Monday, July 04, 2005

University/Chevy And The Others Graduate

The Gang
Sim State - 80 Crumplebottom Road, Greek House

Well? Tosha, Jayrus and I have graduated. We all three got into the Secret Society, we started our own Greek fraternity, and I became the Big Sim on Campus. Jayrus and Tosha were too wrapped up in themselves to really do anything but study and look for time alone together. But being that my fiancee Kirstee opted to room with her sister Morgan-Rose in off campus housing, I was kinda the odd man out. I decided to take on some of the responsibilities that goes with being a leader.
Chevy takes charge
I took it upon myself to get up and cook breakfast for Tosha and Jayrus. They were usually curled around each other in the big double bed they bought when we started the frat. I guess I could use the practice anyway, Kirstee and I have big plans when we get back to the Falls to start our own life together. We both want to have a large family. I love her so much! She does harbor a desire to go in to law enforcement, and I know she has been studying real hard for it. I am so very proud of my Muffin. Anyway, I took it upon myself to be the official greeter of new kids wanting to join the frat, and to maybe get into the Secret Society. I also chased of folks we didn't want comin' around. Once I pushed around that beligerent coach out in the front yard one afternoon, he never came around again. You better believe I will protect my sons and daughters the same way when me and Kirstee get things set up and going.
The Secret Society Handshake
Well, we had our own brand of fun. Yeah, we did get some alone time together, but we also goofed around alot. I would go over to Kirstee's while Morgan-Rose was at class and we would study together, and get our time. But geeze! Her sister Morgan-Rose had her sights set on me, and every other guy on campus. She made me nervous, so I just as soon stay away from her. Kirstee felt the responsibility to stay with her at school to maybe keep her in line, but I don't think it worked. After all, while Kirstee was at class, Morgan-Rose had her guys over. I don't know how many I talked to that said they had been with her. But all the same, she is Kirstee's sister, and we accept her.
We all graduated Summa Cum Laude. Jayrus threw one heck of a party, and then he and Tosha took off for Prosperity Falls. I just called a taxi and went on my way, after leaving the frat in the very capable hands of Jayrus' sister, Mercedes. She knows everyone on campus! I am sure she will get more students to become members. Well, see you back in the Falls? Okay?

Sim State - Off Campus Housing - Home of Pachionetta, Ramey and Meadow

It's me, Pachionetta. I guess I will give you the wrap up about us here at Sim State. After we completed the first semester of our Junior year, we found out the unit was up for rent where Chevy Strickland had first lived when he came to State. Well, we girls were living in a cramped little place with all three of our beds squeezed into a tiny room upstairs, and boy did that make it for hard living! So we nabbed right on to the chance to get the nice big house Chevy and his friends vacated. They moved somewhere else to start a fraternity. Anyway, things went on really well for a while, then we realized something. The house was haunted!Shauntasia's ghost makes a visit

I did some asking around, and I found out the apparition we kept seeing was Chevy's sister, Shauntasia. Apparently she wanted to have music at her party so badly, she didn't bother calling the repairman to come and fix her broken stereo, and tried to do it herself. Well. The stupid girl got electrocuted. It seemed like everytime we had a party, she would come too! She didn't bother us much, but she would constantly haunt the upstairs of the house. She always seemed so sad. I felt kind of bad for her. She always had on this cheerleader uniform. I'll bet she was really pretty in her day. There is nothing more sad than a charred cheerleader floating around your house.

Graduation day came, and Ramey had a great party. It was the first time since going to state, all four of us girls got together. Being that we had the party during the day, Shauntasia didn't come. I felt bad for her. I am sure she would have enjoyed it. Dad came though, and met Ramey's beau. Right at last minue, Ramey decided she was in love with some big goof...I don't know what dad thought but he shook his hand. Meadow invited her fiancee Timo, and we had a great old time. Those two couldn't stay offa each other, I yelled at them to "GET A ROOM!"

Me, I haven't met anybody to marry, but I am not sure I wanna marry. I am inclined to go into the underworld....I haven't told dad, but I am thinking I wanna be a criminal mastermind, just to spite Kirstee. We'll see how it goes. Let's see, we all graduated Summa Cum Laude, got into the Secret Society. Meadow also became the Big Sim on Campus. Slut. Plus, she got into Chevy Strickland's frat. I think he played favorites.

