Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Stricklands, Week6/The Baby Factory

Lot: The Stricklands

Our last visit with the Stricklands revealed: The Stricklands, Week5/Kids! To continue, Brandi Strickland gives her take on the baby explosion.

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Hayell! If I'da knowed all them years ago when I married Landell (See The Stricklands, Chapter 1) what I was a-gettin' myself into I might not have done it. Married Landell, I mean. I was just a young pretty impressionable thing, and he was an old man, beggin' for somebody to hep him take care of his grandchildren. Their momma was dead, and he felt like he didn't have much time hisself before he died. I felt so sorry for the kids, I married the old man. Well, he didn't seem so old after I married 'im, he got me pregnant right away with Marc-Henry. Yeah, he sure had it. But I was glad to get my boy anyway. Hey, he marrin' his own girl, Kerris Robbins. (See Marc-Henry Buys A House ) But that's another story. At least he bought his own place and ain't layin' on top of me wantin' me to hep raise a bunch of younguns.

Landell's grandson Chevy and his wife Kirstee are reg'lar baby makin' machines, and there I am conveniently in the house heppin' out with taken care of 'em in the middle of the night. Right when I outta be enjoyin' myself in my golden years. (Begins to tick off on her fingers), First there was Synclare, soon to be followed up with Fraiser, Niles, Roz, Lillith, and number 6 is in the oven. Another little loaf of bread bakin'.

Hayell, you'd think too that Kirstee wouldn't keep that hourglass figger with all them babies poppin' out, but I reckon she has a way to keep fit. With bein' Caption Hero and all for the fine citizens of Prosperity Falls. It seems like everytime a new one is born, the rest of the family has a big celeration. Me, I just think about all the work I'm gonna be in for. Gettin' up in the night while Kirstee and Chevy sleep in.

Synclare Strickland
Aspriation - Romance. LTW - 20 Simultaneous Lovers
Neat-9, Outgoing-9, Acitve-6, Playful-3, Nice-5.
Sign: Capricorn

Hayell, it seem like everytime I turn around, another one of 'em is havin' a birthday. An' Chevy and Kirstee act like it is the one and only birthday that has ever taken place in the house, ever! Well, I reckon they are good about threatin' them kids like they are a one and only. That Synclare is a mighty high-falutin' girl. Sez she is gonna dedicate her life to romance. Hrumph! Romance my foot. She's been readin' too many of them dirty novels where everytime you turn around they're doin' the wild thang. Wait 'till she does it the first time and gits her own little loaf goin'. That should put a damper on things for her real quick. And all them crazy names that Chevy keeps comin' up with! Well, he spends time in front of the TV. He got the idea to name his kids after actors in his favorite TV show, Fraiser. Synclare was the only one that Kirstee got to name. I guess a person would have time to watch TV if they didn't work. The man has never spent a day walkin' out the door to go to work in his life. Me and Kirstee have been the bread winners here. Yep, the women are bearin' the babies AND bringin' home the bacon in this household.

Well I reckon Kirstee ain't the only Bostic havin' kids. Hayell, her sister Ramey had an illiget kid. (See Oh What A Web We Weave.) Ramey thought she would soften things up by namin' the girl after a snow-white bird. Yeah, like that is gonna make her snow white. That girl is guilty as sin! At least, Kirstee is married and birthin' her kids in honesty. Well, I can say Kirstee and Chevy ain't doin' a bad job. Synclare has already left for Sim State. That girl did alot of studyin' so she could make some decent scholarship money so her parents wouldn't have a big financial burden. With 6 kids now to put through college, hayell, I don't even wanna think about the cash outlay.

Fraiser Strickland
Aspiration - Knowldege. LTW - To Become A Criminal Mastermind
Neat-9, Outgoing-9, Acitve-6, Playful-3, Nice-5.
Sign: Capricorn

And things is gettin' better. Another one of 'em is gettin' ready to fly the coop. Fraiser. He says he wants to do a little more studyin' before he goes to college. Wants to rack up some more scholarship money to help out his momma and daddy. My lands, I guess Kirstee and Chevy ain't doin' such a bad job with these kids after all. I wouldn't be surprised if he ended up goin' off ter school with Synclare. Havin' all these kids around cramps a young man's lifestyle.

Me, I do think about Landell every now and then. Hayell, I do miss him, like it or not. I didn't get to spend much time with him in the real world. But somehow he lets me know he is still around and thinking about me. I look forward to the day when I get to join him in the sweet here after, but for now, I have a job to do.


WebbyMom said...

LOL! Wen, that is funny. I must admit to not reading the blogs as they come through very often, but this was worth some time away from my work today. :D Thanks for the funnies!

FairyD said...

That's awesome. I finally finished catching up and I've enjoyed all of the stories. Looking forward to the next one.

Simaholic said...

OMG, this is too funny! Gotta love those family sims. Am I to assume you are going for the 10 kids? Good luck!

Alexis said...

I love the voice you used in this one. It really did sound like an old lady telling the story of her family.