Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Trouble With Roomates

The Gentlemen's Club - Prosperity Falls

Residents: Kamika Robbins and Morgan-Rose Bostic


Well, if I had known this woman was going to be this much trouble, I would have never invited her to move in with me. First off, she had a birthday and turned into a real old the day she moved in. (See Morgan-Rose Gets Ideas) At first, I was nervous about that, but I got over it. I thought we were gonna be sisters in woo-hoo, but it hasn't turned out that way. Right away, that wench invited her friend Joe over well, you guessed it, for some woo-hoo, which was fine by me. But he brought a friend with him, Timo! He is Kamika's brother. Well, when they got to the house, Kamika just kept scowling at him, which I didn't understand. Anyway, she and Joe went off somewhere, and I felt sorry for Timo, so I started talking to him. He seemed worldly and we had a good conversation.
Well, eventually Kamika and Joe went in the house and did their thang, then Joe left. Me and Timo went inside when we saw him leave. Well, apparently Timo and Kamika don't get along. They got into it. Kamika started out by making fun of Timo for gettin' married. Hey - being good at woo-hoo is not for everybody, I figure. There wasn't anything wrong with Timo marryin' my friend Meadow. (See A Wedding, A Birthday)
I know Timo's feelings were hurt by his sister's taunts, but instead of just letting it go, the two started throwing punches! I was scared at first, I had never seen two old people roll around in the dust beating each other before.

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I didn't know what to do, so I just started cheering them on. I figured if one of them got hurt, I would call the ambulance. It didn't last very long, I mean, how long can two old fossils keep something like that up? But I guess Timo won the fight. Kamika could hardly pick herself up off the floor. She seemed really embarrassed, then she slapped Timo hard across the face and screamed at him to leave. He did.
The bad luck didn't end there. A couple of days later, Kamika had a photo op at her job. She is a Hall of Fame Athlete, you know. I am kind of proud of that. But anyway, apparently she didn't smile pretty enough for the camera, and she had to pay her work $50,000 Simoleons for losing an important advertising client. Well, we only had about $9,000 in our bank account, so we lost it all. I'll bet it is all those wrinkles she has that ruined the picture. I had a bad feeling when she moved in and turned old. Luckily, between us we earn around $15,000 a week, so we didn't stay broke long. But that was a tough loss for us because we are still trying to get this big love nest of a house furnished.

OK, so we got over the financial loss. Then I had a bad accident, which I am sure would not have happened if Kamika Bad Luck Lady wasn't in the house. I was cookin' my pancakes for breakfast, when the stove got a little too hot. A LITTLE???

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The stove was so hot, a little whisp of fire jumped onto my butt, and onto the floor, and I felt like I was doin' the Mexican Hat dance putting it out. The fire alarm above the stove went off, thank goodness, and Maura the fire lady came and put everything out. I was releived. I could not believe that happened, after all, I am a Celebrity Chef, and I have excellent cooking skills. I guess I was so preoccupied thinkin' about Kamika, I wasn't paying attention to cooking.

There is one good thing that happened though. I found a new lover.....he is such a hunk. Well, I have known him for a long time. But we just became lovers this is Lucas. From across the street...Hey before you pass judgement on me and say, "Why, he is your sister's boyfriend and lover!", you listen to me. He is not happy over there with Ramey. (See To Have A Child Or Not?) I learned my lesson about going after my sister's boyfriends when I got in trouble with Kirstee and Chevy. (See A Wedding/A Birthday) It hasn't been the same between me and Kirstee since then. Lucas told me all about Ramey wanting a baby and all, and how he just doesn't wanna get married. He feels real uneasy around her. Well, me an Ramey aren't been that close anyway, so I made my move.

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Lucas is a man filled with such passion, I felt as though I had been missing out on something with all the other lovers I have had. He is almost more than I can handle! For now, I don't have many thoughts about finding more men to woo-hoo with. Poor Kamika has been having a losing streak since coming of age. She lost a lover named Komei, and has been working real hard to win him back. I don't know...poor Kamika...maybe is she was a nicer person. She hasn't even taked to her daughter Kerris on the phone who is at State right now. It is like she doesn't even exist. She had invited Kerris's dad Pao over for a love-visit, and Pao brought Kamika's nephew with him, Zaed, Timo's boy.
She was so mean to him. She got a thunderous look on her face and screamed at him to leave. How could she be so mean to children?
Zaed was real cool about it and all, and Pao looked like he was rather enjoying the whole scene. I don't think Kamika has even told him about Kerris. Like she is embarrased by her or something. Well, we will see what happens in a few days. I am sure Zaed is going to tell his dad how badly his Aunt Kamika treat him.


Catootje73 said...

First I thought that Kamika would be fun, but it's starting to look like she is an old witch. I can imagine Morgan-Rose isn't too pleased with her all the time.

But then again, how does Kamika feel about her life?

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected... Kamika's really getting meaner. Maybe she'll have an accident...

Alexis said...

I really don't like Kamika. First I kind of felt sorry for her, but now I just plain don't like her. So Pao is Kerris's father? She doesn't really look much like him, does she?

QueenofSimtopia said...

Wow, I have been trying to catch up on reading your blogs but I am way far behind. Anyway after starting to read your blogs I started my own prosperity challenge. It is a lot of fun but nothing as intersting as yours! I feel really sorry for Kerris. I always feel sorry for kids of a romance sim. It just isn't fair. I don't totally feel sorry for Morgan-Rose, yet.