Friday, August 19, 2005

The Capeharts, Getting Ready

Lot: Capehart.2 - Trevaus, Nichole and Doris

Last Visit: Nichole The Trainer

Trevaus speaking. My daughter Doris is growing up at a phenomenal rate. Alas, she is a child no more. Nichole and I worked very hard with her to raise her to be an upright individual with a strong sense of right and wrong, and to get her ready for Sim State. She isn't quite there. It will be a few weeks before she leaves. In the mean time, Nichole and I have considered having another child, but have decided not to. We will have time for ourselves while Doris is at school, and then we hope she will come back here to live.

We did get Doris into private school. The experiences she has there will help her at Sim State. Nichole has done a great job helping her to develop the skills necessary to make it in this hard world. Me, I taught her a few cooking skills, that came in handy because of my job as a Celebrity Chef.
Doris Capehart
Aspiration - Popularity.
LTW - To Become Mayor.
4 Neat, 7 Outgoing, 8 Active, 7 Playful, 3 Nice.
Zodiac Sign - Sagitarius.

We aren't through with her yet. She has decided to sit out another season before leaving for State. I am glad. Being that she is my only child, I don't mind keeping her around a little longer.

My wife Nichole has been great as well. She has been helping Doris and I train for our jobs, as well as keeping her job going. She is thinking about slowing down some. She has been through four jobs now since coming to Prosperity Falls, and is ready to settle down. She has brought home some great job rewards as a result of switching jobs. Me, I am a Celebrity Chef now, and I don't feel like changing jobs again. What a relief. I am getting tired. Well, until next time.

Accomplishments this round:
Trevaus - Reached pinnacle of second career, Celebrity Chef.
Nichole - Maxed all skills (not scored, she is a fortune sim).

Lot: Capehart.3 - Ricky, Mercedes, Janelle, Marsha, and Manuel

Last Visit: Ricky's Inner Time Clock

Ricky Speaking (Indian Accent) Oh my friends, my friends, welcome to my home. We are becoming one big happy family I am happy to report! First of all, let me explain. I have reached the highest honor in my field of work, I am now recognized as a Captain Hero. I know there is more than one of us in the neighborhood, but it is an honor none the less. But, as you might already know, my dearest wife Mercedes could not be bothered by the ordeal of pregnancy. She has worked very in her field of work in Culinary, and has become a Celebrity Chef. Some days she would come home from work exhausted.
It was on those nights I would pamper my dearest and make her a fine supper and rub her feet. I am beginning to understand her feelings about the absence of children in our lives. But no matter about that anymore! As I said a moment ago we are one big happy family! You see, Mercedes' sister Janelle moved in with us in our large home after she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sim State University, my alma matter. She also brought her beloved with her, Marsha Bruenig.
Janelle and Marsha are very close, and share a bedroom. But, I am so happy! I will not begin to speculate what goes on there. Do I seem happy? Will tell you why. Numer one. The girl Marsha is a cleaning machine.
Everytime I turn around, that girl is wiping down the counters, and evicting the dust bunnies from under the sofa. I am considering firing the maid. Yes, I will admit it. Mercedes and I are lazy housekeepers. But the girl Marsha, does enough work for ten Sims around the house. OK, the next thing I am really happy about, is we had another wedding in the house! Yes my friend, Janelle and Marsha legally became one in a Union ceremony.Ah, it is wonderful to see a new family forming. Now instead of one new sister in law, I have TWO! Beautiful Janelle, and talented Marsha. Oh but my friend. There is a third and most important reason I am so very, very happy. The girls decided to bring a child into the house. Now you must know, that for the very reasons you have no doubt deduced by now, the girls could not naturally conceive a child and give birth. The wonderful woman Marsha simply picked up the telephone and ordered one! Yes! Just like that, and the boy was delivered to the house the very next day. Can you believe it! Had I known it would be that easy I would have done it myself.
This is Manuel Capehart. Like his mother Marsha, he has a passion to clean. And like his other mother Janelle, he thrists to learn life's skills. The boy rarely picks up a toy to play. Any parent would be thrilled with such a child. Oh how I wish I had thought to adopt a child. Had I known it was that easy! And now, we have Mercedes, Marsha, Janelle, Manual, and ME! Ricky! If that is not a happy family, I do not know what is. Now we four adults dedicate our time to raising little Manuel. What a wonderful boy! Until next time, you will be able to see the progress made with Little Rick....errrrr...Manuel!

Accomplishments this round:
Mercedes - Reached pinnacle of first career, Celebrity Chef, also scored a LTW with this.
Ricky - Reached top of career, Captain Hero.

Center Of Attention
Arcadia the Repairwoman drinks a little too much bubbly at the wedding and quickly remembers why it is wise to stay close to the bathroom at her age.


Alexis said...

Oh, Ricky! He is quite funny, and a very interesting character. Perhaps he will adopt still...

Simaholic said...

LOL! She picked up the phone and ordered one! What a funny guy Ricky is. Maybe he can order a child too, LOL