Saturday, August 27, 2005

Another One Flies The Coop

Lot: Strickland - Prosperity Falls
Last Visit: The Baby Factory

Brandi Speaking: My gawd they way them to carry on, ye'd think they was teen-agers. Ye'd never think, in a thousand years, that woman has had 6 kids. Yep, count 'em...six. Synclare, Fraiser, and Niles who are at University. Then there's Roz, Lillith, Daphne, and another un about to be born. Kirstee says they are goin' for 10 kids. I don't doubt it an' I don't doubt they will do each an' every one of 'em right.

Niles Strickland
Aspiration - Family
LTW - To Become A Celebrity Chef
8 neat, 3 outgoing, 1 active, 3 playful, 10 nice
Zodiac Sign - Cancer

Well Niles had his birthday here recently an' I think he was relieved to git up into the ages where he could sort take charge of his own self some. Hayell, I was glad he grew up 'cause he was able to give me some hep aroun' here. Yes, his momma goes to work when she's not pregnant, and his daddy has his hands full too watchin' the TV show Fraiser and comin' up with names for the kids. But Niles doesn't seem to think that matters. He grew up a happy boy, an' like I said, heppin' around here.

He was always the first one to run an' give the younger kids a hand. In fact, he mentioned that he might not go to college, an' stay home an' hep. But his daddy insisted he go on and join his older brother and sister there. I am sure gonna miss thet one. Me, I am still gittin' up in the middle of the night to change diapers and give bottles. My bones are achin' an' creakin'. Hayell, I think I will join my husband Landell in the sweet hereafter before I see the 10th baby born around here. Thet will be alright. I have a feelin' I will still see 'em. Just somebody else will be doin' all that labor. Heh.
Well when thet Lillith grew up, she looked exactly like Roz, you'd think they was twins. But her momma took her to town one day 'cause it was discovered the child inherited her momma's bad eyesight, and she had to get a set of spectacles. She also had a visit to the beauty parlor where her momma got her hair cut off...the child didn't want to pull a brush through the tangles. So now, we can tell the girls apart better. Now I don't get so confused. Her momma gits startled by the girl sometimes at her fast learnin' abilities. She is developin' high hopes for thet one.
Lord, but I do love spendin' time with the younguns. I think thet right there is the reason I have lived so long. I don't seem to want to spend so much time with my man-friend Abhijeet anymore I have learned what is really important. I can't remember the last time I ever laid eyes on him. But hayell, if he don't come around to let me know he is still alive, then I guess the feelin' is mutual. I reckon he might have moved on to the next young pretty thing.
We hardly ever git a chance to sit down all at the same time to have a meal. One of the reasons is thet Kirstee and Chevy have never invested in a bigger table. We all eat in shifts sometimes. Well, after Niles got old enough to operate the stove, things was a little easer. Hey, when he grows up he wants to be a chef. Lordy, that is the job I had when I first married Landell an' came here to hep take care of his grandkids, Chevy and Shauntasia all them years ago. It sure is a sad thing though, about Shauntasia. I do wonder at times what would have become of her. (See The Kids Start University). Well, when Daphne grew up to toddler, ye'd almost think you was lookin' at the face of Roz or Lillith. Except it looks like the dear child didn't inherit her momma's freckles, she has her dad's clear complexion. Well, over the years when the girls cry about all them spots, I just tell 'em they is well loved because of all them angel kisses they git every night then they go to sleep. Thet explanation seems to work when they are little younguns. When they grow to teens, the start usin' makeup to cover 'em up.

Well it was a dark night fer me when Niles left for college. By thet time, he was really thinkin' about it and had gotten used to the idea. He seemed to think he might benefit from the great teachin' halls after all. I don't know what he plans to major in, but I am sure it will greatly benefit him in life, and thet of the family he plans to have. More power to ye, Niles! Well, until next tahm...hayell, it might not be me tellin' ye what is happin' around this crazy house. But you will git the low down all the same. Toodles!


The repo man pays a visit to the Strickland home and takes the logic developing tool. Funny, nobody seemed to notice.


Alexis said...

Hopefully Niles will also find himself a girl at college so he can start on that family he wants! 10 kids, huh? Good luck! That's a hard one.

Simaholic said...

Poor Brandi. My heart goes out to her. I'm sure all she wants is to enjoy retirement and here she is having to help with all those kids they keep popping out.