Saturday, August 06, 2005

80 Crumplebottom Road - Sim State University

Accomplishments: Kerris Robbins - Big Sim On Campus, Secret Society, Greek House, Summa Cum Laude. Janelle Capehart - Big Sim On Campus, Secret Society, Greek House, Summa Cum Laude. Marsha Bruenig - Big Sim On Campus (just in the nick of time), Secret Society, Greek House, Summa Cum Laude.

HiYa, Marsha here. I know you know me as that irritating little BRAT that calls everyone in Prosperity Falls all the time on the phone. Yeah, well, I still do it. I will keep my phone dialing finger at the ready until I go to my grave! My Pledge! Although, my phone yakking did slow down some when I entered University. I went with my bestest friend Janelle Capehart, and Kerris Robbins from down the street. Kerris is sort of like our house mom, cooking and getting cleaning the house up. She is already engaged to Marc-Henry Strickland, and she says she needs the practice so she can keep a house for him. How domestic is that?

Let me tell you. I always thought there was something there between me and Janelle, but I didn't know how to approach her with my feelings, feelings I wasn't even sure about myself because I had never felt this way about another girl before. Well, I've known Janelle since we were just little kids back in the hood. I had always thought she was real different with her snow leopard skin and her gentle ways. Well, right after our sophomore year of university, I decided the best thing to do was just to tell her so I could quit being misrable with wondering how she would react to my feelings and the attention I wanted to give her. She sweetly accepted my feelings, and said she felt the same way too! I was so happy! We started being a 'couple'.

I felt like I was a new woman once Janelle and I came together. Kerris moved into my old room, and let me and Janelle have her and Marc-Henry's room with the double bed in it. She just laughed and said she knew how it was. I felt good. I had a love in my life and I felt like I could face anything the world had to throw to me. From then on, Janelle and I were inseperable. I wasn't so sure about things though, before I told her how I felt.

See, Janelle has a friend named Johnson McClelland. They hung out together an awful lot and seemed like they might have had something going. She asked him to pledge to the Greek House, and he accepted. I felt panicked because I thought she was making moves on him, and I began to really hurt inside. That was when I knew for sure my feelings for Janelle. I wanted to cry everytime he came over to eat pizza and study. But I never noticed that they never really did make eyes at each other or anything. It was pure friendship.

One night after he left, I told Janelle I loved her as more than just a friend. Then I held my breath. I was really scared. I didn't know how to go about this with a woman. That was when Janelle took over and gave me a kiss and said she felt the same way about me! And that is it. Since then, we have been making plans to stay together after we graduate.

Janelle called her older sister Mercedes to come over a couple of times to feel her out about her relationship with me, and Mercedes was ok with it. Janelle and Mercedes are planning a way to break it to the rest of the Capehart family. I guess Janelle's dad is all about traditional family values and all that. Well, Janelle and I might be a little untraditional, but we have the same family values. We want to have children, we are thinking of adopting once we get settled.

New Character
Johnson McClelland - Aspriation
- Family
7 - Neat, 5 - Outgoing, 4 - Active, 4 - Playful, 5 - Nice
Zodiac Sign - Cancer
Lifetime Want - Have 6 Grandchildren

In the mean time, Johnson was doing his pledge duties. He was real good about doing Kerris's term paper. Me and Janelle preferred to do our own. He cleaned house and everything. I guess he really wanted to be a member of our Greek house bad. In fact, he moved right in, took the attic room way at the top of the house. He is a nice quiet guy. He wants to have a big family, says he is looking for a good woman at State. He joked around with us, and said he is majoring in MR. He is just the craziest thing, he keeps wearing his mascot suit all the time, and says he won't give it up until he gets a girlfriend. He says she's got to love him for him, and not what he looks like.

Since he joined the Greek house, he says he really doesn't have time for all the cheering duties like he used to. He handed over the cheering baton to Peter.

Now Peter comes around to keep school spirit sky high. *smile* Johnson takes his duties at the Greek house seriously. When both of them are in the house, it gets pretty crazy trying to tell them apart. Anyway, Johnson fell right in with everything we do. He became a member of our House, and he also joined the Secret Society.

Nope, not even then on his first trip to the Society did he take off his lama suit. He must really be serious about his reasons for wearing it all the time. I wonder if he gets hot under there?

The last evening before our finals before graduation, we just spent a quite evening at the house, invited a couple of friends over. Nothing special was going on. We talked about our plans for the future. Of course, Kerris is going to marry Marc-Henry Strickland right away, and probably start a family. It looks like Janelle and I are going to move in with Mercedes and her husband Ricky. They have lots of room. I am ok with that. It is a matter of time before we adopt any kids. We want to get settled in our jobs first to make sure we can give that child a good life.

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We moved out of the Greek house one by one, until we were all back in the hood, leaving Jounson to greet the next group of newcomers. I hear Synclare Strickland and Zaed Robbins will be coming to school soon from the hood, and Tosca and Doris Capehart. I know they will like Johnson. He is a good guy.


Simaholic said...

Hmmm, so Marsha and Janelle. I hope that they are accepted in the Capehart family. You know as annoying as Marsha is she really grows up to be quite beautiful.

Alexis said...

How will Giovanni react to his daughter's love life? I hope he is able to accept her and Marsha. And just who will the llama end up with?

Shelby said...

I don't think that Johnson is dressed as a llama-it looks more like a rabbit donkey mix.