Sunday, July 10, 2005

University/A New Beginning, and a Graduation

Sim State Univeristy - Greek House Crumplebottom

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Accomplishments: Trevaus: Secret Society, Greek House, Summa Cum Laude graduate. Ricky: Secret Society, Greek House, Big Sim on Campus, Summa Cum Laude graduate. Nichole: Secret Society, Greek House, Summa Cum Laude gradute. Mercedes: Secret Society, Greek House, Big Sim on Campus, Life Time Want, Summa Cum Laude graduate.

Hey Marc-Henry Strickland here. Yeah, look at the picture of all the graduates, there. My picture will be up there pretty soon. I am new at Sim State. Chevy made sure I got here, although I really didn't want to go. I would rather have just stayed home and took it easy...but Chevy, my nephew, would hear none of that. He knows I have better stuff inside of me than than what I think. Well, anyway, here is my move in picture.

I got this really cool furnished house for rent. When I walked into the place, the stereo was blastin' and there was a half eaten pizza on the table. Well, it all looked good to me so I ate the pizza. I also looked around and decided I would like different wallpaper and stuff, so I called some guys to come and redo some things. Well anyway, I hadn't decided what I wanted to major in or anything so I just sort of goofed off the first day. I started doing some cleaning 'cause I felt like somebody had just had a party there. It was a mess! Well the first person I met was Shauntasia when I was takin' out the garbage.

She didn't bother me or nothin'. She looked really mad though. I remember her, when she was alive and living with us back in Prosperity Falls. I heard that she had had a bad accident at school, but nobody really said. The whole time I lived in this house, she would come out almost every night and moon around upstairs. I just left her alone. I kinda liked the company anyway since I was all by myself. Talkin' about being by myself. The next day I figured it would behoove me to meet the most popular person on campus. I got out the campus directory and called her up, and guess what? She actually talked to me! Mercedes Capehart! She even came over when I asked her if she would like to visit.

We stayed ouside at first and talked. I am a real shy person, and talking to Mercedes was a big deal for me, but she made me feel at ease right away, talkin' and laughin' and stuff. We just talked about different things, but then she started tellin' me about how at school everybody has parties. Well, I had never had one because, well, back at the house Chevy and Kirstee were busy having babies and stuff and there just wasn't the time or room to do that kind of stuff. Mercedes said she would come over and help me have my first party to show me how it is done!

Chevy came over for my party, apparently he and Mercedes know each other pretty well. They showed me how to throw a great college party. Lots of loud music, pizza, and maybe a ghost floatin' around and youv'e got a good party! From then on I didn't have any trouble meeting people or making friends. It really helps to have the experts around. But anyway, Mercedes was really great, she helped me get into a club called the Secret Society. What a hoot..but I really didn't hang out with those kids much. I wanted to run with the Big Dogs...the frat kids.

I eventually did get in to the Greek House Crumplebottom, while still a freshman. One day Mercedes called me up and invited me over there to look around, then to my surprise, she asked meif I wanted to be a member! I said, heck yeah! So I was in! I had to help some guy named Ricky write his term paper while I was a pledge, but that is OK. I also cleaned up that whole house! It was a mess too! I found out this was the same frat Chevy and Kirstee was members of. Well, I guess that is all I have to say for a while. I will now hand the mic over to my good (and new) friend Mercedes Capehart.

Hey, this is Mercedes. *smile*. With the end of school coming, I decided to cut my hair and get rid of the style I had had since I was a little girl. I got a sleek chic do. It made my face look so much thinner! Ricky had gotten me a cute pair of earring and everything just sort of snowballed into a make over for me.
Yeah, I helped out Marc-Henry a little bit. He was a real shy kid. But he caught on real fast about how to make friends and everything, he is doing really well. He is already in the Secret Society, and is Big Sim on Campus. Now all he has to do is get alot of friends and he will have it made. I managed to get alot of friends while here at school.

I was really happy when I realized I had made so many friends here at school. But graduation day was coming quick. Things were wrapping up, and we were cramming finals right at the end. In the middle of it all, dear Ricky proposed engagement to me, and I accepted. Well, the marriage bug bit Trevaus in the butt because he asked Nichole the same day if she wanted to marry him, and she said yes.

We all graduated and moved out. We were all honor graduates, which is surprising really since we partied so much. Being in a greek house has it's advantegs and disadvantages. We left the house in the hands of...
Marc-Henry Strickland! With a body like that, I don't think he is going to have trouble attracting new members, espcially members of the opposite sex, to the Greek House! =)


Anonymous said...

He looks like a wolf!

Anonymous said...

I like how Marc-Henry is shy but he still managed to be Big Sim on Campus. I am starting to see that you are a really good sims player. Haha. [=

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