Saturday, August 13, 2005

Lot: The Capeharts - Prosperity Falls

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Tryce Capehart
- Romance.
LTW - Professional Party Guest
2 Neat, 9 Outgoing, 9 Active, 6 Playful, 5 Nice
Zodiac Sign - Gemini

Hey Tryce here, I am at Uni now. But there is a coupla things that happened before I left the house, you know? Like, mom had another kid, Tomas. I know I was still a kid myself when we last talked. But you know how it is. I grew up real quick. See, Dad's got this crazy idea of marrying of all of his kids, and mom is going right along with it. 6 kids to be exact. Something about keeping the family goin'. Toxins in the homeland...don't really know all about that. I don't know that I wanna be married. I have found out the chicks are really cool. It started when I met my cousin from down the street, Tosca. Her dad is Jayrus, my older brother.

Man, we used to have a real good time playing. You know, kid games like cops-n-robbers and stuff like that. It was like almost every day after school she would come over. What a blast. Then after I grew up some, I met a girl named Michelle in town. Hey man, she seemed to like all the same things I did, and wanted to talk about the same things I did. Like woo-hoo.
She told me how sometimes people would come to the store and make woo-hoo in the changing booths. I thought that was the greatest thing I had ever heard, and we started talkin' about it. Alot. I started toyin' around with the idea that maybe Michelle would do that with me. Well, it never happened, but I made a good friend out of Michelle anyway, in fact, we had a teen-aged crush on each other, she gave me my first kiss. I was kinda hopin' I would see her at State so we could finish what we started with the woo-hoo, but I haven't seen her.

I was saying earlier that mom had aother kid. Yeah, Tomas. A boy, dad is happy. Mom said Tomas is the last one. She was ready to do other things. She went out and got a job after Tomas was born, she is a doctor! I can't believe my mother is a doc. Well, more power to her, I say. Hey my sister Janelle has been making lots of visits here lately, tellin' us about her friend Marsha. How they got together at State and stuff. She says they are gonna live together after school. (See 80 Crumplebottom Road.) From the way she talks, I think it is more than just friendship, but she hasn't really come out and said. Mom is just sort of skimming over the subject, and dad just looks at her and nods. I think they are thinkin' the same thing I am, but nobody will talk about it out loud. At least she and Marsha are gonna live with Mercedes and Ricky. Smart move.

Well while mom was doin' real well at her job, dad got demoted. He was a major in the Army but he made a bad decision about some asteroids and the President demoted him down to astronaut. The President said, "If you can't make a smart decision about what do do about 'em from the ground, by god, you will fight 'em out in space, up close and personal". Dad didn't seem real unhappy about that. In fact the day it happened, he came home and shouted out his happiness right there on the sidewalk in front of the house. Said he was glad to be flyin' again. Mabye in his old age the responsibilities of running the Army was too much for him.

Well, I reckon that is all. I will see you at State. Keep you updated from there. TA-TA!


Simaholic said...

You know where Michelle is right? She's engaged to Cell Bacter (from my Legacy family). That's probably why Tryce hasn't seen her ;o)

Jenn W said...

Michelle fed herself to the cow plant after leaving Generation 9 Oortaio heir-loser Owen at the alter. So she's not there because she's dead. Poor girl!!

Look at me getting caught up. I think I read this before but I can't remember where I have been reading so I thought I'd just go back a ways and read again. Good way to pass lunch time! I'm loving it all Wen!!