Monday, August 08, 2005

The Robbins, Week 6/Zaed, The Wonder Boy

Lot: The Robbins - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Education

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Zaed Robbins
Aspiration - Knowledge
LTW - To Become a Criminal Mastermind
Neat-1, Outgoing-1, Active-10, Playful-7, Nice-10
Zodiac Sign - Sagitarius

Ha! It is I, Zaed! I am son of Timo, and grandson of Zaed! I have been throughly schooled by my father Timo in preparedness for populating the Earth with the Anotothian race. I will not bore you with the details of my existence. It is sufficeth to say, my seed will empower all Anotothians on this planet! I have already chosen the Earth woman that will bear my children. Synclare Strickland. She does not know it yet. I met her as a child, and I have planned to poisition myself to be at the echelon of higher learning, Sim State University, where I discovered she will be attending. Nay, if it weren't for the need to spread my seed, I would not bother to attend myself. I have already exhausted all the skills necessary to live and succeed on the planet Earth.

My father Timo was an excellent teacher and professor. I could not have asked for better. But once I grew past the age of child, I could continue to educate myself. Timo and his earth woman Meadow were busy making another Anotothian child. My father had another son, his name is Quavi.

Timo almost started to act like a typical Earth man, slobbering all over Meadow and talking through her belly to the new Anotothian growing inside. I was almost embarrassed. But then, I found through my father's notes he left me on the computer that the Earth air would eventually make his mind become null. He would eventually forget some of our ways. And become more like an earth male. And, the same will like happen to all Anotothians on this planet. So for now, it is up to me, Zaed! I am more than Anotothian enough to carry on!

During my studies, I was fortunate to witness the proccess of human birth when my brother Quavi was born. Timo was absent from the home, he was at his earth job as a Mad Scientist. At this moment, I can only imagine my own seed becoming reality. Synclare Strickland will bear the Anotothian race on earth! I will keep her bearing my children so our race can continue without interruption.

I do understand my cousin Kerris has already attended Sim State University and was tutored under my father beforehand in our home. She has found an earth male, Marc-Henry Strickland to marry and bear children with. Marc-Henry is Synclare's great uncle.

She did come to our home and get practice caring for a child when Quavi was born. I got the impression she did not have as strong an urge to develop the Anotothian race, but she will be having children none-the-less. The mission will go on with her as well. My only concern is that her children will not be schooled in the Ways like I have been, and the the way I plan to school my children.

I studied under my father for solid days and nights, with no sleep. Timo had many learning machines and notes for me to use. I learned how to make medicene so I could care for my Anotothian children. I learned the inside of the carbon-based human body so I could heal. I befriended an earth woman Pachionetta Bostic who taught me more of the finer points of fighting from a human point of view. This information will be helpful if I ever am in a position where I will have to use hand on hand combat.

My father Timo is a great man, and has dedicated is life to serving our King of Anatoth, and the Anotothian peoples. Right before my eyes, father as disentigrated to a mere mortal. He no longer sticks to our ways. What a martyr Timo Robbins is! I shall erect a statue in his honor! I know he no longer is the Anotothian he once was because he has allowed Meadow to go outside of the home and work, and has taken an active part in baby care. Anotothian males leave that to the females and get involved when the new life has reached child age. Then we teach.

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My father Timo gave all for our peoples. He has trained me to take over the mission, and I will do so gladly. And...there is Quavi whom I will help to train and get ready for the mission as well. My seed is ready and ripe to begin growing into the next generation of the Anotothian race here on Earth. Do you hear me, Synclare Strickland! I am coming for YOU.....

Accomplishments This Round
Zaed - LTW, max all skills.
Impossible Want, max all skills.

Stay tuned to the next installment of University....where Zaed and Synclare become an item.


Simstress3377 said...

Wow... really cool stories. Although, I think I'd be a bit scared if I was miss Strickland. lol

Simaholic said...

Yikes! Look out Synclare. You are being stalked. I'm glad to hear that Zaed has embraced his Anotothian heritage. Wow has he embraced it, LOL.

Alexis said...

Wow, Zaed certainly takes this seriously, doesn't he? I only hope Synclare is as interested in him as Meadow was in his father...