Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Robbins, Week7/Never Let The Neighbors Borrow Your Tools

Lot: Robbins - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Zaed, The Wonder Boy

Meadow Speaking: Well, I broke the news to Timo we were going to have another child, number three. My goodness, Timo took the news very well, considering everything that was looming on the horizon for us in the next few days. But how could he know? I loved Timo with everything I am, but even he doesn't know the future. Although there were times when I thought he was real different and knew something I didn't. I always trusted him with everything as far as running the family goes. And he took his job to heart. I couldn't have asked for a finer man. Oh, I am speaking in past tense. *sniff* It is alright. My Timo passed away just a few days ago. I want to tell someone about his last days. Perhaps it will help ease my pain a little.
Yaskia was born in the middle of the night, in our bedroom. Timo was there all the way for me. I was so happy to get a daughter after having two fine sons, Zaed and Quavi. I always let Timo name the kids. Yes, the names sounded strange, but they were named after people in Timo's family. Zaed is named after Timo's father, Quavi is named after Timo's brother. And our new little Yasika is named after his mother. I never got to meet any of his family. When I mentioned it, he would wave me away and say it was of no importance. I accepted that. When Yasika was born, Timo was happy, he said she looked Anotothian. I did not understand what that meant? I asked him and he just turned away from me. I wonder to this day what that means. I guess I will never know...Timo's mind was slipping in his last days. He talked much of aliens inhabiting the earth (See Marc-Henry Gets Married), and training to carry on the race. I loved him all the same. He was my Timo.

The two youngest children had their birthdays. My boys Zaed and Quavi had both inherited my blond hair. Yasika inherited her dad's beautiful red hair, and all the children have their dad's golden skintone and peculair yellow eyes. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family. But alas, I am afraid the neighbors across town, the Capeharts, have suffered a loss, at our expense. I am so sorry. Let me tell you how it happened.

It is one thing to lose your husband to natural causes. That is the way Timo died. But to lose your husband to something sudden and horrific....unexpected. Quavi had befriended our neighbor, Trevaus Capehart. Mr. Capehart had agreed to help Quavi with some physical training during the evenings when Timo was working. I was glad to see this, as I was busy with Yasika. One evening after training, Quavi went to bed as usual, and Mr. Capehart and I ate some pizza left over from earlier in the evening. He went to the bathroom sink to wash his hands, and the faucet sprung a leak. Being the good and giving man he is, Mr. Capehart took out a wrench and turned the pipes until the water stopped pouring out. I thanked him profusely, and at that moment Yasika began to cry, so I went to her. Mr. Capehart continued looking around my home for broken items, and saw the dishwasher wasn't operating, and decided to fix it. Right about this time, Timo came home from work and began to make himself a snack.

Mr. Capehart didn't have the good luck with the dishwasher he had with the sink. Alas, a spark ignited and an electrocution ensued. Mr. Capehart died on my kitchen floor. Strangely Timo's only comment was, "I have now witnessed the complete human cycle of birth through death! I must go and add my observations to my notes!" He then ran to the comptuer and typed for the rest of the night. Now, Mr. Capehart is known to haunt the dishwasher. I hope I can help his widow Nichole (Thompson) Capehart move his grave home.

It was shortly after that I had a birthday as well. I decided to retire from my job as a exorcist. Well, I figured I would have to study so much more to get to the top of the field, a cult leader, and I just wasn't up for it. I just had Yasika, Quavi was doing an awful lot of studying, and I just got the feeling time was getting short with Timo. How right I was.

He passed away one evening while tucking in Quavi. Quavi had called Zaed home from college to help him study since Mr. Capehart was dead. So our whole family was together when it happened. Somehow it didn't seem like such a sad occasion; he went peacefully. Zaed actually witnessed his passing, I was downstairs putting Yasika to bed. Quavi had gotten out of bed; knowing something was up. So he was there too. My two boys saw their father die.

We were there for each other, and that was enough. We buried Timo in the back yard beside Mr. Capehart. Zaed made the same strange comment his father did at Mr. Capehart's passing, now he had witnessed birth to death. Perhaps I will someday get an answer from Zaed what that means.

Well, while he was home, Zaed told me he would be moving home soon with the girl he was going to marry, Synclare Strickland. She is from that fine family down the street. I went to school with her parents, Kirstee and Chevy Strickland, so I know she is from a good family. I am so glad he is going to settle here with his wife and have children. I will have a part in their upbringing. I think six grandchildren is a nice round number, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Hey!! I've only just started reading Prosperity Falls, and I'm enjoying it so far. I was wondering if I could add you to the links list of my blog?

ASimWen said...

Sure...go ahead. If you have a TS2 blog, I will add your URL to mine as well..just let me know what it is.

Rachel said...

Thanks very much! My blog is Victoria Hill, I only started it yesterday. Its at

Alexis said...

So Meadow never discovered the truth about Timo's origins, huh? I wonder if she ever will?

Simaholic said...

How sad about Trevaus. Timo has always been so stranage about his hertiage. I do wonder with Alexis if Meadow will ever find out the truth.

Jenn W said...

Awwww :( I wanted him to live forever Wen...FOREVER!!!!! You have elixer, why didn't you make it so????