Saturday, August 06, 2005

The Bostics, Week6/Oh What A Web We Weave....

Lot: Bostic - Prosperity Falls

Hey, Pachionetta Bostic broadcasting to you LIVE from the Bostic Residence in Prosperity Falls. Oh do I have TONS of juicy gossip to dish up to you today! I am the obvious one to pass it along being that I am just sort of here. I go to work, come home, watch a little TV, then go to bed. Usually. But lemme tell ya, my sister Ramey has been heavy at it. I have been around to see the nastiest fighting I have ever seen in my life. First off, I know Ramey's ex-beau Lucas. We always got along pretty well. He would tell me things that he wouldn't say to Ramey. I guess he was too close to her. Hehehe, lemme tell ya, and he will do anything.

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I know he considered himself a real ladies' man. I should know. The big goof has been living with us for the past year, almost. When ever Ramey wasn't around, he would talk about other women, especially our sister Morgan-Rose. He was especially interested in her. I told him one evening, "If you are such a hot-shot with girls, come on to the nanny." Well, he did, and Karen didn't appreciate it. Oh yeah....Ramey had her and Lucas' baby. A little girl named Dovie. She is really cute. Looks an awful lot like Lucas though. Like father, like daughter.
Anyway, it was about the funnies thing I ever saw. That poor nanny called Lucas a fresh kid and slapped him one. Oh well but in the beginning. Lucas never really took much of an interest in poor Dovie. Her care fell to me, Ramey and dad. Lucas continually went out in the evening while we stayed home and continued to be a family.

It was if Lucas really didn't fit in with the rest of the family, wasn't interested in it. He did his thing, and we did ours. My goodness, he wasn't even around when Dovie was born. He stayed in bed sleeping after a night of partying. He was a Professional Party Guest. But he got fired from that job because he went streaking at some VIP's party. What a goof. But even after he got fired from that, he continued to go out. He met up with Morgan-Rose one night in town.

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He told me all about it, every gross detail. How he and Morgan did it in the changing booth and everything. In my opinion, that is just sick. He acted like he was all proud of what they had done. Well, what ever floats their boat, I say. I wanted so bad to ask him how could he do this to my sister Ramey, but he was doing it with my other sister Morgan-Rose! So it's like I was stuck in the middle watching the whole thing. I just decided not to say anything to anybody and let it go. I figured I could learn more if I just watched and kept my mouth shut.

Well, Morgan-Rose and Lucas got real brazen with their little trysts, and decided to 'do it' one day in the hot tub. What they failed to realize, was that it was right about the time for Ramey to come home from work. And to make matters worse, she brought home a co-worker with her, Jayrus Capehart, who had had a crush on Morgan back in college. OH MAN! The sparks...they did fly! It was the biggest slap fest I have ever seen in my life!

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First, Jayrus slapped Morgan-Rose. Which, I feel like he didn't have a right to do because he is married to Tosha and has a little girl Tosca. But anyway, Then Ramey slapped the snot out of Lucas. Then, everybody got slapped again, all at once! Morgan-Rose got in a couple of good slugs right back at Jayrus, and Lucas got it again from Ramey.

I felt like if I had a bag of popcorn and something to drink I could just sit back and watch the show. Those four adults stood outside screaming for ages. Finally, Jayrus and Morgan-Rose both left in a huff. We all went inside then. But Lucas just acted like nothing was wrong, and life went on.

But Ramey took it pretty hard. She spent alot of time outside in the garden crying. I know she had planned to marry Lucas and spend the rest of her life with him. But instead, she ended up hating him, and now is estranged from Morgan-Rose as well. I always thought she jumped the gun by having a child before she got married, but that was none of my business. I wondered how she was gonna get through it. But I shouldn't have wondered. My sister Ramey has always needed a man in her life. Not like me...I can handle everything myself. I am an independent woman! Well, anyway, Ramey called upon one of her old friends...someone she has talked with alot over the years, and knew he would give her a good shoulder. Yeah.

Ricky Cromier. She had spent alot of time over at Ricky and Mercedes' house, as they are always having parties. Ramey always seemed to get invited. Not like me. I never get invited anywhere. But anyway. Well, you know how it is, dearie, when one's defenses are low. I guess Ricky was down in the dumps too because Mercedes doesn't want any children, and he wants them in the worse way. (See Ricky's Inner Time Clock.) So let's put two and two together. One Broken Heart + One Empty Heart = T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

Well, those two got beyond 'talking' real quick. I just sort of hid upstairs for a while. It was none of my beeswax to butt in, as Ramey was no longer attached to anyone, and wel, I certianly didn't want to get in the middle of anyone's marital affairs. The next thing I know, Ramey and Lucas are getting into again, and she ended up throwing him out.

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This one was not a pretty scene. She kept screaming at him that he was a no-good-low-life something or the other. She was using words I didn't even know she knew. It was words right out of The Righteous Cusser's Dictionary. It was as if she finally went off the deep end. I didn't know Ramey right then. She was oblivious to everyone and everything around her. It was just her and Lucas, and her mission to get rid of him. As soon as she trew him out, he got on the phone and called a taxi to come and get him. Ramey had the gall to immediately inivte Ricky over too. Talk about heart stopping!

Well, Ramey met up with Ricky out in the front garden (this garden, I might add, is the one that Lucas built himself). (See To Have A Child, Or Not?) and was telling him Lucas was finally gone. I don't know what she thought she thinks she gonna get from him, because besides Mercedes not giving him any children, he is a happily married man. I think. When Lucas's taxi arrived, he was mumbling something about that "crazy bitch". I assume he was talkin' about Ramey, but he didn't say it loud enough for her to hear. He might have been scared that she would whip his ass again. *smirk*.

Meanwhile in the middle of all this, our dad, Marquez Bostic was obilvious to everything except Dovie. He spends his time enjoying her as much as he can. He keeps saying he doesn't have that much time left, he is gonna die tomorrow, and wants to spend all the time he can with his grand baby. More power to him, I say. Of course, he tells us everyday he is gonna die tomorrow. *giggle*.

I sort of think Lucas went to live with Morgan-Rose. He kept hinting around he wanted to do that. Dovie is a great kid, kind of mean though. Looks like her dad. So no matter how much Ramey tries to forget, she will see Lucas everyday when she looks at Dovie. Me, I just work. I am now working in the science field. I wanna be a scientist. Ramey got tired of being Chief of Staff, and switched to what I did a long time ago, crime. More power to her. It wasn't for me. Dad just works. And waits. For Grim. Until next time!

Accomplishments this round: Marquez: Reached top of second career, Businss Tycoon. Pachionetta - Reached top of third career, Icon. (not scored).


Simaholic said...

Oh wow! The DRAMA!!! That house is intense with drama! Wow. Lots of slapping going on over there.

Alexis said...

I'm glad Ramey got rid of that no-good man, Lucas. Of course, she probably shouldn't be crying on Ricky's shoulder! I smell more drama!

Shelby said...

I feel awful for poor little Dovie!
No Dad!