Sunday, August 21, 2005

University/Love Begins

Lot: Sim State University - Tech Hall

Tosca Speaking: Well, I arrived to school in one peice, with my new hair-do and my new make up intact. Geesh..the first thing that happened to me was I got into one of the clubs Johnson told me about back home. (See Tosca Get Ready For State.) The whole experience was rather scarey, and I don't know why people think it is such a great thing to get into the Secret Society. Big deal. The best thing about it was the great ride in the limo, and the nice jacket I got for my trouble. But anyway, I signed up for a major in Political Science. Maybe I will get into politics some day.

I have to tell you about Johnson though. I wondered about him when he used to come around to the house back in the Falls. I thought he was cool then. I used to wonder what he looked like under his Llama suit. I finally did ask him about it one day. Well, he told me he would never show his face to anyone, that is a girl around State, until he found someone he really cared about. He had to feel like she liked him for himself, and not his looks.

Well, I can tell you, I really started to like Johnson and I guess he felt the same way about me. He called me up on the phone one evening and had romance on his mind. I did too. He was so nice to me when I joined the Greek house and everything and sorta took me under his wing. He suggested we lay back and listen to some music on the stereo for a while and talk.
One thing lead to another, and Johnson shed his Llama suit and let me see his face. (Among other things). I knew I was in love with Johnson, and he was in love with me. He asked me to move out of the dorm and into the Greek house with him so we could be together more, and I did. I can paint here in peace...back at the dorm it was hard. Now I am half way through my Sophomore year, and Johnson just finished up Sophomore year. I am thinking of taking extra classes so I can catch up with him. I want to graduate the same time he does.

Lot: Sim State University - 80 Crumplebottom Road

Johnson Speaking: I have finally met the woman of my dreams! She is a beautiful creature named Tosca Capehart. Well, let me tell you. I moved into the Greek house and lived there for about a year and a half all by myself. Yeah, it was a little lonesome, but it was nice at the same time. I studied, made good grades, and I watched alot of sports on big screen TV. I kept it in the back of my mind that I wanted to find a soul mate, but I didn't think too much openly. It hurt me to think about it.

Well, one day I got a phone call from Tosca Capehart. I used to go see her and her folks in Prosperity Falls. She was asking me if she could join the Greek house. I went over to see her at the dorm like I do all new applicants, and my heart stopped beating. I didn't remember her being so pretty, but she grew up! Oh boy did she grow up! Now I can't imagine life without her.

One evening we got all dressed up like it was a special occasion. We had a candle lit dinner, and I asked her to marry me when we got out of school, and she said yes. I am so happy! Now she is constantly on my mind. I can't wait to get this college thing over with and start my life with Tosca.

Lot: Sim State University - Brother and Sister, Synclare and Fraiser Strickland

Synclare Speaking: Fraiser and I left for State together, even though I am older than he is. I guess he is a study wonder boy. Me, I was comin' here for the boys. Gawd, once I got here, I realized I needed to fix myself up a bit after seein' how the other girls dressed.
I went to the beauty shop on campus and had hair extension put in, and I bought some new clothes. Fraiser was callin' me vain and stuff, but hey, I just wanted to fit in. OH I have to tell you about Zaed. I remember him from the Falls...we used to play together. Well, guess who I met up with here! I had only been here a day or two.
Yeah! Zaed Robbins! I was so happy to see him, I laid a great big kiss on him. I guess he found me in the campus directory. He called me up one day and said he was comin' over to see me. I was all for it, I mean, he is a friend from my past, you know? Gawd, when I saw him walkin' up the street toward my house, I thought I saw a peice of heaven. What a peice of eye candy he is!!! Right that minute I knew I had done the right thing visiting the beauty shop. I wondered how I let him get away from me? I wanted to throw myself at him right then, but I didn't. I acted cool.
Well, we spent a little time talkin' and we did go out to the student union once. But I remember that day...when we got back from our date. We just sort of ended know....well, I had my first woo-hoo with Zaed. I don't know if it was his first time or not, but if it was, he was a master from the git-go. He was smooooooth! Everything just seems to be moving too easy for us, like it was meant to be some kind of plan. But hey, I ain't gonna worry about it. He is perfect for me. In fact, he has made me forget about any possibilities of seeing other guys. I don't even wanna.

