Sunday, August 21, 2005

Marc-Henry Gets Married

Lot: Strickland.2 - Prosperity Falls

Last Visit: Marc-Henry Buys A House

Kerris speaking. Hey, the first thing I did after I graduted from Sim State, was go see Marc-Henry. (See 80 Crumplebottom Road.) Marc had our house fixed up with furniture he had bought. He told me I could change anything I wanted to, but he knows me so well, I didn't change a thing. I did add a couple of new peices, a mirror and a matching chair to the sofa. Guys..

But anyway, I moved in with Marc. Aunt Meadow and Uncle Timo had their hands full with my new little cousin Quavi, and Aunt Meadow is pregnant again, so I didn't move back home. I did go see Quavi, he is so cute. (See Zaed, The Wonder Boy.) I really felt my maternal strings start pulling, hard when I held him. I started dreaming of the children I will have with Marc-Henry. But, Marc and I had discussed all that, and we decided that we would put off having a baby for a while until I got nice and settled in my job. I did get a job local government. Call me Congresswoman Kerris! Uncle Timo is so proud.

Anway, one of the first things I did after I got my job, was I invited some of the girls over to show them my new house.

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Of course, one of the biggest peices of gossip going around right now is the big pee accident that happened at Marsha and Janelle's Union. (See The Capeharts, Getting Ready.) Aracadia the repairwoman did it right there in the middle of toasting Marsha and Janelle. I thought it was the funniest thing...but Janelle was mortified. Arcadia, the poor woman, hastily left and Marsha mopped up the mess. Arcadia didn't bother hanging around for the acutal ceremony. I wouldn't either.
Luckily, nothing like that happened at me and Marc's wedding. Everything went real well. My mother Kamika chose not to come. She has a thing against the whole institution of marriage. However, I understand that Pao Mellon is my father. Yes, it was discovered not too long ago, mom let the cat out of the bag so to speak and told me while I was at State. Dad came to the ceremony even though we don't know each other that well.
Having dad around will give our kids a full set of grandparents. Marc's dad Landell died before he was born. (See The Stricklands, Chapter 1.) So that leaves our kids with Brandi on Marc's side for a grandma, and Kamika and Pao for grandparents on my side. Of course, Aunt Meadow and Uncle Timo acutally raised me, so they are the real grandparents for my kids. But now, I have a whole lifetime to get to know my dad. And for him to get to know his grandkids. I hope to have him around alot. The wedding party went real well. Mother Strickland came and ate like nobody's business, and Uncle Timo was arguing with everyone about whether or not the earth can be populated by a race from another planet. Uncle Timo and I are Anotothian. I was so afraid he was gonna let it all loose.....Marc-Henry doesn't know I am not 100% human, and I am assuming dad doesn't know either, that my mother Kamika is from another planet. Uncle Timo is getting senile in his golden years. I think maybe he has forgotten he is from Anatoth, but remembers something about beginning a new race on earth of Anatothians. (See The Robbins, Chapeter 1.) *Sigh*. Yes, any child Marc and I have will continue my race. I will tell my child as much, but I want him or her to live a normal human life. But he/she has a right to know about our heritage.

But you know how it is. Things don't always go the way you plan it. I got pregnant just a few weeks after Marc and I got married. I am not quite at the top of my career. But that is ok. It won't take much more for me to get there. I realized one night I was pregnant while I was gazing at the star to be exact. Anatoth. The home I have never been to...never seen. Seeing Anatoth reminded me that one of these days I am going to look for it, and it won't be there. I must continue the Anotothian race on earth.


Alexis said...

Wow, Kerris is great. It's so wonderful of her to want her child to have a normal life, but still feel responsibililty to her mother's home planet. LOL, it sounds funny talking about it like it's real. Anyway, perhaps one of the males will be abducted sometime and get to witness the new method of Anotath(?) breeding...

Simaholic said...

Ah, Timo. Always so obsessed about being Anotothian is starting to forget. That is so sad. It is cool that Kerris wants to continue her race. Always nice to keep heritage alive.

Jenn W said...

I think Timo is one of my favourites!!