Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Marc-Henry Buys A House

Lot: Strickland.2 - Marc-Henry Strickland

Yeah, Marc-Henry Strickland here. Call me Marc. I reckon the last time you heard from me was back when I was at Sim State. (See A New Beginning/A Graduation.) Well, I graduated with honors. Yeah. And I met the love of my life, Kerris Robbins. (See Kerris Meets Marc-Henry .) There is something I want to do more than anything I have ever done in my life, and that is make Kerris my wife. In order to do that, I have bought a house. I haven't put much in it. It is small, just room for us with a spare bedroom that will probably be a nursery. I want Kerris to decorate it the way she wants when we get married. Who knows, she might like the few things I have put in here. But it's all right if she changes it.

The first thing I did when I moved in was call Kerris with the good news. She was real happy wantin' to come over right away and look at it, but I convinced her to stick around school for a day or two because she had finals coming up. With her still in school, that gives me time to get a job and get things movin' around here. I want it to be perfect for her. I did get a job in law enforcement. I am a lieutenant. I will already be bringing home a good paycheck when we get married. That will make things easier.
Yeah, that is me leaving for work on my first day. Hey it was really cool, one of the first people that came by to congratulate me on buying the house and moving into the neighborhood was Kerris's Aunt Meadow. She seemed like she had it together. We swapped "Kerris" stories. I heard lot about Kerris' life when she was younger. I did learn about her mother, Kamika. I felt bad for Kerris, her mother abandoning her when she was little. (See Babies, Babies, Everywhere!.) She had not told me that. I loved her even more when I found out about her past. She turned out so well for having an uncaring mother. But then, I have Kerris's Aunt Meadow and Uncle Timo to thank for the person she is today.
I did have a few of the neighbors over. Meadow introduced a few people to me that lived close by. I met Ramey Bostic and Benjamin Long. Ramey and I had college stories to exchange, and Benjamin seemed like a brainy sort of fellow. But we didn't hit it off. I did have mom over a couple of times to get a female's take on the house, and she assured me Kerris would like it. And oh, when was I ever going to get around to introducing her to my fiancee? She informed me she wasn't gettin' any younger, you know. She wants grandchildren. *grin* I don't think that is going to be a problem. Kerris and I have talked it over, and we both decided we would like a couple of rugrats.
The day came when I finally had Kerris over to show her the house. She told me how much she loved it. I was relieved. I was afraid there would be something about it she didn't like. But I should have known she would like it. After all, I am going to marry her. Hey - I AM GOING TO MARRY KERRIS ROBBINS! I can't believe it. *Whew*.


Catootje73 said...

Marc seems like a sweet guy and more family oriented than the other popularity sim Mercedes. What is Kerris' aspiration again?

I hope they will live happily ever after.

Simaholic said...

Awww how sweet! I hope that Marc and Kerris are very happy together.

Alexis said...

He sound so excited about his upcoming marriage, and he seems very sweet. It looks like is Ramey is pregnant in that picture in the kitchen too!