Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Bostics, Week 7/Transition Time

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Dovie Speaking: Hiya! Guess what, all kinds of stuff has happened around here this week. Two main things happened, my little brother Andre was born, and everybody had a birthday. Mom called it a time of transition. I suppose it was. Well, that pic of me is an old one. I am a teen ager now, thinking about going to University. But I am not sure when. It depends on how things go around here, with all the changes goin' on. Mom might need my help. After all, grandpa died and now mom is a senior herself. But gramps didn't pass away without having a little fun!

Grandpa decided it was time to retire from his job. He said he had worked hard alla his life, and he said it was time to get after the things he had always had his heart set on. He didn't reach his lifetime goal to make $100,000 simoleons, but he said that was ok. He had lots of good years with his family. He spent hours gazing through the telescope, and watching the brand new big screen TV he bought with his retirement money from work. But the best thing, I think, is he started a romance with my old nanny Karen.

I guess Gramps gettin' together with Karen was a good thing. She gave him something to look forward to, and she helped him realize he still 'had it'. *wink* Gramps did say he had given up on my grandma Leah who had left him years ago when mom was my age. He spent all these years raising my mom and my aunts. Now, it was time for him to do have a little fun. But it is sad. He did get to play with Karen and every thing, but he didn't get to meet my new little half sister, Roxanna. (See Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!) And my Aunt Kirstee is pregnant again too, so he won't get to see that granchild.

Grandpa passed away in peace. He had been outside using the telescope when his time came. Love you Gramps....

But anyway, like I said earlier, mom called this a time of transition. Well, I had a birthday first of all.

Dovie Bostic
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Neat-5, Outgoing-5, Active-9, Playful-7, Nice-1.

I haven't really met anybody I want to hang out with or anything. I kinda like to keep to myself, work out on the treadmill, and maybe do some reading. I had alot of fun spending time with Andre, especially when we were both younger.
I guess he and I don't have the same dad. My dad Lucas lives across the street with my Aunt Morgan-Rose. It was my Aunt Morgan that had Roxanna. So Roxanna is my half sister. I don't question her or mom about what happened all those years ago that caused the falling out between mom and dad. (See 'Last Visit' entry, link at top of the page.) People don't always get along, do they? But I am kinda sorry I don't have a sister in the house with me. Just mom, Aunt Pachionetta and Andre. I guess that is enough to have a good family life. But anyway, Andre's dad is mom's good friend Ricky Cromier. Mom said he came along at just the right time and pulled her out of a depression and left a precious little gift behind named Andre.
Andre took Gramp's death pretty hard. Gramps had spent lot of Andre's baby and toddler years holding him and singing to him, playing with him. So Andre has stong and vivid memories of him for a little kid. No sooner than Gramps died, then mom and Aunt Pachionetta had a birthday too. We found out right around this same time that Gramps had left us all alot of money..in fact, he left alot to friends too. His life insurance went to 14 people. So, mom and Aunt Pachionetta's birthday was really bittersweet. We were all standing around crying about Gramps, getting money deposited into our bank accounts through Gramp's life insurance policy, and watch mom and Aunt Pachionetta have thier birthdays. What a night.

Me, after all this talk and everything, I think I will go to University. Get out of the house for a while and find myself. See you there.


Alexis said...

So, does Ricky know about his son? I think he might be happy about him, but what would he tell his wife?

Simaholic said...

Oooh, Marquez is hooking up with the nanny. I guess he isn't too old to get some, LOL! Awww, but then he died. How sad. Oh what a twist family Dovie has. Her dad getting her aunt pregnant so she has a sister/cousin. Hmmm.