home. Dovie didn't seem to care. She just shrugged her shoulders and got on the computer for the rest of the evening. I didn't say anything to her about it. She is gettin' to the age where she is who she is, and has her personality developed. Well anyway, that wasn't all she did. One day, she didn't bother to rinse the dishes good before she loaded the dishwasher, and the washer backed up and broke.Pach gave her a lecture like you wouldn't believe. Well, Dovie was too big to go over her knee for a spankin', now wasn't she? It cost us a pretty penny in repair bills, and bein' that we just moved in money wasn't growin' on trees real quick. Again, Dovie didn't seem to care about any of it.The very next night, I caught her trying to sneak out of the house at 1:00 in the morning! With Cadance Dallas, no less! So I guess Dovie givin' her a noogie didn't hurt her feelings that bad. I didn't know what I could do but talk to her! She didn't go out, she ended up staying home. In fact, I grounded her for the rest of the week. She was extremely resentful after that. Especially after the night I went out. Yeah.I decided to bowl a couple of games one night after work. I didn't even bother going home and changing. I met up with Andre's dad there, Ricky Cromier. We had a short fling that resulted in Andre. (See Oh What A Web We Weave). At first he didn't see me, but I eventually swallowed the bowling ball sized lump in my throat, and I approached the table where he was havin' dinner at Speedy's Fast Lanes And Bowling Eats. I hadn't spent time with him in forever. It felt good. Well, after he finished eating, we talked for a while, and I asked him to join me in a game. He agreed.
We got a good lane that rolled the ball well. Ricky was an excellent bowler throwing several strikes, and I did OK. There was lots of small talk inbetween turns. I started havin' old feelings again for him, and well, one thing led to another and we started smoochin'. That was an unfortunate thing, because Mercedes happened to be in the building and she saw us.Now, Ricky loves his Mercedes. Ricky and I are very close, but we aren't marryin' material for each other. He will never leave Mercedes. I guess he has a lot of patchin' up to do with her. I hope the best for him. I felt badly about it all. But doggone it! Sometimes things just aren't fair. Maybe I should contact that Matchmaker to help get me a man of my own.
Ricky and I agreed not to see each other again. It was too much trouble for everyone. So I immersed myself in throwing a going away party for Dovie. Yeah, it was time for her to leave for State. Her dad Lucas came, I invited him for her sake. Lucas and I don't get along, but we managed to remain civil for the party. I also invited Ricky's nephew Manuel Capehart, my nephew Fraiser Strickland and Orlando Centowski. 'Course, being that Dovie is who she is, she just coldn't help herself and she gave Manuel a great big 'ol noogie. Makes me wonder if she will ever be able to get into a relationship and get a husband, but I don't think that is on her mind. Maybe that is all for the better. I will just have to pray Andre gives me grandbabies.Finally Dovie left. I felt a sense of relief, and a little sadness. Relieved because now she was somebody else's problem. And sad, because my first one is going off to college. Well, until next time. Hope I have a report that is more upbeat for you.

Accomplishments this round: Dovie - Power Want - Maxed All Skills

Note: About the NPC's in the Bostic's house. The lot had developed what is known as "The NPC Bug" or the "SlowDown" bug. It is a memory leak that allows 30-40 invisible NPC's on the lot, thus slowing the game to a crawl. I had to quit playing it. Luckily, I bough Nightlife 3 days later and installed. I was able to see all these NPC's, and was able to use the new inventory feature to keep all the family career rewards, and Marquez Bostic's grave and move them to a new lot. Thus, the move. Thank you. =^^=


paige said...

Awesome update! I just got Night Life too yesterday, and I absolutely love it! I'm thinking about starting the Prosperity Challenge...but I feel like I have so many projects going on at once! Oh's all fun so maybe I'll try it anyway!

ASimWen said...

You'll have a blast with Nighlife! I am lovin' it! Have fun =)

Simaholic said...

Dovie sure does have a thing for giving people noogies doesn't she? I'm not sure if college will calm her down or make her more wild.