Sim State - Off Campus Housing - Home of Kirstee and Morgan-Rose

Kirstee and Morgan-Rose

I am finally speaking up, this is Kirstee. I tried so hard to keep Morgan-Rose in line here at school, but I guess she liked the boys too much to listen to any advice I had to give her. Being that mom left us when we were just little girls, we didn't get motherly advise on how to act all grown up. I have chosen to marry Chevy. He is such a hunk. We met when we were just teenagers back in the Falls, and stayed sweetharts all through college. I know Morgan was after Chevy, but I kept her mitts off him. She could have had any guy she wanted, and she was after MINE. I only had Chevy, and she wasn't going to get him!
Morgan-Rose and her loves
God, Morgan-Rose had guys in the hottub. She had them in the dressing room at the store. She took them in her bed. Well, I just got to the point where I didn't pay much attention to any of it as long as it wasn't Chevy. I made sure she wasn't around when Chevy came over to visit. When my love wasn't there, I studied for my law enforcement career. I not only graduated Summa Cum Laude, I also have all the skills I am gonna need for my career. I got into the Secret Society, I hear that Morgan had something to do with that, but she has never said.

I guess Morgan-Rose isn't all bad. She also graduated Summa Cum Laude, and she developed all the skills she needs for her job on the outside. She wants to be a chef in an upscale restaurant. So that just goes to prove she didn't spend ALL her time with men. But I am sure she will still find time for them back in the Falls. Me....

Kirstee soaking in the hottub Why, I just wanna kick back for a while after I marry a little law enforcement. That is the plan, anyway.

Sim State - Dorm and Greek Housing - Home of Mercedes, Trevaus, Ricky and Nichole

The Gang

(Imagine an Indian accent) Hello, I am Ricky and let me tell you our story! I fell in love with this amazing creature, Mercedes Capehart. I was wondering by her house one day in Prosperity Falls, and there she was laughing out on the lawn that is her house. I was awestruck by her beauty! I became so bold as to introduce myself to her, and the next thing I know I am coming home on the school bus with her, we went to the very same classes at Prosperity Falls HS. We spent many hours getting to know each other.

Then, the time came for us to leave home to go to college. Well! It just so happened, Merecedes was going to Sim State, just like me! I was overjoyed! We took rooms in the very same dorm! What good fortune I felt to be so close to my love! But there was one thing about it all. Her brother Trevaus was there too. I told myself, I must be careful with this situation. My Mercedes is like the beautiful flower with the delicate petals. The brother Trevaus is like the big ugly bee protecting her! So I played it cool for a while.

I acted like I wanted other women so as not to make the brother suspicious of my intentions toward his sister! But then I found this other thing out! Trevaus was no protector for Merecedes. He had his own love there with him, Nichole! Yes! I then showed my true colors to Mercedes and her brother. I wanted to be by Mercedes' side forever more. Mercedes, she gave me that sweet smile of hers, and said it was okay.

I then became so bold as to meet Mercedes' other brother that was in the Greek House Crumplebottom. His name is Jayrus. He was so kind as to give me admittance to the fraternity. Well, it all seemed to work out from then on. We are all now living in the greek house. Myself, Mercedes, Trevaus and Nichole. We are one big happy family!


Simaholic said...

Wow, I can't believe all of them have graduated! I'm looking forward to seeing how things go when they get back to the main neighborhood.

Christina in GA said...

As I'm reading Ricky's words I'm hearing Apu from the Simpsons :)

ASimWen said...

Yeah, actually that is who was going though my mind as well when I write Ricky! Thanks for noticing~!

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Once again, so much is happening! I am loving these stories and will continue catching up later tonight or tomorrow! Love these families you have going!

ASimWen said...

Thank you Alexis. I have been playing this 'hood since June 2005. :) Still goin' strong too!

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HAHAHA, "Charred cheerleader". too funny. I love your pics of the babies next to the graduating adults. very cool. Loved Ricky's indian accent!

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Ricky and Mercedes will be really cute together. [=