Saturday, August 13, 2005

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!

Lot: The Gentlemen's Club - Prosperity Falls

Last visit: The Touble With Roomates

Morgan-Rose: Well honey, it started out like any other Monday morning. Lucas had just moved in with us a few weeks before after the big fallin' out we had over at dad's house. (See Oh What A Web We Weave.) Lucas knew he couldn't stay over there with Ramey any more, even if Dovie was there. I guess he is arrangin' something with Ramey to get to see her. I was more than willin' to give that big hunka man a place to stay. Anyway, I was just startin' my second plate of waffles. I really didn't think anything about havin' seconds, but Lucas looked at me in such an odd way, I did start to feel self-conscious.

Lucas: Yeah, it was like leavin' a war zone and comin' to heaven. I didn't wanna say nothin' about all that food Morgan was puttin' away, but I couldn't help but notice.

Morgan-Rose: Well, I went to put my breakfast dishes in the dishwasher, and I felt so nauseous. My goodness, it swept over me several times, and I was just beside myself. I didn't want to think about it, but I had seen this same thing happen to my sister Kirstee, the baby-makin' machine.
I realized, to my horror, I was pregnant! At that moment, I could see the fun I had been having all my life go down the toilet. All those woo-hoos, all those life was over as I knew it. I racked my brain trying to think when it happened...with who???? Then I remembered, I had that run in with Lucas a couple of months ago...met him unexpectedly at Four Winds. (See Oh What A Web We Weave. I didn't have anything with me to prevent you know what....I know I should have always been prepared. And no, no, no, I don't take pills or slap on a patch to stop things. Chemicals don't agree with me. But my goodness, it is totally against my nature to pass up a woo-hoo!

Lucas: Heh, well, I'm not akin to passin' up myself. Get 'em when I can.

Morgan-Rose: Well, I was so digusted with myself, and with life, I just really wanted to lay down under a rock and let life pass me by. Here I am a grown woman, think I have everything worked out for the rest of my life, then this monkey wrench gets thrown in. Well, I didn't feel much like going and looking for woo-hoo anymore, I can tell you that.

Lucas: Yeah, I was there, you didn't need to go lookin'. *Smirk*
Kamika: I, however, have been responsible all my life. I know what to do to prevent babies! Do you see my stomach distending? NO!

Morgan-Rose: Shut up you old witch! Take your wrinkles and gray hair and go crawl back into the hole you came from. And don't you forget! Your daughter Kerris is about to be married and make you a Grandmother so I wouldn't keep flappin' my gums if I was you! And your nephew Zaed is going to make you a great aunt pretty soon, you old hag.

Morgan-Rose: *Smoothing back hair gone astray* Well honey, the first person I called was my sister Pachionetta. Seems like she is the only one left in the family that will talk to me anymore. I suppose because of the life I like to lead. Anyway, I told her everything. And you know what she did? She just smiled, rubbed my belly and said hello to the new little Bostic that was coming. I thought for sure Pachionetta would be on my side. But really, what did I expect her to do? It was totally unlike me to do something so normal as to get pregnant. Maybe I was scared she would think badly of me!

Lucas: Pachionetta is one cool chick. Man, if she wasn't such a sister to me I'd have nailed her a long time ago. *receives jab in the ribs from Morgan-Rose*. Yeah, I would have. *shrugs*

Morgan-Rose: The day came when Roxanna was born. I was never so glad to unload in all of my life. I had Tyler over from school, and we had just had a great woo-hoo around my big ol' belly. I really don't see how Tyler still found me attractive to woo-hoo with, but he did. Anyway, he witnessed Roxanna's birth, really helped me.

Lucas: Hurmph! Tyler is a skinny little lady. It's a wonder you can feel any thing at all with him.

Kamika: All men are great to be with! Do not talk against Tyler! All men have something different to offer a woman. You let your seed spread in an inconsiderate way, Lucas. You do not consider the female!

Lucas: Shut up, old woman. And I say that with respect.
Kamika: *ignoring Lucas's comment* I will say the infant Roxanna is a pretty human being. I have had geat pleasure in partaking of her care. But, I am glad I did not birth her! It is nice having a child in the house again.

Morgan-Rose: Well, I am glad the whole thing is over. But Kirstee tells me the pregnancy and birth is the easy part. Now I have to deal with the rest of her life. I guess I have to think like a mom now.

Lucas: You will make a great mom, Morgan-Rose. And I will be there to be a dad too. As long as I can still get all the woo-hoo I can handle.

Morgan-Rose: You got it Lucas. You and me both. From whomever we want! I love life! Why should having a child stop the wonderful world of woo-hoo?

Kamika: You two are such children. Making woo-hoo is a responsibility and a pleasure not to be taken for granted. I nearly lost my lover Komei, because I went a long time without giving him attention. I worked hard to win him back.

Morgan-Rose: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep talkin', Kamika.

Roxanna's Birthday Party


Alexis said...

Hehe, that was very entertaining! Morgan Rose sure doesn't treat Kamika very well does she? And it seems Kamika's mind is warping to be a bit more human, just as Timo's is? She is acting much more maternal than before anyway.

Simaholic said...

Ah, the drama between Morgan Rose and Kamika is so entertaining. I'm interested to see how Morgan Rose handles being a mother.