Saturday, July 16, 2005

Trevaus and Nichole Capehart

The Trevaus and Nichole Capehart Household - Prosperity Falls

Hey it's Nichole. Here I am living happily with Trevaus. I first met him when I was working at Four Winds Shopping. (See Week3/Back in the Hood). We were just kids, and it was a light fun back then. Well, we did attend Sim State University together, and we just sort of stuck together through all four years. Right before graduation, Trevaus asked me to marry him, we became engaged! Of course, I shouted a very happy yes! We moved back to the Falls, and began our life together. We built a small house with funds we brought with us from school, and moved in right away.

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We started to plan our wedding the same day we moved into our new house. Trevaus drew up the guest list while I got busy and made arrangements for food and a preacher to come and give the nuptials. The second day we were in our house, we had the wedding outside under the sun and in front of all our friends.

It was such a pretty day for a wedding. Dad and Calista came and our best buds from school. Chevy Strickland gave the most eloquent toast I have ever heard in my life. I guess I could tell that we had all been through so much together. Chevy was responsible for our social lives at State. And here he is still sticking with us in the real world.
I had the awfulest lump in my throat when everyone toasted to Trevaus and I. We partied all afternoon, and when everybody went home, Trevaus and I were exhausted. We rented a limo and went away for a few hours for some R & R. When we came back to the Falls, we were well rested and ready to face what ever life threw at us. I was still finding it hard to believe I was married to Trevaus.

I stared out things by changing my hair and my makeup. I had had the same look since I started State.

Trevaus said my new 'do was wild looking. I figured it tied right in with my job. I got a job as a counterfeiter, my dream was to be the Big Boss. Trevaus just gave me a benign smile when I told him. He got a job as a freelance photographer. His dream is to have more Capeharts. I agreed that, as long as I could still work. It didn't take very long before I worked my way up at work. I didn't waste any time. I was a Criminal Mastermind after only a few short weeks of work.

Then, Trevaus didn't waste much time!

I remember the day Tosha told me she was pregnant over a game of chess in her back yard. (See Jayrus and Tosha.) I couldn't wait, I invited her to come over so I could tell her in person, I was pregnant! I felt like we were sisters building our families together. Tosha was happy for Trevaus and I. While my child grew in my belly, I realized the wild 'do I had probably would not DO for the look of a mom. I changed my hairstyle again.
I felt this was reallly the way to go. After all, young babies like to pull hair. I chopped it all off in preparation for my stint as a mamma. Trevaus said he really didn't like the other way I had my hair. I knew I had made a good decision. I think I will stick with this for a while.

It was an extremely easy pregnancy. I didn't contract a case of morning sickness, not even once! Our precious little Doris was born. I am so happy to have this darling little girl, and Trevaus is a proud poppa. Well, until next time!


Alexis said...

Wow! Another child for this family! Doris is cute. I'm glad to see they've all turned out to have the snow leopard skin. I wonder how long those custom genetics will last?

ASimWen said...

Ahhhh the custom genetics! That is one of the things I am following most in this 'hood. I am getting ready to play the 4th generation, (today is Valentine's Day, 2006) and they are still goin' strong!

Anonymous said...

Nichole looks really good with the shorter hair style. I think she is pretty.