Synclare Strickland
Aspriation Change to Knowledge
New LTW to Max All Skills

Frasier Speaking:Well, that is all well and good, Syn. I am glad you found somebody. Me, I just felt real hokey...hey we had our first college party, and look who decided to show up. Our mom. Now if that wasn't the most embarrisin' thing.

Yeah I know she just wanted to make sure we were ok and stuff. Just had to drop by. OK. Just happened to be during our party. I am just releived she wasn't here when this happened:

Yeah, that chick Camryn and I kinda got a thing goin'. It was real spontaneous you know? How sometimes you just know when you like somebody. She came up to me and just started huggin' me and stuff, and I figured she was nice. We have gone out a few times since then, and I am thinking in a direction of I say that? I really haven't had much interest in anyone else at school except her.

Man I really like Camryn. It is almost like we were meant for each other. Like Synclare said...too easy. Makes you think everything is jinxed and will fall apart some time.

Lot: Sim State University - The Haunted Rental

It is I, Zaed! I am here at the human place of learning, Sim State university. My quest is to find Synclare Strickland, and begin my assignment for the Anotothian peoples. (See Zaed, The Wonder Boy.) In the mean time, I have slid into the roll of a typical Human Student. I have taken up residence with a boy named Tryce Capehart. He is a romantic fool.

He is another matter. Never mind him. I will tell you, the first thing I did upon my arrival was contact the leader of the club called Greek House. I found it to be to my distinct advantage to become a memeber of this club for the contacts alone. I became a member almost immediately, no doubt in reference to my unique and superior abilities attributal to the thought processes for learning and my opinions. I realize I am now valuable to the Greek House Crumplebottom, and have a lot to contribute. The next thing I did was immediately get into the studies of this institution. I suppose there is still some to learn that Timo did not have access to. I am finding it extremely interesting.
I did find Synclare Strickland. For a human, she is boasts a becoming skin. As a child she had short frizzy hair, and buck teeth. Since, she made herself into something I imagine human males greatly admire. But she is mine although she does not yet know it. I shall do my utmost to keep others away from her and giving her attentions. I can already picture her belly growing with a new Anotothian. Nay, no one else will touch her. I have seen to it.
Already Miss Synclare worshipping me and singing my praises. As she should. I will give her a life like she has never known; after all, she is the cornerstone that will help the Anotothian race to carry on. I will live in the home of my father, Timo Robbins, and raise my family. There at that place there are tools for great learning, where I will carry on the teachings of my ancestors.

Tryce Speaking: Alright big shot, my turn. Yeah, yeah, I came here with girls on my mind, but now I am thinkin' maybe that isn't so important. I did date a few. Like Cindy, and that chick that wears the cow costume.

Heh, at least I think there was a girl under that heavy costume somewhere. It really didn't matter to me. They all kiss as sweetly as the next. Man, I was findin' it hard to manage all the girls though, and keepin' up my grades. I had to ask Zaed to help me with my studies. It got to the point where he was doin' my assignments for me. He might be a crazy talker with all that crazy crap he talks, but he was a basic good guy for helpin' me out with my book work. But then something happened that changed my take on everything. I saw Michelle. (See Promotions and Demotions.) Man, I did't realize how much I missed her. Old things started stirring inside of me. Well, I had gone shoppin' at the University Shops to get some new clothes, yeah...somthing I thought would impress the girls. And who was workin' there! Michelle! She was a sight for sore eyes. I sorta forgot about the other girls I was seein' when Michelle told me she was gonna be starting at State the next semester. I told her we would get together. Hey, inside of me, it means more to me more than gettin' together.

Tryce Capehart
Aspiration Change to Fortune
New LTW - To Make $100,000 Simoleons.

I have sort of have it in my mind I wanna be able to make a good living with Michelle when I leave State. I don't know what happened to is really inside my head.


Alexis said... has Zaed seen to it that no one else would touch Synclare? I wonder if she will ever figure out his plan, or if she will really end up with him. Can't wait to find out! I'll catch up with more of your fascinating story later.

Simaholic said...

Awww, Johnson and Tosca make a cute couple. ::snickers:: And other things. Oooh are Synclare and Zaed going to pair off? I like Synclare's new look. And Zaed is causing her to settle down how sweet. LOL! "It is I Zaed!"